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    lug nut torque ??

    I really must be getting old, I use to remember torque values off the top of my head, not no more. Can someone tell me what the torque on lug nuts please?? 7K axles G614 tires and of course I can't remember how many lug nuts. Thank you
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    RM3962 Dometic

    Our 14 year old Dometic refer just bit the dust this morning, we woke up to the smell of ammonia. This has been a great unit with no problems till now. Does anyone have a suggestion where I can get the part (I think its called a cooling unit) to repair this ?? I appreciate your help. Thank you...
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    awning repair throw away nuts

    I am getting ready to a awning fabric and shock replacement. Does anyone know what size of push nuts go on the awning arm ?? These are a one time use nut and if your lucky you might be able salvage them but I want to have some on hand. Its the nut thats on the awning arm, I think they call it a...
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    Wet bolt question

    Question for all you suspension gurus, I had center point suspension and wet bolts done by Lippert at one of the Rallys in Goshen, I think it was 2013. I hit the zerk fittings once or twice a year with a little grease. I have 7K axle and 8K springs. I have put on several thousand miles since...
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    Tire pressure question

    Goodyear G614's tires, I set pressure at 110 psi in Michigan before a trip to Tennessee for about 4 days. Before we left to head back to Michigan I checked the tire pressure at it was at 114psi. Is the pressure difference from being in the Mountains ?? Should I let air out to get back to 110psi...
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    2007 Dodge Ram

    Dodge Mega Cab 4/4 2007. I have a couple questions but I will ask for input one at a time. First let me start off by saying I love my Ram !! I ordered the truck back in 07, never no accidents. My issue is, it sees to eat up ball joints every couple years. Most of the time its right and left...
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    Interior wall painting

    I don't see a direct question unless its buried in another post. My question is, has anyone did an upgrade and paint the walls in there RV ?? We are starting a remodel project and wondered if anyone has done this ?? Just wondering what the process is and what kind/brand of paint and or primer...
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    12 volt lighting without battery installed

    I guess the longer I RV the dumber I realize I am. I took out my battery for a load test and had it out of the coach for about 24 hours. To my surprise I still had 12 volt lights in the coach. I figured once I removed the battery I would not have any. Yes I was hooked up to shore power but...
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    AGM 31 series batteries and Levelup System

    I took my AGM 31 series battery to be checked at an auto parts store and its reading 12.7 volts, which is suppose to be a good battery ?? The reason for my checking is that my display on my level up does not read. When hitting the on/off button the center green light does come on, but when I go...
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    dingy sink

    stainless sink over the years have become very dingy, I have tried comet, and other products but does not bring it back to like new, anyone know of a product that might bring it back to like new or close to new ??
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    a/c silencer

    Our a/c is so loud I have to turn the TV up all the way. I read on this forum last week ( couldn't find the post) about someone talking about a product from wacko products that is an a/c silencer. I went ahead and order the product despite being kinda pricy. It was very easy to install and to my...
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    shower sky light

    Not sure if this is the right area for this, Moderator re locate if necessary. any one know where to get a new exterior sky light for the shower ?? mine has gotten brittle over the years and has 2 cracks. I have put flex paste on the outside roof as a temporary fix to stop the leaks going into...
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    level up issue

    Just got in to our Bighorn after a winter in storage and went to do a auto re level and notice the display lights up but no wording comes up. Has anyone had this issue and if so, how to get it to read. Thanks very much, Bobby A
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    ceiling fan replacement help

    Well, its time to replace my 10 year old ceiling fan with light kit, can anyone help cut the chase on where to buy ?? Any pointers would be helpful. It looks like a 42 inch fan, and I realize to watch out for fan blades when the slide out is closed. Thank you all in advance. Bobby A
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    Tires for tow vehicle

    Not sure where to post this, moderator please re locate if necessary. Looking for new tires for my Dodge Ram Mega cab 3500 4 wheel drive non dually. I have on the Nitto Dura Grappler LT285/70/R17 on now. I am fairly happy with them. This tires have a heavier tow rating then most in its class...
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    Apollo/Master Chef microwave/confection oven

    This is our third microwave/confection oven in the last 10 years. The last two have performed wonderful for my wife who loves to make banana bread. This new one just purchase from Apollo model # AD-34-BIS-B not so much. Does anyone have this newer unit ?? And are you having good/negative results...
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    cone seals

    I should of posted this earlier in the week when I changed the check valves in the hot water tank, and I forgot. I noticed when I change anything plumbing lines, that there is a white cone seal in the lines. But when I changed the check valve on the water tank the seals were a black cone. I went...
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    Hot water bypass valve

    Behind my UDC there is 2 valves with 3 connections. On the outside at the UDC the top valve says Hot Water Heater Bypass valve. The other one below it says Antifreeze Inlet Winterizing System. Can someone help me locate where I can purchase these two valves ?? Maybe even send me a link with a...
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    plumbing cap under kitchen and bath sinks

    Sorry I don't know the name of this part, I can only explain it and hope for some help. Under both kitchen and bath sinks there is black drain pipe, at the very end of this pipe is a cap of some sort ?? I was told these caps need to be cleaned or replaced periodically, can cause a smell in the...
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    just lost 12V power in door side slideout only. RESOLVED

    Any suggestions please ?? the wife and I were sitting at the table playing cards, the light over the table flickered a few times than went out.I checked all the other lighting in that slideout, and it does not work either. All the 12V in the rest of the coach does work. Help please ??? Thank...
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    round access panel in shower

    Went to General RV to pick up a new access panel and seal ( really just need a O ring seal) they must of modified the access panel cause it doesn't have the lip on it like my 10 year old one does. Anyone know where I can pick up the old style?? I think I like the old style better with the lip...
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    Black Tank Flush

    After 10 years of full time with no issues with black tank flush. We had the unit in storage for the winter and when it came time to flush the holding tank for the first time I could tell the spray for the black tank was not working, I can tell the sound of the sprayer after 10 years of...
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    surround sound connection made simple

    I just gotta say this forum and the people that run it helped me out AGAIN !! I just got a complete new TV and surround sound and have been working on this all day !! Couldn't figure out how to get my TV sound through the surround sound speakers. I refered back to a post from danemayer referring...
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    Nose decals

    O.k. not sure where to post this, so moderators move to right area if necessary. I am tired of my pealing and glue bleed run off of my nose decals. Today I started peeling the nose decals off with a heat gun, not to difficult just gotta get the right heat and right pressure to peel it off in...
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    coach light replacment bulb question

    All my interior lights have had the 1141 bulbs, I had to replace a couple the other day and asked the person at the counter of the auto parts store if there was a bulb that was brighten then the 1141's. She showed me a Sylvania Silverstar bulb, number 1156 that looks identical to the 1141, it...
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    suburban 10 gal water heater

    I am helping a neighbor/friend that is not getting hot water on electric, we checked breakers and changed the heating element and hi-low limit switch and is still not getting any hot water on electric. The only other thing I know of is maybe the toggle switch located on the bottom left corner of...
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    Dometic RM3962 Refer question

    Not sure if my fridg of 10 years of full time is showing signs of retirement so I got a couple questions for the Heartland family to address for me. We just got in from a 1200 mile trip from Fl. and the white plastic thing that hold the white wire in place that goes on the 1st fin in the fridge...
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    cable fraying

    Just got in from a long journey and doing a walk around my rig I discovered that the bedroom slide out top cable is fraying. I would like to know what the procedure for removal and replace this cable ?? Has anyone done this ?? If so, where do I get the cable from ?? I will be staying put for the...
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    2nd a/c unit

    My 2010 Bighorn is pre wired for a 2nd a/c unit in the bedroom and I'm considering having one installed if and when we can get to Florida this season ( we are in Renfro Valley, Ky. right now waiting for the storm to pass so we can continue south). Anyway, I was wondering if there is anything...
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    Suburban hot water heater element

    It seems that my suburban 12 gal hot water heating element is going on the blink. Does anyone have a part number for the replacement element for the SW12DE water heater, and where is the best place to get it ?? Thank you, Bobby
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    Electric fireplace replacement

    Help me out monitor people where to put this. Thanks, O.k. while its fresh on my mind I wanted to give you all the information on the exact replacement for the Dimplex OptiFlame fireplace insert that is in my 2010 Bighorn, since mine went bad some of you might start experiencing the same thing...
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    reinstall retainer ring on a 210 Sealand

    I've been hitting my head against the wall trying to figure this out. I've finally got the nerve to rework my old Sealand 210 toilet with the ball kit and seal kit. It wasn't to bad a job until I got to the end to replace the plastic half clamp they call it. After the install, the 2 half clamps...
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    spare tire brackets broke !!!

    We are travels from Fl. back to MI., we are in Renfro Valley, KY. right now, have 800 miles under our belt and 400 more to go. We were out on a evening stroll just now and I noticed under the trailer that the spare tire was sagging down in a not normal position. I crawled under and found two of...
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    sleep number bed

    I just ordered a sleep number bed, its a 60X80 standard queen, that's whats in my rig now and what came with it. I took the mattress off to measure the platform and its at 58 inches so obviously the mattress hangs over by 2 inches. Do you guys think I need to add 2 inches for the sleep number...
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    crazy a/c experiance today

    Just arrived at our winter campgrounds yesterday and this morning we were just getting ready to leave for breakfast and all of a sudden the a/c started making an awful noise and shaking the trailer. I thought OMG what has happened now, its 94 degrees and humidity is off the chart, we can not...
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    tire pressure question

    Got my brand new G614's on and aired them up to 110 PSI before I left MI. yesterday morning, it was a cool morning when I aired them up, now I'm in Cartersville, GA and I checked the pressure a few minutes ago several hours after driving and they were at 112 PSI, its hot and humid hear. The unit...
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    CO Detector

    Sorry guys, don't know where this belongs so please move it to right area. My CO2 detector in the bedroom Model # 900-0143 started beeping with the red light flashing about ever 30 seconds or so. It says on the unit if it beeps 4 times to move to a fresh area if it beeps 1 time (like mine done)...
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    12 volt fan for fridge

    A couple years ago I put a 4 inch 12volt fan in the outside top vent for my fridge to help with the cooling and remove the heat and it sure does help. It was long over due for a replacement as I could hear it getting loud. I had bought a Radio Shack 4 inch fan to replace it when it became time...
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    Sealand 210 toilet

    Would anyone know the parts # for the replacement seals for the toilet ?? I may need the 1/2 ball also. Thanks very much Bobby
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    bathroom vent fan/motor

    Hope this is the right place to post this. I'm getting tired of replacing the cheap vent motor in the bathroom about every year or every other year at best. It starts sounding like a freight train and get annoying, I do put a little 3n1 motor oil and it help for a while. My question to you all...