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  1. 2010augusta

    It was a great ride...

    Well we are finally RVless. Had the Landmark sell to another young couple in Utah back in June, and Just sold the F-450 to a family in Wheatland, WY to haul a horse trailer for the rodeo. I start classes at the University on Monday, So I will go from driving a 10,000# Ford truck to riding a 26"...
  2. 2010augusta

    2006 F-450 Hauler

    2006 Ford F-450 Utility Bodywerks Hauler 6.0l PSD with 53,500 miles 19.5” Alloy Wheels with Hankook AH11 Tires All Aluminum 7 door storage bed Custom leather interior with very nice oversized captain chairs Kelderman Air-ride 2-bag rear system with in cab control twin fuel tanks with a total...
  3. 2010augusta

    No longer full-time, We got our house!

    Well it has been almost 2.5 years since we hit the road in our Landmark, but that road trip is now over. Yesterday at 4:00pm we got the key to our house here in Laramie. We spent the last few hours of daylight moving a trailer load of stuff my parents brought up from Colorado and then hauled the...
  4. 2010augusta

    2010 Landmark Augusta and 2006 F-450 Hauler

    After enjoying full-timing for over two years, we are now going to be in one place for about 5 years and the climate will make it hard to live in the Landmark through the winter. We want to buy a small house with a yard for our dogs, and must sell the trailer and truck to make it all work. We...
  5. 2010augusta

    Just moved to Laramie

    We are now officially in Laramie, WY. We hated to leave Gig Harbor, WA, but in the end it will cost so much less for me to get another degree here in WY than in WA. We stayed in Heyburn, ID one night and stayed next to a Big Country that was skirted. We did not get a chance to make contact with...
  6. 2010augusta

    LP tanks with float level gauge.

    I was surfing today and found this. they are available from Vintage trailer supply and can be used in conjunction with SeeLevel monitoring system
  7. 2010augusta

    Propane pick-up hose leaking.

    I noticed the last time I re-filled the ODS tank I could smell propane, after turning the tank on. I tested the area with soapy water and found out the short hose from the tank to the regulator was leaking were the fitting is crimped onto the hose. It would go away depending on how I wiggled the...
  8. 2010augusta

    Strobing light, because of ceiling fan.

    I have been meaning to post this for a while, but we can not use one of our living room light fixtures because it is mounted above the blades of the fan, and that creates a VERY unpleasant strobing effect in the trailer. If the placement was moved several inches outside the reach of the fan...
  9. 2010augusta

    This Sub-Forum has been moved

    If you have a question or comment about solar power please post it in the new electrical forum. click the link below to be re-directed. Forum: Solar Power
  10. 2010augusta

    Condensation Issues.

    Last week my DW noticed that the sheets were damp where they touch the walls. We had a bit of Mildew starting on the walls too (I scrubbed it all off). We thought it could have been a leak from outside, but we have more water inside today and it has not rained since I last dried everything. I...
  11. 2010augusta

    Anyone else into digital photography?

    My wife and I love to take lots of pictures as we travel about and are starting to learn more and more about digital photography. We have been using a Nikon Coolpix 8800 VR and have thousands of great pictures from it, but for a late Christmas present we decided to treat ourselves to a new...
  12. 2010augusta

    Samsung HT-Z210 quit playing discs.

    Recently our system quit playing DVDs and CDs. I have tried cleaning it and even cleaned the lens. Still nothing, CDs will spin up and try to load, but will either give "Disc Err," "No Disc" or Eject the CD without pushing the eject button. DVDs will not even spin up to speed, they just will...
  13. 2010augusta

    Samsung HT-Z210 wanted

    Our home theater system has quit playing discs. Has anyone replaced their unit and want to sell the factory Samsung unit cheap? PM or email me if you have one.
  14. 2010augusta

    Replaced the love seat with a real couch

    Just got the new couch in-place yesterday. It is just over 8' long and about 4' deep. It will have to be rotated onto its back to travel, but it is SO nice to be able to stretch out and cuddle together with the DW. The couch is from IKEA, so it was easy to fit through the door and get it inside.
  15. 2010augusta

    Might need to rename it the Land-Ark...

    If it keeps raining here like it has for the past few days we might be testing if the Landmark can float. The ground is so saturated that water is running under the entire length of the trailer. We received about 1.5" yesterday and it is raining harder today.
  16. 2010augusta

    Battery Glossary

    Here is a good site to learn about all thing battery.
  17. 2010augusta

    RECIPE: Breads / Deep Dish Pizza

    Tags: ============================= Type: Breads Category: Main Entree Special: Vegetarian ( Eggs, Milk, Cheese, Butter are OK ) Meta Data ============================= Yield: 16 servings Prep Time: 150 minutes Ready in: 190 minutes Difficulty: 4 ( 1 - Easy, 5 - Difficult ) Source...
  18. 2010augusta

    anyone else see the Elkridge Express yet?

    found this on my Facebook feed.
  19. 2010augusta

    RECIPE: Sweets & Candies / Really gooey brownies

    Tags: ============================= Type: Sweets & Candies Category: Dessert Special: Meta Data ============================= Yield: 9-16 servings Prep Time: 15 minutes Difficulty: 2 ( 1 - Easy, 5 - Difficult ) Source: modified from a listing Ingredients...
  20. 2010augusta

    Odd problem with water dispenser.

    For a while now, about half the times we go to get water from the dispenser, we get nothing. The light comes on but no water flows. If we open the kitchen faucet for a moment, and go back to the water dispenser, it works just fine. I have installed a residential pressure regulator, but could...
  21. 2010augusta

    Water Usage Meter

    This came up in a different thread and had a good response, so I figured I would share with everyone in a new thread. This could be a useful device to see just how many gallons you have filled. The same devise can be found on ebay and...
  22. 2010augusta

    Sagging tank and up-hill drain pipe.

    With the underbelly off and tank full the grey #1 tank has to drain up hill about 4" to reach the sewer pipe. the bottom of the tank is also ~4-5" below the frame rails. I am thinking that I can bolt some steel cross-members under the tank to keep the bottom of the tank flat and try to get...
  23. 2010augusta

    Ice maker over-flowed

    Today Sandy went to get some ice for her water, and our ice-bucket was frozen solid. It appears the the ice-maker over-flowed and flooded the bucket. I defrosted the unit and cycled the ice-maker to make it fill and it did not over-flow again. Has anyone else had this issue, and did it just...
  24. 2010augusta

    Wet and Forget cleaner???

    I have been seeing Wet & Forget advertised on TV lately, and wondered if anyone has used it on their rubber roof. It seems like I am fighting a losing battle trying to keep the algae and mildew off the roof, and now as we are returning to the wet season in the PNW, I want to get a leg up on the...
  25. 2010augusta

    Can we add a Camping with Babies/toddlers sub-section to the forum?

    Since the forum has a subsection for traveling with pets, can there be on for traveling with babies and toddlers? I know there are several families with young children and probably many more. I am a member of a another RVing forum, with a parenting on the go section, but it is not nearly as...
  26. 2010augusta

    King to Queen bed again, (Hydraulic slide bedroom)

    This will be a ongoing post to cronical my work in converting the King bed to a Queen the the bedroom of our Augusta. Fivernine did a great job documenting the change in a bedroom with an electric slide bedroom in his post King to Queen Too: A Bed Conversion, and I will try to do the same with...
  27. 2010augusta

    Lost 12 volt to rear most ODS slide

    Lost 12 volt to rear most ODS slide. The 12 volt lighting works in the kitchen slide but not in the office/TV slide. I probed the wires running under the slide floor and they are dead. Any ideas on the location of the junction for the 12 volt going to the rear most slide As far as I can tell...
  28. 2010augusta

    how is the steel frame attached to bedroom slide wall?

    We are looking into converting our king-sized bed down to a queen sized bed to make room for a baby-side-car, to mount between the bed and the closet. In order to do this, all of the space has to be created on the closet side of the bed. Since we have an Augusta, there is a steel frame for the...
  29. 2010augusta

    Fixed the Ice Maker supply line for good.

    After fixing the ice maker line a few times, and returning to find more leaks, I decided to replace and upgrade the entire system. I bought a 10' and a 1' PVC supply line, a PEX street elbow and a new brass 1/4 valve. I removed the factory ice maker supply line and shut off valve starting at...
  30. 2010augusta

    Dropped the underbelly, OH BOY!

    Lately when using the fantastic fan or other vents we have had a VERY bad almost sewer type smell come into the trailer, Today is one of the hottest days we have had this year, and the stink got unbearable. I went out side, to see if the smell was anywhere else, and it was limited to near our...
  31. 2010augusta

    EZ pin-box mount for the Club Plaque

    We are in a back-in site and the ladder mount does not give us an opportunity to display the club plaque, So I went to Home Depot and bought 2 7/16" coupler nuts and epoxied them to the front of the pin box. Now the plaque can just slip into the two nuts ans hang on the front of the pin-box...
  32. 2010augusta

    You Know You Need to Use the Truck More Often When...

    You get plants growing in the bed;) We primarily use our Jeep as a Daily Driver, and I will only use the truck if we are going to go different places at the same time. DW WILL NOT drive the truck. So today while cleaning it up a bit I found something growing out of the rail in the bed.
  33. 2010augusta

    Installed the Keyless RVLock, Its easy and works great!

    With the release of the 2011 Big Horns and Landmarks with a key-less entry systems, we got a little jelous, so after another forum member found in a different thread, RVLock out of Utah has released a replacement door lock/latch that is a keyless entry system. We ordered one and I got it...
  34. 2010augusta

    Anyone interested to learn more about the Wiki?

    I would like to know how many of you attending the OR rally would like to know more about the Heartland Owners Wiki. I can give a short presentation on the Wiki if people are interested. For those that would like a more in-depth talk I can do that too.
  35. 2010augusta

    RV Crazy's "WAYZALOT" wrecked in Indiana.

    As many of us have seen the show RV Crazy, featuring one home-built rig named the "Wayzalot". it was involved a accident with a semi-truck last week. here is the builder web site for more info. The family was okay with the driver only receiving a broken ankle.
  36. 2010augusta

    So it has come to this. (installed a water alarm)

    With the nearly monthly leaks that have flooded the basement, I finally picked up a water sensor alarm today while picking up a union to fix the latest leak. The unit I got is the Basement Watchdog, it has a 6' cord so the sensor can be mounted separate from the alarm box, and it is powered by...
  37. 2010augusta

    water heater floods basement, AGAIN, not the check valve...

    So tonight I went to grab a screwdriver from the basement, and we had A LOT of water in the basement:mad:, unloaded everything, dried it out and then started look for the source. UDC was dry, all the lines were dry too, noticed the water heater support was wet, but the inlet and outlets were...
  38. 2010augusta

    Canada Brake system requirements?????

    Well not for our Heartland, I think folks on here can give me a good answer. My parents have a 36' Diesel pusher and tow a Geo tracker with a tow bar. They are planning a trip into Canada (specifically British Columbia and Alberta), at the border or anywhere else do they check for a brake...
  39. 2010augusta

    New tool from DeWalt, (just in time for fathers day)

    New Nail Gun, made by DeWALT. It can drive a 16-D nail through a 2 X 4 at 200 yards. This makes construction a breeze,you can sit in your lawn chair and build a fence. Just get your wife to hold the fence boards in place while you sit back, relax with a cold drink and then she has the board...
  40. 2010augusta

    Fixing the "Leaning Door of Augusta???"

    Well I know it has been mentioned before, but I finally could not stand the bedroom door leaning anymore, so I was determined to find the issue and fix it. The top of the door mount could be moved about 1/2 an inch. I took off the outer most trim piece and a small piece of wall panel to get a...