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  1. KyleC

    No turning back!

    Wife wanted some more room in the bathroom...... Sink and cabinet out.... Now to rebuild something smaller! Sent from my moto z4 using Tapatalk
  2. KyleC

    Louisiana rally

    Hey guys I've been out of the forum for a while. I'm trying to see if they're planning on having a Louisiana rally this year Sent from my moto z4 using Tapatalk
  3. KyleC

    Long time

    Hey guys I'm back! Kyle from Louisiana. Had a close call with finances. Almost had to sell it, phewphhhh... We sold our house and moved a bit further out of baton rouge! Glad to be settled and back in trip planning mode! Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  4. KyleC

    Henderson State Park (Destin, Florida)

    Just found this little gem. Nice private spots. Long private beach! now if only they had a spot available for tomorrow and Sunday and be happy! Moved over from gulf shores, it was first come first serve Sent from my moto z4 using Tapatalk
  5. KyleC

    Mods before the beach

    I went a bit crazy the week before the beach. Tell me what y'all think of the mods. 1) added dish rack and paper towel 2),3) added shelf in the cabinets to better divide clothes 4),5) made a shoe storage under dinette Sent from my moto z4 using Tapatalk
  6. KyleC

    Beach trip

    Looking to travel to the Gulf of Mexico for the beaches near the end of July. We went to dauphin island last summer. They can't guarantee which spot you get, really don't want full sun spots. Basic question, is there a campground in Alabama or Florida that is walking distance to the beach but...
  7. KyleC

    Anderson weight distribution

    Just curious if anyone has purchased their weight distribution hitch. Looks like a cool product. And I can't stand listening to mine creak! Kyle
  8. KyleC

    Van wiring

    Hey guys. My running lights are intermittent at best(they come on every 6th time crank)lol. I hooked up with my truck and no problems. So I know it's the van. It is an 08 Ford E-150. The electric brakes work. Brake lights and blinkers all work. Just spotty running lights. Last trip they came...
  9. KyleC

    Fountainbleau state park

    Headed to fountainbleau this weekend if anyone is interested in going! Kyle
  10. KyleC

    Hood vent fan

    Hey guys/gals. I'm having some trouble with my Hood vent fan. I have a prowler 25lx. The light works but the fan doesn't. Are they connected to the same circuit? Any advice would be great. I have about two weeks to fix it till our next journey Kyle
  11. KyleC

    Prowler mods #2

    Don't have any shoe storage. Thought about making this dinette bench storage into a shoe shelf. Any thoughts? Has it been done? I've seen drawers from the side. But nothing from the back yet. I'm just that crazy, I might be the first Kyle
  12. KyleC

    Prowler mods

    What are you thoughts about removing the bathroom counter top and cabinet to make more room for changing and using the restroom without banging your knees. Pros and cons. First Thought - making a small corner pedastal and using sink and faucets. Second thought - removing completely and...
  13. KyleC

    Okay to plug?

    Is it okay to plug a tire with a nail hole in it? It is the front tire of my dual axle. I might just switch it for the spare... But I know there's so much talk about tires and blowouts and whatnot. It's on a prowler 25lx. Bumper pull. Don't have the money right now to replace the tire but we...
  14. KyleC

    SOLVED: Why negative battery cable looks like this

    Hey guys any help with this would be great I went to disconnect the battery to install the quick disconnect. And this is what I found..... Kyle
  15. KyleC

    Cool shirt

    Hey Louisiana check out the shirt my wife got me and check out our new horse! Kyle
  16. KyleC

    Do I need to winterize tonight?

    First freeze of the season, only below freezing for like 4 hours. Then tomorrow it's back up to 50. Do I need to winterize tonight? Or can I just wait for the weekend? Kyle
  17. KyleC

    Maiden voyage with our new tow vehicle

    Taking a quick weekend trip to Lake Charles, Louisiana. Sam Houston Jones State Park! Kyle
  18. KyleC

    Thank you all!

    Than you all for helping me with my newbie struggles! (1) Dirt daubber was the cause of the slow burning hot water heater! (2) I think I might now love the rhino flex sewer hoses! After watching a YouTube video I realize that the guy I bought the camper from missed the info about tightening the...
  19. KyleC

    New sewer hoses

    I will be purchasing new sewer hoses and fittings and want to know who's got what! I am not happy with the camco rhino line of connections that the previous owner had. So I'm starting over. Sell me on what you use and how you like/dislike it! (Sorry just saw fox posted this like a week ago...
  20. KyleC

    Camping this weekend

    Hey guys we are making a last minute camp to Lafayette this weekend. May go to Chicot State Park. Or Acadia Campground. haven't made a reservation yet but definitely going somewhere Friday night and possibly Saturday night. Let me know if anybody's doing anything this weekend! thanks Kyle
  21. KyleC

    Got our new tow vehicle finally!

    We have been without our Pathfinder for a month after finding out some concerning news about it's towing capacity. We sold it back to the dealership. After a month of searching for the perfect family/tow vehicle, we finally made the purchase!! Its a 2008 Ford E150. It has the 5.4L v-8 with the...
  22. KyleC

    Looking to get new tires and rims to match

    . Does anyone know if Ford rims will fit the lug pattern of the prowler? Looking to get matching van rims on the trailer. 2017 Pathfinder SL towing Heartland Prowler "lynx" 25lx
  23. KyleC

    Pass through storage mod

    Looking to make a slide-out outdoor sink and table. Looking for ideas using the front pass-through storage. I need part of it on the driver's side for storage of blocks and hitch equipment. I want to use 75% for this project to pull out on the passenger side. The "Air Opus" uses this stainless...
  24. KyleC

    Soot from hot water heater

    Okay guys/gals. I need help. The flame from the hot water heater is wrapping through the pipe and coming almost to the exhaust vent.... Causing a ton of soot coming up the exterior wall. It's a gas only hot water heater. Any thoughts? This doesn't seem safe so I shut it off. 2017...
  25. KyleC

    Kincaid Recreation area!

    Just met tcbigelow for a weekend in Louisiana! We finally made it to our "Fall" weather! First weekend below the 90's. 2017 Pathfinder SL towing Heartland Prowler "lynx" 25lx
  26. KyleC

    Wet awning after rain season

    Just unrolled the awning after a month of rainy weather. water was dripping off of it and there was lines everywhere the roll was rolled up. Like every foot or so there is a line all the way across it. I'm sure it's going to come off with a magic eraser. Thinking about some things some of that...
  27. KyleC

    Hunting a Hummer H2 in Texas

    Hey all, going on a Hummer H2 hunt through south Texas this weekend. We will be departing from Baton Rouge friday, I think we will just head in on 1-10 and start towards Huston then to San Antonio. Then possibly finish up in Dallas. Then head back to Baton Rouge. Anyone with a Hummer that...
  28. KyleC

    Any one looking for a big rig? 07 Ford F-650 in town 2017 Pathfinder SL towing Heartland Prowler "lynx" 25lx
  29. KyleC

    Got rid of my pathfinder

    Well guys I got rid of the Pathfinder for a tow vehicle. Hoping to get a Hummer H2 this weekend! Wish us luck. Please pray for a safe trip as well, we have to go to mobile Alabama from baton rouge Louisiana! And then turn and drive it again to come back home. 6 hours round trip 2017...
  30. KyleC

    Weight distribution hitch

    Good morning all. Looking at getting a 2004 Hummer H2 this weekend. Do you think I am going to need the weight distribution hitch? I think it sits on the chevy 2500 frame. Pulling my prowler lynx 25 lx dry weight of 4800 lbs 2017 Pathfinder SL towing Heartland Prowler "lynx" 25lx
  31. KyleC

    Proper water pressure and regulator

    Okay here we go. I've seen multiple post as of late about the typical brass 40 psi water regulator. I remember reading/watching that 40 was the max for the camper. And now I'm seeing different numbers fly around. I have a heartland prowler travel trailer. Don't know if rvs are built different...
  32. KyleC

    Newbie question

    How often should I charge the batteries? Where I park the travel trailer when we are at home there is no shore power close. Should I just run a small extension cord with a trickle charger? Or occasionally hook to shore power via a 75' 10 guage extension cord? 2017 Pathfinder SL towing...
  33. KyleC

    Noisy weight distribution hitch

    Hey looking for help with weight distribution. It is super squeaky at low speeds when turning. It's an e2 round bar 10,000. I've tried the lithium grease all over the ball and inside the sockets for the bars. It also did this with my Reese Pro on my last travel trailer. Open to suggestions. It...
  34. KyleC

    Ready to conquer the state!

    Check out what my wife made us! Break out the push pins, here we go! She made it out of a cutting board and a pen! 2017 Pathfinder SL towing Heartland Prowler "lynx" 25lx
  35. KyleC

    Thetford portable tank

    Any suggestions on how to get the residual water out of the portable thetford smart tote xl ? I've dumped, rinsed and drained. But there is still some residual water sloshing around in there. I've tilted, twisted, leaned and turned. But yet I still can't get that last bit out. 2017...
  36. KyleC

    Water damage new 2018

    Good morning looking for some contact info. Local Louisianaian has new heartland 2018 with water coming in all over their month old camper. Through lights and walls and all the wall/celing paper is bubbled. I know you guys have the inside so I figured I could offer them some help. Thanks in...
  37. KyleC

    Trick or treat

    What's the best campground in Louisiana to go trick or treating? 2017 Pathfinder SL towing Heartland Prowler "lynx" 25lx 4816 lbs dry wieght
  38. KyleC

    Ac help in Louisiana humidity

    Hello all I have a heartland prowler 25lx and I am thinking about getting a portable ac to help out. We have the 13,500 btu unit I assume. Should we upgrade to the 15k or try different ideas? This past weekend we had fans all over the unit. Ac is blowing cold. Just can't keep up with the kids...
  39. KyleC

    Anyone changed out the bathroom vanity?

    Tried navigating in the tiny bathroom this weekend of our prowler 25lx and are thinking of removing the vanity and changing it to a corner bowl set up. Not much room between the toilet and the vanity since they are opposit one another. Maybe something like this idea 2017 Pathfinder SL...
  40. KyleC


    What is the average life span of trailer tires for travel trailers? Also, what is the brand to switch to when needed? 2017 Pathfinder SL towing Heartland Prowler "lynx" 25lx 4816 lbs dry wieght