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  1. 09Busaman

    Awning stuck and wont move.

    Hi guys, 2021 Elkridege 37bar. Main awning is stuck fully out and will not move. It twitched just a bit yesterday when I hit the button but has not move since. Fuses appear to be good, any ideas? I checked for pinched wires in the arm. Also, this awning has been really slow since new, so I am...
  2. 09Busaman

    How thick is the roof of my Elkridge?

    Not that I want to do it, but I need to drill a hole in the roof of my Elkridge 37BAR. Will be installing a Weboost and I want to put the booster near the bar TV and power outlet. I plan to start from the inside and drill up, does anyone know the distance from the interior ceiling to the roof? I...
  3. 09Busaman

    Conti Terra HD3?

    Hi all, 2020 F450 with 19.5's. I am looking at the Conti Terra HD3, has anyone had any experience with them or can suggest an alternative similar to them. I want a more aggressive tire but my options are limited with this wheel size. Just realized I posted in the wrong forum, mods please move...
  4. 09Busaman

    Replacing outdoor speakers?

    Didn't find the exact answers I was looking for in the search. The outdoor speakers on our Elkridge are not great. I found some marine grade Kickers (always been a fan of this brand) and the sizes are 5.25. My speakers measure 5.5. Are these a weird size or do the standard 5.25 inch go right in...
  5. 09Busaman

    Stuck hydraulic valve

    2021 Elkridge 37BAR. Been having issues with my leveling system and finally figured out what was wrong this morning. When I operate my slides out my front landing gear extends. When I operate my slide in, my front landing gear retracts. Seems to me I have a stuck valve that is not closing...
  6. 09Busaman

    Hello all, new member

    Hello all, just sold our minnie winnie and moved into an Elkridge 37BAR. Love the camper and we are still getting familiar and have done one shake down run so far. Many more trips booked through the summer and into the end of the year. Picked up a screw before we did our shake down run and put...