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  1. HowardBJr

    Trailer tires - Goodyear G614 RST, LT235/85R16 $575

    Four made in America Goodyear G614 RST LT235/85R16 tires and wheels. Load range G (3750 pounds at 110 PSI), tires have approximately 10,000 miles on them, tread depth is 9/32 inch (new tires are 12/32 inch), metal valve stems, date code is 3909. One of the tires is worn on the side due to faulty...
  2. HowardBJr

    SOLD - 7,000 lbs trailer suspension system

    Two Lippert easy lubricate 7,000 pound axles, springs, shocks and the upgraded 12.25 inch X 3.75 inch electric drum brakes. I upgraded my 2010 Heartland Landmark to a 8,000 pound Moride Independent suspension system with disk brakes and will sell the Lippert suspension system for $325 for...
  3. HowardBJr

    Need photo of door stop

    I am missing the door stop for the bedroom door on my 2011 Landmark. Other 2011 Landmarks that I have seen have a magnetic door stop that keeps the door from hitting the wall and the magnet helps hold the door open if you are not completely level. I need a photo of the door stop. Could...
  4. HowardBJr

    Need advice on full body paint option

    Dodge appears to have their heavy duty truck line back up and running so that trucks will arrive in dealerships by January or so. The truck has been the long pole in the tent as far as us getting our Augusta. We’re planning on ordering an Augusta in about a month so that the truck and Augusta...
  5. HowardBJr

    Price jump on the Augusta?

    I think we waited too long to buy our Augusta. Terry Frazer’s RV Store in Iowa has one listed on Ebay with a “buy it now” price of ONLY $289,821.00 (item #140340976472). I know the Augusta is a good rig and this one is well optioned but that seams a little high to me. :D
  6. HowardBJr

    Brace over shower door

    Does anyone have a modification to solve the problem of hitting your head on the bar that ties the sides of the shower together? I’m 6’2” tall and one of my tests while looking over various fifth wheelers is to check out the headroom in the shower. So I go ahead and step into the shower. I’ve...
  7. HowardBJr

    Optimal hitch and bed cover

    I could use some more advice. Your advice so far has been VERY helpful. This time I need it on hitches and bed covers. Relevant background information: We’re looking at getting an Augusta for full-time use and will be pulling it with a 2010 Dodge 3500 crew cab, long-bed dully and will get a...
  8. HowardBJr

    Television Options

    We have an Augusta at the top of our short list of 5th wheelers. We will full-time in it. We would like some input on options for additional televisions. We most likely will go with high definition Direct TV with TIVO and possibly also go with a second “Free to Air” dish. I would need an A/B...
  9. HowardBJr

    Refrigerator options

    We have an Augusta on our short list and would like some input on options for the refrigerator. We will be using the Augusta full-time. The options are: Standard 9 Cu.Ft. Dometic Standard 9 Cu.Ft. Dometic with 120 volt mini refrigerator and standalone ice maker in the basement 9 Cu.Ft. Dometic...
  10. HowardBJr

    Should I get 4X4 or 4X2?

    We’re in the process of refining our requirements for our RV purchase. We have not bought anything yet (i.e., truck, hitch, or RV) so we can make sure we don’t make a mistake and have to buy something twice. Our plan is to buy a heavily optioned Landmark Augusta for fulltime use (i.e., a heavy...