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  1. BigFry

    Window Latch Repair for Sliding Windows

    I searched for information on how to repair the broken plastic window latch on the vertical sliding windows on my Bighorn. These are located on the slides so that they don’t extend outward and possibly break when the slides are retracted. The plastic pin that inserts into the plastic window...
  2. BigFry

    RV Lock Good Support

    I was very lucky to find some parts from my RVLock that inexplicably fell to the sandy soil the other day. I thought they were left a previous boondocker! I emailed the RVLock support and very quickly received instructions on the fix plus a picture. Glad to report some good customer service from...
  3. BigFry

    Bighorn Black Tank Connection Failure

    Does anyone know what adhesive and/or material is used by Heartland to join the drain valve to the black tank? Mine has separated causing an unfortunate mess. There is a white substance on the joint which resembles dicor lap sealant. There is also a single radiator type band around the black...