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  1. campntn

    Help needed diagnosing cause of loss of power when hooked to tow vehicle.

    **Not sure which forum this needs to go into, so mods please move wherever you think is appropriate and where it'll get seen. Hi forum! Not sure how to ask this: Bottom line is I don't have any power in my trailer right now. 2009 North Trail 28BHS had LONG 10 or 12 gauge extension ran to it to...
  2. campntn

    Formaldehyde toxicity... I haven't experienced warm weather in our new North Trail yet. I don't know how the formaldehyde odor will be. When we first bought our Outback, on the first warm day it was baaad. I mean really bad. I mean you simply...
  3. campntn

    Assembly pictures INSIDE North Trail factory

    Hey everyone, before I bought our 28BHS, my dealer sent me these factory pix. I thought you'd enjoy seeing them. In these pix, you can see several details that make the quality of a Heartland North Trail stand out apart from the rest. Enjoy, Mark
  4. campntn

    Calling all North Trail owners

    Where do you live, what model North Trail do you own and what are you camping plans this year? We live in Jackson, Tennessee...(yes, home of the recent tornadoes) We are planning, tentatively, a trip north and east this year. We covered the west last year. Our kids will be 12 and 15 this...
  5. campntn

    Seeing more North Trails out there???

    I'm seeing more and more traffic on the North Trail section of the forum. Are you guys seeing more of them in showrooms? on the lots? in campgrounds?
  6. campntn

    The BIG handles by the front door....

    I was going to post this in the North Trail area, but it is relevant to all trailers. When we first bought our North Trail I saw that HUGE safety handle by the entrance door and thought "wow, I'm not that pitiful..yet." That's a huge handle. Nicely made, albeit. And it folds comfortably down...
  7. campntn

    Diesel MPG decreasing..

    What could make a diesel get less MPG? It was getting 21 on the highway, but now get's 17-18? Filter change needed? It's time for a service. I've never had a diesel before this one. Thanks! Mark 04 Chevy 2500 HD Duramax
  8. campntn

    Sewer hose holder on the Northtrail?

    What do you guys think about that white tube for the sewer hose?? How has that worked out on your camps?
  9. campntn

    How would rising gas prices effect your camping?

    There is talk about gas being $4.00 a gallon. If gas were $4.00 a gallon this year, HOW would that effect your camping habits?
  10. campntn

    What's up with YOUR North Trail travel trailer?

    Ok campers, I KNOW there are more North Trails out there. There are only like 3 of us posting here. All I read about are the BIG HORNS. That's good but let's talk our trailers up some too. Post some pix of em. Since most of us with travel trailer's don't full time, (yet :p), this is our...
  11. campntn

    My pictures of our 28BHS...warning..wear a may drool.

    Bringing Baby HOME!!! Day after Thanksgiving... sexy rims!!! That BIG 78" bed!! and nice cabinets/doors. The couch color is great, we weren't sure at first, but we love it and the material is VERY durable. We couldn't be happier with the color and the couch/dinette fabric...
  12. campntn

    Hotwater heater plug size.

    Thought I'd let you propsepctive owners, or current owners, know that the water heater plug in my 28BHS takes a 22MM socket. I was told it was a 7/8" but in fact the 22 is the only thing that would fit. It's a pretty durn big socket. Also, has a lonnnng rod on the end. My buddy says that is to...
  13. campntn

    Male vs. Female ATM procedure.

    K, ladies, please don't kill me, not with a new camper..:) It's just funny. Mark MALE PROCEDURE: 1. Drive up to the cash machine. 2. Put down your car window. 3. Insert card into machine and enter PIN. 4. Enter amount of cash required and withdraw. 5. Retrieve card, cash and receipt...
  14. campntn

    Why men shouldn't write advice columns..

    K, let me be the first to submit a joke. :D Dear Walter: I hope you can help me here. The other day I set off for work leaving my husband in the house watching the TV as usual. I hadn't gone more than a mile down the road when my engine conked out and the car shuddered to a halt. I walked...
  15. campntn

    Post a joke?

    Can we post good clean, around the e-campfire, family jokes here? Where?
  16. campntn

    Securing an awning

    What do you guys use to secure your awning during transit? The dealer recommended zipties. I have never felt the need to secure mine, but apparantly it is a good thing to do, especially with longer awnings.
  17. campntn

    MPG difference between a tt and a fiver.

    What is the MPG ranges for my size truck Chevy 2500 HD (or similar model) and an average size fifth wheel? I realize there are lots of variable, size/load/etc, but just a ballpark. Thanks! Mark
  18. campntn

    Generator suggestions needed.

    I'd like to get a portable generator for our camper. We have never boondocked, but might try it. I want to run the 15K BTU a/c as well as lights/necessities. Any suggestions? and possible costs?? and from where? What do I look for and what would I steer away from? Thanks! Mark
  19. campntn

    Tire wear on North Trail's wide axle

    Mike, I have this question from another forum that I posted on. Do you have any insights? Thanks! Mark Nice looking camper.. Wont those tires scrub pretty good on turns? I know for me, and our rig, we get into some very tight spots in the mountains(many 75-90 degree turns)I bet we would...
  20. campntn

    Brought our North Trail 28BHS home.

    I'm putting this in the general area because of the newness of the coach. I thought more might read it here than if it get's lost in the subforums for the North Trail. It being so new, I NEED TO SPREAD THE WORD! Mark Well, we towed the new baby home yesterday. WOW... Before I say a whole lot...
  21. campntn

    RallyHO board game

    I think I'm gonna get us one of these. Any of you play it yet? Mark
  22. campntn

    Our North Trail 28BHS arrived on the lot!

    K, HERE IS MY HEARTLAND North Trail 28 BHS!!! It arrived on the lot today. Check out that sexy bumper and tires. ;) Picking up Friday. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait, can't wait. Santa, it's always what I wanted! Mark
  23. campntn

    How to explain Heartland or North Trail...

    K, since Heartland is a relatively new RV company,(I don't know how long they have been in business), I have got some camping friends nervous as we look at a new unit. They think it's "risky" or I'm "trading down" from our Outback. We will be getting the 28BHS North Trail, hopefull this week...
  24. campntn

    A couple more questions

    -What is the exterior heigth? Our current trailer is 10.3". -Are there heat and air ducts in the bathroom? Thanks! Mark
  25. campntn

    Shoutout for Kerry West RV

    I just wanted to give a big shoutout for a dealership, if I may. It's Kerry West RV in Dexter MO. I haven't taken ownership of the unit yet, but it arrives on the lot Monday and I'm to make the trade of our Outback the Friday after Thanksgiving. Kerry has been extremely...
  26. campntn

    Chucking 28BHS wide axle tires...

    With the wide axles, how do you chuck them? I am used to using a ratchet chuck that puts pressure between the two tires, but since these are so far apart, I don't see any way that you could do that. Thanks! Mark
  27. campntn

    Changes in future models/productions.

    We are looking at the 280BHS. What improvements do you see in the 09s? If you were buying one to keep for many years, would you wait on the 09s? If so, when would they be coming out in 08? Also, what changes have been made in the 08s up to the current production? I know that a rep told me that...
  28. campntn

    Modifying 280BHS for laundry door...

    We maybe getting our 280BHS next week!:eek: :D I have an idea for a mod that I wondered if any of you have tried out or had done or saw or simply have thoughts on: A laundry dump door in on of the nitestands that opens and drops dirty laundry into a waiting laundry basket underneath that is...
  29. campntn

    My perfect North Trail ideas

    Mine would be for the 28BHS we are getting ready to order: -Install scare lights outside that have switches inside. -Give more conservative options for interior fabrics. -Make a sink/dropdown table with electric hotplate/stove eye next to the door. No gas lines. Just hotplate or stove eye wired...
  30. campntn

    Generators and maxair vent covers...

    For a 28BHS, what size generator might I need? I'm good camper, not good with calculating the numbers to run that unit on a gen. Want air/lights/microwave/stove/tv to work. Is all of that possible? I hear that Honda makes a quiet generator but it's very expensive. Any other brands/sizes you all...
  31. campntn

    My 28BHS review....

    I am posting my review of the 28BHS we towed. Needless to say, I was VERRRY impressed. As a father of a family of four, I am taking this purchase serious cause I don't want to make a bad investment and I don't want to say "I wish I had so and so" later. This review is long and in depth, so I'd...
  32. campntn

    Convection/microwave question..

    DW and I have NO experience with convection/microwave ovens. Salesman said you can bake a pizza, then pop popcorn in it. That sounds wonderful Is it really that simple? and true!?? We need one of those for our homes if it is. LOL. Does it brown as well? There are no heating elements..I looked...
  33. campntn

    XM radio and blue interior pix???

    Do any of you know of any online pix of a Heartland in blue? If so, could you link me? maybe in a towable and not a fiver. We can only find the green ones or gold. We like blue better. Also, this is regarding the built in stereo. Can and do you hook in your XM/Sirius radio? Do you plug in to the...
  34. campntn

    Laminated? or rubber? or both??

    I read where the roof is laminated. I "heard" that the roof was laminated AND had rubber on it. Which is true? And, if it's only laminated, is that better than rubber? Our Outback has had rubber and done very well. This is in reference to a 28BHS, but all Heartland RV's may have the same. Thanks!
  35. campntn

    My Heartland homework

    Hi, although I'm new here, I wanted to post the results of my call to Heartland Sales. I spoke to a very nice, patient man, named Mike. I will be test towing this unit 2 days from now. I wanted to talk to the people who built it to know more about it before then. I do my homework. ;) I'm sure...
  36. campntn

    ABS bumper?

    This 28BHS we are looking at has an ABS bumper. Although it LOOKS really cool, I love the look, I do have to wonder about impact should I , gulp, back into something. Or someone rearends us. Any thoughts?
  37. campntn

    Who owns Heartland??

    New to this forum, I have a question about Heartland. I posted some specific ones in the North Trail forum. But here is one general question: I have test towed a Passport 28BH lately and it was one of the poorest quality trailers I have ever seen. Flimsy cabinets, handles broken, etc. This...
  38. campntn

    A few questions about a 280BH....

    I have a few questions about the 280BH, if any of you have been in one or saw one. All I have are pictures to go by. -Where is the sewer hose stored? There is no square bumper. -Are there electrical outlets near the sink? I don't see any but some white stickers to the left of the sink. -What is...