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    I have 7K axles and the springs are flattened out. Is there a better option than Dexter replacements out there?
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    SOLVED: Electrical issues

    12 hours ago everything in our rig was working. 200 miles later, our fridge only works on gas, all outlets non gfi from the fridge to the back wall won't work, fire place wont work, power chairs wont work. Progressive surge protector reading normal with E 0 code. The plug for the fridge is...
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    Hydraulic Slides

    Does anyone know the purpose of the black aluminum strips on the outside bottom of the slide? I have one that is really loose, but It doesn't really look like it serves a purpose. The same thing is on our cable driven slide as well but not on the schwintek.
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    B&W Ford Puck Hitch

    I got a new pickup and new hitch. If anyone is using the B&W hitch for the factory puck system, on a 17 plus Super duty, I could use some measurements to get mine set up. Bed to hitch height or which bolt hole you used to install the hitch head supports would do I think. I am just trying to have...
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    Las Vegas

    Can anyone recommend a mobile repair service in this area?
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    Performance Trailer Braking

    This is a thank you to PTB. Last Saturday we ended up being stranded at a truck stop south of Albuquerque. We had stopped for fuel and during my walk around I found the rear drivers side wheel on the trailer leaning out. From disassembly I determined that the spindle nut retaining clip failed. I...
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    Chapter Rally

    Does anyone know if there will be a 2019 CO chapter rally and if so when?
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    Front cap trim

    There is a black strip/trim piece that runs all the way around the front cap where it attaches to the rv. Can someone please tell me how that piece is held on? I have a leak that is causing minor delam and it looks to me like the caulking is all that is holding it on but I wanted to make sure.
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    The original.

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    Another AC Question

    In the past when we have needed AC we have always just set the fan speed on high and left things alone. Mostly because we have been in high humidity areas and any setting less than high would freeze up the units. We are now in 90 degree weather with 20 percent humidity and have been playing...
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    Some truth to this.

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    Dick Gores RV World

    Has anyone purchased their rig from this dealer? Just curious if they are worth their salt or as bad as most.
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    Customer Service

    Has anyone else noticed a falling off of the customer service/warranty at Heartland? It has been over a month and a half and I cannot get any resolution for our issues, most of which I can fix myself if I had the parts. I cannot even get a return phone call from the brand manager. This is our...
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    Anderson valve question

    This is our first rig with this valve. My understanding is that to use the on board tank water we need to switch it from city to normal. Our pump is pumping water on city, out of the fresh tank, into the coach when we need it. The water is off here due to a broken main. Is this ok to do or do I...
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    Mobile repair in Phoenix, AZ area?

    Does anyone have knowledge of a good mobile rv tech in the Phoenix area that will work with Heartland on warranty issues?
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    AC noise

    Rear whisper quiet ac is not so quiet. It is making a rattling sound which can be heard much better in the return vents than the flow vents. Unit is working just fine otherwise. Anyone have an idea where to start looking for the cause?
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    ATF: Big Country - Manager

    Who is the Brand Manager for the BC and how do i contact them?
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    4011 erd

    Brought it home yesterday. Will be pulling it down to Phoenix In a week or so for its maiden voyage. In other news, I just saw a rabbit score 3 touchdowns during the Oregon Stanford game! Sent from my PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator.
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    Bc 4011 erd

    Does anyone here own one of these? Curious how it travels with any weight in the back storage.
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    Close call

    I had just laid down in bed for the night, last night, when just about every fire apparatus in our town went by the house. This morning I get a call from the owner of the storage lot where we park or rig. The BBQ trailer next to us caught fire. Luckily the trailer kept the fire fairly contained...
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    Proud Dad!

    Today my son completed his Marine Corp drill instructor training. He will be stationed at Paris Island. I cannot tell you how proud I am! This is his family shortly after getting his brown round.
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    Norcold stopped cooling on AC

    Our Norcold 1210 quit cooling on AC. The interior of the fridge is staying cool and the freezer will not freeze anything. It is not showing any codes on the front readout. I can confirm that the cooling fans are working. I can also confirm that the little red light behind the exterior access...
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    Dealer said

    It would pull it! Just kidding! Loaner from the local dealer while we get a new turbo and exhaust manifold. Sent from my PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator.
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    Wanted to ask this question to see if anyone else has experienced what we are. The level-up itself works just fine. We still get the popping noise after putting 2 quarts of the alternative cat fluid in but not as bad. Our new issue is movement. 4 plus times a day we will be in our rig just...
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    How to clean your Cats litter box.

    I deleted this link as I decided it would probably offend some of you. It was hilarious though...
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    National Rally

    Anna and I plan on attending if we can get a spot. Is anyone else going?
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    Need Suggestions

    We are getting ready to leave SC soon and are having difficulties figuring out where to go next. Right now we have Charlotte NC on our list but are looking for other suggestions. If anyone has an good ideas of places where we could stay for a couple of weeks to a month in AL, GA, TN or NC we...
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    I couldnt help it...

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    In line water filter

    I am getting ready to rebuild my basement wall. When I do this I also want to mount our water filter permanently behind the UDC. I know this has been done but I cannot find any of the parts needed to plumb it in permanently. If someone had done this and is willing to give me a parts list I would...
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    Grounding the rig

    I just had a very stern fella tell me that the snap pads on my rig need to be removed because they are dangerous. He also stated that putting any rv on blocks was dangerous as well. The danger is that the landing gear helps ground the rig so that you do not have a chance of electrical shocks. He...
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    Suburban Oven

    We have an issue with our oven. Lighting it is easy and getting it to stay lit is not a problem. The issue is that the burner flame is the same on high heat as it is on low heat. Is there anything I can check or adjust to fix this issue?
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    Those pretty dash lights

    I am posting this in case it happens to someone else. We have had our pickup in 3 different shops in three different states for the same issue. Driving along both towing and not we had an issue where the ABS, Brake, and Traction control lights would all come on followed by an alarm and a red...
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    Bottomless Lakes

    We visited this place last week near Roswell NM. I cannot remember all the specifics but, there is a river NW or here that literally ends by going underground and it feeds these tiny lakes. Pretty cool if you ask me. They have a campground close as well that was huge, had hook ups, good wifi and...
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    Is this town considered east or west TX? Our tailgator wants to know!
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    We have had the PepWave Surf on the go for about 6 months now and so far it works very well. Right now we are at a park that uses the Tengo internet. Does anyone who uses this know how to set up the pepwave with tengo's splash page?
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    AC Advice

    We are now in the hottest climate we have been in in this rig almost triple digits today. Our AC's are doing the job they were intended for. My question is which setting is better for them to run on. Right now so that is is quiet once and awhile we have the front one running all the time and set...
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    AC short cycling

    So after almost a year of owning this rig we finally are able to use the air conditioners. The rear ac runs just fine for about an hour and then it starts turning on and off sometimes every 10 to 15 seconds. It will then run fine for about 15 minutes or so and then start rapidly cycling again...
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    Does anyone know where I can order a couple of the straps that the factory uses to strap down furniture chairs etc?
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    Would you?

    Would you drive 10 mph under the speed limit to hear a song?