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    Heater flame going on and off

    So my furnace is acting up: 1. It starts normally. 2. After a few seconds it ignites and you hear the roar of burning propane. 3. After a variable interval of 2-30 seconds, flame shuts off. This interval seems to get shorter the more it repeats. 4. Goes back to #2 and repeats cycle. Fan...
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    Beware of Command hooks - Interior paneling delaminating

    I've been using Command hooks and self-adhesive towel bars with reckless abandon to help store and organize stuff. Recently I found that the outer, patterned layer of the paneling is bubbling, causing the hooks to sag. I had reinstall everything with hollow wall anchors. This only occurred...
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    Central vacuum cleaner installation - North Trail 24BHS

    I used the InterVac CS-8, corded version. These use standard 1-1/4” vacuum attachments, which you can buy anywhere. On factory-equipped models, the vacuum is installed in the pantry cabinet next to the bathroom, just above the circuit breaker/fuse panel. The cabinet is greatly modified and...
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    How and where to install solar panel?

    I would really like to have a solar panel to trickle charge my camper while it's in storage, as I don't have shore power. Mounting on the roof seems logical, but I have an EPDM roof and I'm terrified to do anything to the roof. I could do some kind of temporary setup and take it down when I...
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    Uh-oh. Big scratch on sidewall.

    Just discovered this on the sidewall of one of my trailer tires. How bad is this?
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    What is a Kids Doodle Station?

    I noticed the description for most North Trail RVs, including my own, lists a "kids doodle station" as a kitchen feature. What is this? I don't see anything on my camper that meets this description. I have 2 little kids, so I'm very interested!
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    Need recommendations - North Texas RV or Camping World?

    I've had some damage to the awning and roof of my North Trail. I took it to the dealer and got an estimate around $19,000 which exceeds the value of the trailer. My insurance wants me to take it to one of these companies which are their designated shops: -Camping World in Alvarado, TX -North...
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    North Trail 24BHS Bathtub blowout - massive p-trap failure

    So I was taking a nice shower when I noticed a flood in the bathroom. On further inspection, the p-trap under the tub was broken in two different places. There are captive nuts on each end of the trap, and both had split circumferentially. Maybe the installer over-tightened them? This...
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    "Blue eyes" lights on front of North Trail 24BHS

    Hi North Trail 24BHS has 2 blue led lights on the front of the trailer. They look like eyes. They are controlled by a switch inside the pass-through storage compartment. What is the purpose of these lights?
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    Handy Chock Hack

    I borrowed this trick from the airports. I connect 2 chocks with a piece of rope. It makes it easy to carry two at once, and harder to lose one if it comes loose.
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    North Trail 24BHS TV installation

    I just finished installing a TV in my North Trail 24BHS (non-Caliber edition), so I thought I would share my experience. The TV provided in the Caliber edition is actually relatively small (see photo 1). I bought a 40 inch TV (Samsung NU7100), which fills the space almost perfectly, leaving a...