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  1. wdk450

    Great Article on Microwave Ovens - Most All are made in the same factory

    Just an added suggestion to this thread that you need if you replace the microwave DESIGNED to be used in a cabinet enclosure with a tabletop microwave oven. The tabletop ovens need adequate ventilation to help cool the magnetron and the power transformer. The original Apollo oven that I...
  2. wdk450

    What did you do to your camper today?

    There are RV departure and arrival checklists on the internet and phone app stores that you can customize and use every time you depart/arrive. Most of these lists start out generic, but you can remove and add items to make it for your rig.
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    I didn't see that. Maybe a typed form is too easy to forge?
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    Kitchen Table Wall Hook Mounts

    I have used these with the handrail going up the interior steps. I believe that the larger anchor screw diameter gives a better "bite" into the thin wood paneling for more pounds of support.
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    Great Article on Microwave Ovens - Most All are made in the same factory

    If you do not feel comfortable doing ANY of the work to remove the oven from the cabinetry for servicing, I would suggest finding a local Mobile RV Repairer (try web searching, or looking in to remove the microwave from the cabinet. The RV repairer may know of a microwave...
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    Great Article on Microwave Ovens - Most All are made in the same factory

    Gang: I just went through an emergency replacement of my built in microwave oven in my 08 Bighorn I fulltime in. I have been through about 3 of the original Apollos early in my ownership, Then Got a Sharp (premium brand I thought) Model R309YK about 5 years ago. It had the right external...
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    Power Cord Reel Motor Died

    If you can get to where you can inspect the motor, you MAY find markings on it from the original MOTOR manufacturer, and from those numbers find a source for the motor on the internet. (i.e. Klauber). You may also find a Mfr/model/serial tag from the original reel manufacturer, and get some more...
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    Black Tank Valve - Bighorn 3670RL

    It looks like you could install a master shut off valve on your sewer line where the cap is laying. This is in very common use as the plumbed in valves have minor problems.
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    Using a lot of gas... is this normal?

    Electric blankets can make things a LOT more cozy at night.
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    Hurricane Repair ...but wait there's more!!

    You might want to consult with a RV Collision Repair type company in your area. In their major collision repair jobs they frequently have to fix interior issues.
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    Power Cord Reel Motor Died

    Heartland Customer Service 877-262-8032 / 574-262-8030 eMail Heartland Service Have your VIN at the ready.
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    Just got this announcement on . Good for Gold Star, Active Duty, and Veterans. NOW FREE!! Old card also had 50% discount on campground fees at National Parks, National Forests, Corps of Engineers campgrounds - Check to see if this is still current. Admission for Yosemite alone is...
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    Screen Door Latch Sliding Cover Replacement

    Have you tried calling Dexter?
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    AC causes water to pool near base of fridge

    AC condensation leaks are common. First line of defense is to snug up the 4 inside the ceiling AC mounting bolts which tighten the watertight gasket seal between the rooftop unit, the roof surface, and the inside AC mounting plate. This seal tightness can loosen with time, road vibrations, and...
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    No Power to Fridge (Haier) when not on Shore Power

    You can trace the live power out of the inverter by turning off all shorepower, activating the 12 volt powered inverter, and using a non-contact voltage detector (sniffer) to trace the AC wires around the inverter...
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    Advice on service center

    You may want to check for repairers in your desired area.
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    Lubing black and gray valves with vegetable / or peanut oil

    Inspired by the above post, I was websearching "water soluble lubricants" and guess what one of the hits was...
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    Can anyone spot the rookie mistake

    Shouldn't a RAM pull a Bighorn???
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    Entry Door

    I remember seeing a lock/key number tag on the inside surface of the lock once you have taken it off. I got this picture off of E-Trailer:
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    2013 Big Horn 3260 slide roller issue

    I just picked a spot and added another (support) J-38 roller to help bear the load. Sometimes the RV "engineers" under engineer.
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    Very Few Dish Tripod Antennas, Many Starlink Antennas Here

    I've got the smartphone app that shows me the 3 desired western Dish satellites in the sky. I think I started with a bad dish location that blocked some of the signals, changed the dish elevation setting while trying to get the poor dish location to work, which made all following steps harder...
  22. wdk450

    Very Few Dish Tripod Antennas, Many Starlink Antennas Here

    I'm at Thousand Trails Pio Pico about 40 miles Southeast of San Diego. I had the moving day from **** last Monday, culminating in my not being able to get my Dish tripod antenna to correctly aim. I have been successfully using this setup for about 10 years. I spent Monday night without TV...
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    Lubing black and gray valves with vegetable / or peanut oil

    The product Camco sells for this is coconut oil, which normally solidifies at room temperature, but they must put some sort of modifiers with it to keep it liquid.
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    2011 Cyclone Model 3010 RV Antenna Connections

    The TV booster amplifier plate should be ON for Over The Air (OTA) tv signals. Cable and satellite signals are on much higher frequency bands which the electronics of the amplifier plate cannot pass. Turning the amplifier power OFF engages a signal path relay that bypasses the signal amplifier...
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    I've been running my fireplace heater as the main source of overnight heat since I bought my 2008 Bighorn, which I have been fulltiming in for about 9 years. Early on I changed out ALL of the electrical outlets from the small metal contact area insulation displacement connector (think V slit...
  26. wdk450

    2011 Cyclone Model 3010 RV Antenna Connections

    Here's what is in our forum library for Cyclones coax wiring:
  27. wdk450

    Has anyone repaired or replaced a slideout ram cylinder?

    I have a lot of leakage on my kitchen slide cylinder when extending the slideout. Looking at the Lippert slideout system manual in oUr library dated 2017, page 7, step 6, has this line after doing a test: "If greater than a few drops leak from the hosefitting, PISTON SEAL IS BAD AND WILL NEED...
  28. wdk450

    Warranty Process at Selling Dealer

    Ask Heartland if you can use another professional RV repairer for your warranty work. An INDEPENDENT RV repairer (NO RV Sales) has much more motivation to do your work quickly (for rapid business income) and well (for the word of mouth advertising).
  29. wdk450

    1st time 5th wheel owner; HELP!

    We have a LOT of manuals on our forum library, HERE:
  30. wdk450

    2013 Big Horn 3260 slide roller issue

    It's amazing to see the high price Lippert charges vs other vendors for what appears to be the same part:
  31. wdk450

    Bal Accu -slide stop working need help

    The old way I heard to dissuade them is to stuff any openings with steel wool, although this might cause problems if it contacted any bare wires (steel wool also burns very well). I found this stainless steel wool for vermin control with an online search...
  32. wdk450

    2013 Big Horn 3260 slide roller issue

    When I replaced my broken J-38 roller (part number to search on the internet), and added an extra one due to my opinion that the heavy refrigerator section was under supported, I went outside under the slide with a bottle jack and some lumber for cribbing up to the base of the slide. The...
  33. wdk450

    Water Tanks Leaking on New Trailer

    Well, I hope everything works out for you, but Camping World RV Service has a poor word of mouth reputation on this forum and other RV forums. It might be a good idea to keep their CEO's complaint webpage filed:
  34. wdk450

    Mor/ryde SRE 4000 problems

    Have you looked at the Dexter EZ Flex equalizers suspension?? The cast arms seem much beefier to me than the competition equalizers. I have been running the same ones about 10 years now.
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    Gray water tank replacement

    With all the hassle of removing and re-installing a tank, along with trying to purchase the correct tank, you might want to give a tank patch product a try. I saw this product installed on a demo small holding tank at RV Trailer Parts Supply in El Cajon, California. I couldn't pry the patch...
  36. wdk450

    Advice on service center

    I truly hope that this Camping World CEO's complaint line results in a satisfactory outcome for you. If any Heartlanders out there have gone this route with Camping World, it would be informative to find how their experience went.
  37. wdk450

    Mallard m210rb

    Nebraska isn't that far from Elkhart, Indiana (versus being in Las Vegas) to get Heartland Factory service. Also, look up Mor Ryde RV suspensions who has a service center in Elkhart, for upgraded, smooth riding, RV trailer suspension upgrades...
  38. wdk450

    Advice on service center

    I would follow up the E-Mail with 1 or many phone calls to the CEO's complaint line. They could always say that they didn't get the e-mail, but your written documentation of your phone calls with dates, names, etc. would further back up your claim. I would also post a report on...
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    water hose

    Make sure your new hoses are rated for drinking water purposes.