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  1. Piperflyer

    Slide Weight Capacity

    I want to purchase a new King Mattress for the RV. The mattress weights ~140lbs. Do I have to worry about overloading the Bedroom Electric Cable Driven Slide from too much weight to bring the slide in and out properly? I also am storing things under the mattress. Thanks
  2. Piperflyer

    Flooring Glue

    What would you recommend as glue to use on linoleum
  3. Piperflyer

    Heat, Sun Storage

    I might be buying a new RV that has been stored outside in the Arizona summer sun, where temps can reach 115* daily. I was curious with that kind of heat and with only a few windows opened in the RV for ventilation what those kind of conditions might be doing to the RV. Could low humidity and...
  4. Piperflyer

    Air veruses no air

    I have the RV stored in the open for the next few months in the AZ sun. Temps are averaging 107* daily with around 10% humidity. I have the air set for 90* in the RV now. My question is: am I wasting my time leaving the air on or should I just shut it off and maybe crack a couple of windows. The...
  5. Piperflyer

    Attwood/Wedgewood Range Gas Mixture Adjustment

    Is there a way to adjust the air/propane ratio that is going through the burners of a Attwood/Wedgewood Propane Gas Range. Depending on our location, my burners burn a lot richer with fuel and blacken the bottom of my cooking pans. I would like to adjust the mixture if possible. Thanks
  6. Piperflyer

    Awning Creep

    My main awning has slid itself forward on the motorized roller track and the track holding it on the side of the RV. It is all the way forward on each now. I've tried to pull it back to where it was when new, but it doesn't want to come back with me pulling on it. My question is has anyone had...
  7. Piperflyer

    Hot Water Tank Sacrificial Anode

    I was surprised to find out how many owners of Suburban Hot Water Tanks don't realize their is a Magnesium Anode Rod in their tanks. This rod needs to be changed out every so often, depending on the quality of water going into the water tank heater. I usually check mine every 6 months and it...
  8. Piperflyer

    Batteries not charging

    I installed 2 new batteries on the rv. Wires are installed correctly, but now my batteries are not charging properly. A few days after I installed the batteries, the transformer that powers the rv park we were in exploded and the park was with out power. Jacks, Slides don't want to work unless...
  9. Piperflyer

    LED Lounge Lights

    The (4) LED ceiling Lounge lights just quit working altogether on my Bighorn. I checked the fuse and it is good. I can't believe the 4 lights burnt out at the same time. I'm not that familiar with working with LED lights, how can you tell if they are burnt out? Would any of you have a remedy or...
  10. Piperflyer

    Wing/Airfoil on Trucks

    I have seen a few trucks towing 5th wheels with a wing on the roof of the truck. I take it as to help keep bugs off the front cap of the RV. Is there any pro's or con's out there on this set up? Does it really work?
  11. Piperflyer

    Gray Water Pipe Broken

    I had water leaking under the RV, so I opened the belly up and found that the 1-1/2" abs pipe coming from the kitchen sink to the grey water tank had broken. The pipe broke right at the 90* fitting going into the top of the grey water tank. I don't have a clue what caused the pipe to break...
  12. Piperflyer

    Adding Solar

    What are we talking to add enough solar power to run a residential frig, tv and a few other accessories on my 5th wheel?
  13. Piperflyer

    Plastic Drain Line Size for Bighorn

    I want to modify the drain line on my 3760 EL Bighorn and get it away from the left front tire in case it ever blew. The markings are off my drain lines and I am not sure of the sizes. I believe the larger is 4" and the smaller is 1-1/4", but not sure. I would like to have the sizes with me when...
  14. Piperflyer

    Toilet Seat

    I would like to replace my plastic toilet seat with a standard toilet seat from Lowe's or Home Depot. Will a home toilet seat fit my Thetford?
  15. Piperflyer

    Hwy 89/2 Piegan/Carway Border Crossing US/CA

    Will be going up into Calgary once we leave Glacier Park in a couple of weeks and was wondering if anyone has gone through this border crossing. Was wondering about the wait times and ease of crossing. Thanks
  16. Piperflyer

    Bug Deflectors

    How many of you are running bug deflectors on the hoods of your trucks and do you think they really work? I looking for something that might cut down on the amount of bugs I end up with on the front of my truck everyday. Thanks
  17. Piperflyer

    Add 3rd Air Conditioner

    Would I be able to add a 3rd air conditioner to my Big Horn. Could it be tied into the existing? I would like to add another to the living area if possible.
  18. Piperflyer

    South Texas Living

    We are looking into staying in South Texas (Brownsville) next winter and have heard that the wind blows there pretty hard most of the winter. Can anyone elaborate on this, who has spent winters there? Thanks
  19. Piperflyer

    6 Months and a week stay

    I know FL & NH does not charge you tax on your RV site stay if you stay at the site for at least 6 months and 1 week. Is this true with the rest of the country if you stay in the same park for that length of time?
  20. Piperflyer

    Slides being square to rv

    With the slides of my RV open there is a difference in length from front to back of the slide being opened when you measure the edge of the slide to the rv. Otherwise, the slide is not square to the rv when opened. Would it be in my best interest to adjust the slide to be square upon opening and...
  21. Piperflyer

    Cleaning Vents on my BH

    What is involved with cleaning the duct work filters on my BH ceiling? Do the vent covers just pop off and the fiber filters just come out? I plan on using some light soap and water to clean the filter material.
  22. Piperflyer


    My neighbors 2015 BC here in FL has the caulking literally falling out of some caulk joints and the sun has really dried up and cracked most of the caulking joints over the last couple of years. The unit is kept outside like most RV's are. He is in the process of redoing all the caulk on his...
  23. Piperflyer

    Help! Colorado Chapter Members

    Starting to plan our trip to Colorado for the upcoming summer. Would like to hear do's & don'ts about traveling thru CO, great place not to miss seeing, campgrounds you would recommend, and any type of information you could give up to make it a great trip. We are not on any time schedule. Thanks!!
  24. Piperflyer

    2017 MT Rally

    Who can send me information on the Montana rally for this year?
  25. Piperflyer

    Suburban Water Heater

    Can the hot water temperature on the water heater be adjusted. Ours seems really hot....
  26. Piperflyer

    Bighorn Warranty

    Who handles any warranty issues for the Bighorn line and how do I get in contact with them? Thank You
  27. Piperflyer

    Bighorn Refrigerator Water Leak

    I found water leaking from the slide under where the refrigerator is. I shut the water off at the valve under my rv sink and it stopped. I need a new water line, so how do I go about getting Heartland to warranty this (rv 1 yr old) and get a new line put in. Also can I get the braided stainless...
  28. Piperflyer

    Tire Blow Out

    Had a guy pass me today on I-10E doing about 75 mph with two tractor trailers behind him. When he pulled back in the lane in front of me I heard an explosion and then watched his right rear 5th wheel tire disintegrate in a hundred pieces. He did a great job letting the trucks go by and took his...
  29. Piperflyer

    I-17S Phoenix

    How's driving I-17S through Phoenix mid day to Tucson
  30. Piperflyer

    Route through Yellowstone

    I'll be traveling towing a 42' 5th wheel from Dubois, WY - Ennis MT through Yellowstone Park. Be taking RT. 26 from Dubois to Rt. 89 to Rt. 87 into Ennis in a few weeks I'm interested if anyone has traveled this route and could give me any pro's or con's on this route. Thanks
  31. Piperflyer

    South Dakota Camping

    Anybody have a recommendation of a few good camp grounds they have stayed in around the Hill City or Rapid City Area of South Dakota? I'll be pulling a 42' rig and I am looking for a place that is easy in-out with all the services.
  32. Piperflyer

    Nashville - St. Louis

    What is the best route to take to St. Louis out of Nashville; I-24 & 57N or I-24 & 55N? Both are pretty similar in mileage, but I would like to take the better of the two roads.
  33. Piperflyer


    I'm new to all this satelite tv stuff and I am wanting to install a roof mounted dish to my 5th wheel. My question is do I go with Direct TV or Dish?
  34. Piperflyer

    Protecting Nose of RV

    Has anybody came up with an idea to protect the nose from bugs while towing? is there any kind of bra you could have installed that would keep the nose clean and keep the paint from chafing like the car bra's did. It sure is a pain in the neck trying to keep the nose clean while on the road full...
  35. Piperflyer

    Rear Coach Markers

    I never could see the rear of my 5th wheel in my truck mirrors, because the fender wells on the 5th wheel stuck out and blocked the view to the rear of the 5th wheel. So to cure the problem; I added adjustable markers to the rear of my 5th wheel and now can see the rear of the coach while towing.
  36. Piperflyer

    Spare Tire Worth

    A fellow Big Country owner has a spare wheel & tire he is interested in selling to me. Does anyone have an idea what it would be worth? It is a year old. Will the Spare Tire Rack on a Big Country support two spare tires?
  37. Piperflyer

    Interstate 10

    Planning on going from FL - CA on interstate 10 in a 5th Wheel in a few weeks. I have had varied opinions on traveling this route. Some say 10 is a real bumpy road to travel and others say it is fine. Others have said to take interstate 40 instead. Any comments appreciated
  38. Piperflyer

    Suspension Spring Links

    The last time I leveled up my trailer it picked the frame so high that the spring leaf link reversed and the axle came down. (See Picture). I lowered the trailer to it's towing height and the spring shackle stayed in the position it was when the axle dropped. Has this happened to anybody else...
  39. Piperflyer


    We are new to full time rving and are planning to leave FL in May and travel out to the western states. We will be on a 6 month time schedule, but don't need to be in any one place at a certain time. My concern is that we will be trying to pack into to much site seeing and trying to cover to...
  40. Piperflyer

    Recliner Foot Rest Replacement (How To)

    The footrest on one of the recliner was torn, so Heartland sent a new one that would replace the damaged one. They sent the replacement part, but no directions were included on how to replace the recliner foot rest. Has anyone else had to replace a footrest on their recliner sofa?