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  1. danemayer


    Hi everyone, After 11 1/2 years, we sold our 2011 Landmark and our 2014 RAM 3500 this morning. We're not getting another RV - our RV'ing days have come to an end. And with that, after nearly 10 years as a Forum Moderator, it's time for me to retire from that as well. We're looking into...
  2. danemayer

    2011 Landmark Rushmore for sale - $6,000 below NADA.

    We're selling our 2011 Landmark and would invite your consideration. As most of you already know, this is the top-of-the-line model from Heartland. We ordered it with every possible option except the "desk chair". Since then, we have upgraded and added many more features. This RV is rigged...
  3. danemayer

    New Sub-Forum for How-To Video Links

    This is the place to post threads containing links to How-To Videos on maintenance and repair. Please note that Heartland employees have not reviewed these links to determine safety or efficacy.
  4. danemayer

    SURVEY - SnapPads and Landing Gear Popping Noise

    Many of us have experienced popping noises from the Lippert Landing Jacks, particularly when there are big temperature swings. While the Lippert recommended fix is to add anti-stiction fluid, I'm wondering whether SnapPads help with that problem.
  5. danemayer


    Hi all, I recently ran across a collection of links to various catalogs for RV parts and subassemblies. They're posted in our manuals section, in a folder named Manufacturer Catalogs and Collections.
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    Moved the Micro-Air EasyStart Thread to the Micro-Air sub-forum

    The Micro-Air thread started by Oregon_Camper in March 2018 has been moved to the Micro-Air sub-forum. Here.
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    Annual Reminder - Refrigerator Water/Ice Maker Feed Lines Can Freeze

    Hi all, just want to remind everyone that if your refrigerator has an ice maker or water dispenser, and is located in a slide, the water feed line is typically routed under the slide. It is exposed to outside air and if the outside temperate dips below freezing, the water in the tubing is...
  8. danemayer

    Furnace problems show up when it gets cold

    If you're turning on the furnace and it doesn't work, here are a few things to check. Make sure you're using the correct thermostat to get heat. You may have 2 or 3 thermostats but only one of them operates the furnace. If the blower doesn't push air right away, check for a blown fuse. Check...
  9. danemayer

    Smart Thermostat with WiFi and Bluetooth and Phone App

    People sometimes ask about replacement thermostats that have WiFi and/or Bluetooth connectivity, with a phone app to allow the thermostat to be controlled from anywhere. I ran into this one from They claim it replaces most of the thermostats commonly found in our RVs. It's a...
  10. danemayer

    Severe Weather in the MidWest

    News this morning is talking about 100 MPH winds last night over quite a large area of the midwest. Hope everyone is ok and awnings were retracted.
  11. danemayer

    2 weeks at Tiger Run Resort in Breckenridge, CO

    Up in the "high country" (9200' ASL). Tiger Run Resort in Breckenridge, CO. 72 (F) as I write this just before noon. High today forecast at 77 (F). .
  12. danemayer

    RVPRO News Article About Thor Pay Reductions & Furloughs

    THOR Industries has implemented a combination of pay reductions and furloughs as it manages through the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of the current business climate, the company and its subsidiaries have furloughed a number of valuable team members in many areas of its businesses. CEO Bob...
  13. danemayer

    Possible Camp Host Opportunity Summer 2020

    Hi all, Tiger Run Resort in Breckenridge, CO is considering bringing in a camp host for the summer. Dates would be approximately May 15 - Sept 15. Looking for a couple to work about 20 hours per week each in return for a free site. The typical site is 50 Ft x 70 Ft with a concrete pad 20 FT...
  14. danemayer

    Another recall on Honda 2200 generators due to Fire and Burn Hazard

    New recall Last year there was a fuel line recall.
  15. danemayer

    Heartland's new "Stor-Mor" Feature

    Link to story about new Stor-Mor feature. It looks like the front compartment now extends back to and becomes an addition to the pass through basement storage. Bighorn, Bighorn Traveler, Elkridge, and Cyclones.
  16. danemayer

    More campground sites coming

    This sounds like pretty good news.
  17. danemayer

    All PEX tubing is not the same

    I was surprised to learn yesterday that not all PEX tubing is the same. There are several types, each manufactured differently, giving each type different characteristics. Here's a spec on PEX-b that describes compatibility of various fittings, with PEX-b. Everhot 1/2" PEX Tubing is PEX-B...
  18. danemayer

    Distant Network Services Under Attack

    FMCA's Family RV'ing Magazine reports that the legislation allowing Distant Network Services (DNS) which provides for satellite reception of NY or LA network channels while traveling, is set to expire at the end of 2019. The legislation must be renewed ever 5 years and is currently under attack...
  19. danemayer

    New offerings - RV Toll Pass

    Just saw this article about a new offering - an RV Toll Pass that is claimed to work on 97% of toll roads in the U.S., and getting electronic discount toll pricing. This is what they say are the advantages: What are the advantages? Tolls captured electronically are typically lower than the...
  20. danemayer

    Replacing the Front Doorside Landing Jack - Lippert 4 Point Levelup

    Just finished replacing the leaking front doorside landing jack on our Lippert 4 Point Levelup. When our Landmark was built in 2H 2010, 4 Point was all there was - no 6 Point. Instead of the rearmost jacks, the 4 Point includes stabilizers at the back. Replacing the jack is pretty...
  21. danemayer

    Smart Plug

    Installed my Smart Plug today. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  22. danemayer

    Great Customer Service from RVLock

    We installed an RVLock 4.0 five and 1/2 years ago and love it. This year it started acting up. RVLock tech support suggested a couple of new circuit boards ($9.99 each). Today, it's all better. You can read details here. Great support!
  23. danemayer

    Slide Topper Fabric Pulled Out after 4.5 years - Warranty Replacement on the Way

    In late 2014, I replaced the slide topper fabric on all 3 slides. 4 Colorado winters of snow and ice did them in. Got the new fabric from . 4-1/2 years later, the fabric is pulled away from the bead on the doorside slide. Called them this afternoon and they are shipping...
  24. danemayer

    Progressive Industries PT-50C EMS False Error Report

    Pulled into a campground this afternoon and as usual, plugged the EMS into the pedestal and the power cord into the EMS. Turned on the breaker. 4 minutes later, no power inside. The display on the EMS showed an E3 error: L1 High Voltage. L1 was showing 208V and L2 121V. The EMS would...
  25. danemayer

    It's Time to Test the Emergency Breakaway Switch on Your Trailer

    When's the last time you checked the Emergency Breakaway Switch? That's the one that energizes your trailer brakes if the trailer were to separate from the tow vehicle. There's a ripcord (wire) from the pinbox that you attach to your tow vehicle when hooking up. Mine was last tested almost 3...
  26. danemayer

    Welcome Back Light User Guide Available

    Welcome Back Light V1 user guide has been posted to the HUG - Heartland User Guides section of the forum. This guide explains the Welcome Back Light feature and has electrical diagrams and diagnostic information to help troubleshoot problems. There are also a couple of photos showing the usual...
  27. danemayer

    Honda Generator Recall

    Recall on the popular Honda EU2200i generator. Here's the detail.
  28. danemayer

    RV PRO Story: GE enters RV marketplace

    General Electric Makes Entry into RV SegmentMARCH 14, 2019 by: RV PRO Staff SALT LAKE CITY — Without a lot of fanfare, residential appliance giant General Electric is making a foray into the RV OEM market and has a booth at the RVX show displaying its RV air conditioners, heat pumps...
  29. danemayer

    Update to Anderson Brass Replacement Parts Advisory

    The Anderson Brass Replacement Parts Advisory has been updated with new information on how to obtain replacement parts for the Anderson 4-Way Valve.
  30. danemayer

    Kleen Tank - thread for discussion of waste tank problems

    Jim Tome from Kleen Tank systems has offered to address questions on waste systems and holding tanks. Let's use this thread for discussions with Jim.
  31. danemayer

    VIDEO - How to change the order of posts in a thread

    Here's a short video that shows how to change the order of posts in a thread. You can also navigate there by clicking o TOOLS at top of page, selecting HUG - Heartland User Guides, and opening the FORUM TIPS folder.
  32. danemayer

    Preventing Freeze Damage to the Ice Maker Water Feed Line

    If your gas absorption refrigerator is in a slide out, as many are, the water feed line to the ice maker is routed under the slide out floor. It's exposed to outside air and will freeze as soon as temps drop below freezing. Even if you're a full-timer located in Florida or Texas, if temps...
  33. danemayer

    Ice Maker Water Feed Line Freeze Warning

    If your refrigerator is in a slide out, as most are, the water feed line to the ice maker is routed under the slide out floor. It's exposed to outside air and will freeze as soon as temps drop below freezing. Even if you're a full-timer located in Florida or Texas, if temps drop below...
  34. danemayer

    Larry McGaugh Article on 50 amp Shore Power

    Larry McGaugh (RV Comfort Systems - inventor of CheapHeat) has provided us with two whitepapers he's authored to help owners understand their 50 amp shore power.
  35. danemayer

    Replaced the Power Converter again

    Replaced our Progressive Dynamics PD9280A power converter today. I've been carrying a battery charger since the 1st week we owned the coach and have had several occasions to use it, most recently during the Pueblo Rally with temps around 100. The thermostat needs 12V DC if you want to run the...
  36. danemayer

    No heat this morning - RESOLVED

    After 10 days in Pueblo with temps near 100 (F), it was a refreshing change to have an overnight low of 36 (F) in Breckenridge. Unfortunately, I left a couple of windows open overnight and the furnace didn't kick on, so it was pretty cold in the coach this morning. The fuse for the furnace was...
  37. danemayer

    Electrical Systems User Guide

    A new user guide on Electrical systems in the RV has been posted. As usual you can get there by clicking on the TOOLS tab at top of page and selecting HUG - Heartland User Guides, or by clicking this link. This user guide covers 120V AC, 12V DC, and the 12V DC systems powered by the tow...
  38. danemayer

    Electrical Systems User Guide

    A new user guide on Electrical systems in the RV has been posted. As usual you can get there by clicking on the TOOLS tab at top of page and selecting HUG - Heartland User Guides, or by clicking this link. This user guide covers 120V AC, 12V DC, and the 12V DC systems powered by the tow...
  39. danemayer

    For Skiers who are active/retired military

    Vail Resorts has announced a $99 "Military Epic Pass" for skiers who are active/retired military and dependents for next season. Skiers heading for Breckenridge and Keystone in Summit...
  40. danemayer

    Honda Generator Recall

    American Honda Recalls Portable Generators Due to Fire and Burn Hazards Recall Date: December 21, 2017 Recall Number: 18-072 Recall Summary Name of Product: Honda portable generators Hazard: The carburetor can leak gasoline, posing fire and burn hazards. Remedy: Repair Consumers...