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  1. EPaulikonis

    Inverter Transfer Switch

    I recently had an issue on my 2015 Landmark where the residential refrigerator would shut off by itself. It was the only piece of equipment in the RV that wasn't working while on 120V shore power. The issue was difficult to diagnose because the power would come back on it's own before you...
  2. EPaulikonis

    Closet Flange

    I have a 2015 Landmark Savannah with a damaged closet flange. Does anyone know if it's a glued ABS or a threaded piece?
  3. EPaulikonis

    Landmark Bedroom Slide from Norco

    So I've been fighting a leaking slide in my bedroom for about 2-years now. Nothing major, but water was dripping from the cable system that is hidden behind the interior slide trim. We typically put a washcloth underneath the pully to catch water drips to keep the carpet and subfloor from...
  4. EPaulikonis

    Water leaking from pin box / front cap

    I have a 2015 Heartland Landmark Savannah parked under a metal shelter that's leaking water from the front cap right at the opening to the pin box connection. I've seen another thread at that mentioned leaking water lines and...
  5. EPaulikonis

    Disc Brake Controller

    I had a recent incident that has me slightly confused and concerned. I went to storage to do some work on the Savannah. I didn't plug it into shore power, but I did go in and turn both battery circuits to the on position in the front compartment. I opened the dining room slide with no issue...
  6. EPaulikonis

    New Hauler Bed

    My financial advisor, the DW, decided it was important to have improved access to the hitch, light harness, and gear we were trying to carry on our trips. Biggest challenge was loading and unloading the generator every time we stopped to camp. Not overly difficult to lift in my mid-40's, but I'm...
  7. EPaulikonis

    Bed Frame Hazard

    I'm not sure about the Landmark365, but I know my Landmark Savannah has an electrical/fire hazard caused by operating the slide and design of the bed frame. The portion of the frame that sits on/near the floor on the lower portion of the slide is scraping the electrical connections for the...
  8. EPaulikonis

    Thank You HL Warranty Service Department

    I'd posted comment on a problem I was encountering with cabinets earlier this year here. Now I want to pass my appreciation to HL Warranty Service Department for the collaboration and approval for labor hours to repair the drawers. I called the department to pass along my thanks as well, and...
  9. EPaulikonis

    Fluid Film for Frame

    For those folks who are seeing some minor surface rust or have paint flaking off of the frame, strongly recommend use of Fluid Film. I just applied the product to my 2015 Landmark and am very happy with the results. I used five cans of Fluid Film to cover all I-beam frame components, not the...
  10. EPaulikonis

    Hensley TS3

    Making the jump up to a Hensley TS3 with in-cab controller installed. Pick it up from the freight dock this afternoon. Guess I know what my weekend project will be while it's raining in Dayton. Figure air hitch + air suspension on the TV is going to = really nice ride with minimal road shock...
  11. EPaulikonis

    ATF: Landmark - Slide Maintenance

    Been looking at both the Heartland and Landmark owner's manuals for Slide Out maintenance and there's not much available. I would like to know what brand of slide out is used in the dining and kitchen areas that uses the rack and pinion type setup. I believe both are hydraulic Lippert...
  12. EPaulikonis

    Landmark - Suspension Lubrication

    I've been doing all of the annual work to keep my Landmark in good working order. Started working through the Dexter Axle Suspension Guide (attached) for all the different items to check. Came across wording referencing "wet bolts" on the suspension and not quite sure if/where to find them on...
  13. EPaulikonis

    ATF: Landmark - Drawer support

    I'm adding photos for HL to consider an upgrade to pantry cabinets. I'm contacting HL customer service to handle documenting the problems so I can get them fixed when the coach is in the shop for annual service in Nov. My Landmark has been out on the road several times over the past year and...
  14. EPaulikonis

    ATF: Landmark - Roof Inspection

    I'm seeking confirmation that I do have an EPDM rubber roof membrane on the 2015 Savannah. I want to make sure I use the right products when the time comes to do any maintenance or repairs. I see that others have noted "bubbles" in the membrane are not cause for concern; is this a true...
  15. EPaulikonis

    No signal on Valor TMPS

    First trip out this season and all sensors on my system are reading 0000. Checked antenna cable and also reset all 4 chip modules. Any ideas what else could be wrong? don helped me with new sensors on two tires this time last year. System is only 11 months old.
  16. EPaulikonis

    Dover International Speedway

    Any HL owners planning to be at the races in Dover 29-31 May?
  17. EPaulikonis

    ATF: Landmark - Fresh Tank Overflow Vents

    There's another thread on Fresh Tank Overflow at mentioning the tank on a Landmark isn't really full when the first overflow starts spouting water. I'd assume this is a preventative safety feature to reduce pressure in the...
  18. EPaulikonis

    Sunshine Express Travel BLOG

    Looking to see options for personal BLOGs with little/no cost each year. Started using Wordpress, but I'm not sure that's where I want to keep my posts.
  19. EPaulikonis

    Water Filtration System

    Several months ago the forum participants poured in responses to a question I'd posted on Whole Coach Water Filtration...thank you again for all the ideas. Well, I finally got around to working the modification in our 2015 Savannah and I used the approach recommended by recumbent615 when adding...
  20. EPaulikonis

    Thank you Heartland

    I recently had my 2015 Landmark Savannah into the shop for some warranty work on a hydraulic line and exterior light. I was very surprised to hear from the service manager how quickly Heartland approved the work to be performed. I could have picked it up in just 3-days (drop off on Mon and...
  21. EPaulikonis

    RV Dump & Gen Exhaust Lines

    Heartland may want to take a closer look at the height and placement of both the waste dump line and the generator exhaust. I just returned to Ohio from a trip to Daytona, FL this past week. We hit a lot of snow coming back home and the conditions were getting worse as we moved north. I ended...
  22. EPaulikonis

    I-95 SC to Daytona

    Seeking advice on I-95 travel from junction of I-26 near Holly Hill, SC, down to Daytona, FL. Heading to the Dayton 500 on February 15th and have heard some horror stories about travelling the I-95 corridor, so wanted to check with the experts on current issues, concerns, or travel opinions for...
  23. EPaulikonis

    ATF: Landmark - Mystery TV Sound Wire

    I recently replaced the sound bar in my 2015 Landmark Savannah. During the exchange, I found a gray speaker wire running into the speaker, utilizing a small two pin clip into the back of the speaker I replaced. The speaker wire had two wire nuts near the upper shelf, but I couldn't chase it...
  24. EPaulikonis

    ATF: Landmark - Schematics

    I'd like to see if I can get a schematic of key infrastructure items like electrical, plumbing, and TV/Satellite systems for my 2015 Landmark Savannah. I like to do a lot of maintenance work on my own, so having these items will assist me in working my projects and maintenance. I appreciate...
  25. EPaulikonis

    Satellite for Internet

    Anybody out there know if you can utilize DirectTV or Dish to connect via WiFi on a smart phone to access Internet? Was hopeful there is an option available to avoid purchasing a large data plan on the phone to access Internet. Any pointers to technology or threads that already cover this...
  26. EPaulikonis

    Bedroom Slide

    I'd like to see the bed raised up some in the bedroom slide. It appears the bed is level with the sub-floor and not accounting for the additional height of the carpet and padding. Brand new carpet already getting badly worn by the two rollers supporting the bed by just operating the slide a...
  27. EPaulikonis

    TPMS dropping sensors during transit

    Been working with Don from TPMS...great service; very responsive! Wondering if anyone else has had issues with sensors not responding during travel while Don is working with engineering for possible solution(s). I have a Ram 3500 crew cab dually long bed connected to a Landmark Savannah...
  28. EPaulikonis

    Landmark Disc Brakes w/ Upgraded Axles

    I'm awaiting delivery of a 2015 Savannah and have been spending a lot of time looking at the forums. I recently found one concerning the optional upgrade to disc brakes w/upgraded axle. The person who posted the entry also purchased the upgrade for disk brakes w/upgraded axle, but said the...
  29. EPaulikonis

    Individual Wheel Dry Weight

    Has anyone completed an individual wheel weight with the coach completely empty? I'm curious to know how well Landmark's are balanced when delivered from the factory. I'm going to be taking delivery of a Savannah floorplan sometime in Jun and plan to to get individual wheel weight when the RV...
  30. EPaulikonis

    Whole Coach Water Filtration

    Has the factory ever considered offering whole coach water filtration as an option, especially on the higher end, full-time coaches? I recently purchased a Savannah floorplan and was somewhat surprised that there was no option available on the build sheet for whole coach water filtration...