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    Better schwinteck?

    Was reading on another RV forum where a poster had an issue w/ their Schwinteck. A reply came back about another style of gear driven device called: Vroom Slide System. Fella posted a YouTube where he had a GD unit w/ a Schwinteck and he had probs w/ it and found the Vroom device whom the...
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    Roof to sidewall sealant

    A couple years ago, I removed all the factory roof to sidewall sealant cuz parts were already "flaking/coming off" which IMO should not have been the case being it was 2-3 years old at the time. Used a product from RV dealer I've used since '05 and think it was Dicor roof/sidewall sealant or...
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    Radio remote control replacement

    Haven't a clue, but the remote for the Furrion radio in our 5er is AWOL. Do I contact HL w/ last 6 of VIN for a replacement or Lippert/Furrion directly?
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    Kitchen sink mounting

    What's the best way to "add" more hardware to the smaller of the 2 kitchen sinks in our 2560SS? Seems that whatever HL used isn't holding the sink tight to under the counter and caulking isn't keeping a tight seal either.
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    It is with sadness that we sell our truck and RV

    Have done a great deal of back and forth on things, and we've decided to sell our '17 F350 DRW (45,000 miles) and '18 Big Country 3560SS. Due to me having 2 left thumbs, not sure how to post pics, but if anyone is interested, PM me your e-mail and will go from there. Truck is white 4dr, 4x4, XLT...
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    Trim that's curved part under bed area on 5th wheel

    Question. The trim that goes from front of 5th and curves/wraps under the bedroom area downward to ground (on either side/end of front compartment), why does it separate/come away from the 5er itself? What do you do to keep it in place. Does it shrink up thus causing it to come away from the...
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    Made a BIG Boo-Boo/No-No on countertop

    I was adding some peel-n-stick tile behind the stove and was using a foldable plastic cutting board under things when using a utility knife. Well DA me didn't see it at first, but the knife went right thru the plastic board and now I have a few scratches-small gouges in countertop. Is there any...
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    U-bolt torque

    Question came to mind to ponder even tho the RV is in hibernation, but what/where do I get the torqure specs on the U-bolts for the springs so I can check when she comes home in April? I know if I recall right, the wet bolts are 50 Ft Lbs.
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    Musty odor in bathroom

    Last year our DD and SIL mentioned to us that they could smell a musty like odor in bathroom. Well, I agree there is some kind of distinct odor, but cannot see any areas that are wet either under the sink, walls, ceiling, etc. When I had my issues of winterizing it last year, didn't see any...
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    Stuck sewer pipe adapter

    What do others do to lesson the adapter that screws into CG pipe fittings? Yesterday I had 2 that got stuck and only way I got them out was w/ a screw driver and hammer. Do not recall this ever happening before, but really don't want to go thru that again. Soap up the threads 1st?
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    New sneakers

    Well as fate would have it, need to get new tires for Casper. Went to tire shop last w/e for rotation only to have them tell me they can't/won't due to low tread (3/32-4/32). Foooooey. Was going to get new ones in Oct, but with upcoming long trip planned, figure to play it safe and get new ones...
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    Square tube for slide hitting overflow

    I noticed while standing by RR corner of RV yesterday and DW was opening the slides up a "clicking" sound and was puzzled as to what it was. So looked under the slide as it was going out and saw the square connecting rod/tube hitting the 90* elbow for the fresh tank overflow on right side of...
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    HOC email asking for updated info

    Just want to see if it's legit or not, but got a e-mail from or spammer look alike HLOC asking for me to update info on file etc. Thought I'd ask here 1st to see if it's on the up-n-up.
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    Glow Step Revolution Steps

    Just installed them this past w/e by myself. Wasn't a too bad of a job overall, but did run into a hiccup. Ours replaced the Lippert 4 step alum fold out ones and getting to the nuts was a bit of a pain, but "got 'em". Tho I had a floor jack and wood underneath them, things didn't go exactly as...
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    New surge protector player on the market?? Hughes.

    Has anyone heard of. have or use a Hughes Surge protector? Heard about it on one of those pop ,up thingy's on Facebook. Seems to have some good features. Very happy w/ my PI unit, but just wondering what others have heard about the Hughes version.
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    Annual wet bolt nut torque check?

    Do the nuts on wet bolts need to be re-checked annually for correct torque or no? Don't think I've ever seen this question brought up before. Greasing yes, but checking the nuts??
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    Grrrrrrr.......D&%$ circuit brakers

    Couple years ago had same problem with the CB's. Jacks would work to a point, stop, wait, hit switch again. May have to repeat a time or 2. Same thing w/ slides (except the BR/hallway slide). I replaced all the breakers w/ same ones thru the advice from some one on here. Things worked great for...
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    Syracuse NY to Tyler TX area

    DW informed this morning that her co-worker is heading to TX this summer as they bought a house and some land. Seems that former owner of the house had a MH and built a pad for it w/ at electric hook up. Anyways, taking a quick gander at the atlas w/ one eye open, looks like the best route(s)...
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    So where to begin???

    Tho the BC ons still in storage, she'll be coming home in a few weeks. Before she does, just trying to get my ducks in a row so I can hopefully zip thru them or at least those that I can do myself. First thing I need to do is to determine where this problem lies. If you recall, last fall upon...
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    Why no RV tabs/links on some brands and not others along w/ size??

    Anyone else notice that on some brand sites here that in upper right hand corner, say under Big Horn, there is a large tab/link and it covers some topics while in other brand sites there are small tabs/links or none at all?
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    W/D in slide-n-slides closets

    We don't have any at this time, but has anyone w/ a Landmark, Big Horn, Big Country w/ the slide in slide and provisions for a w/d in hallway closet actually installed them? We have the water hook ups but drier vent label is AWOL. How much weight would they add? Would have to be a side x side...
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    TN in early June or Sept

    I hate to ask this, but need help in making a decision on when to go if we can go (based on travel ban) to TN. I need to reply back by tmrw (tonight in my case). Which time frame is better?
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    Squeak or squeal in LF tire

    So the sound is more like a stone stuck in tread. Started awhile ago thinking is was a stone, but till there. 26k on truck and today I tried something while driving. Going about 40 mph, window down, I rotated the steering wheel L/R and noise went away briefly then came back. Have not jacked up...
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    Cy 4006

    We went to look at a CY4006 recently with high expectations. Instead, we were quite disappointed. Kitchen cabinets all the way to ceiling (or darn close to it), like who's tall 'nuff to reach top shelves?. 1 lower cab goes alongside the stove so items stored in there, well you have to remove...
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    Water check valve locations

    This will have to be done next spring, but I may have water check valve(s) bad between the bypass/diverter valve and hot water tank because antifreeze was going into HW tank. Learning something new after 15 years at this so where would they be located? This assuming the diverter valve is okay in...
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    Blowing out water and antifreeze

    Couple questions here on this. 1. If you use the blow out method (along w/ antifreeze), what psi do you set air compressor at? Is this a 2 person job? Does it help? 2. Anyone else seeing or having a hard time getting RV antifreeze? Not saying it's not avail, but at Wally World, the Super-Tech...
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    Dang Squirrels!

    So we have an oak tree in front lawn that we planted back in '95. For the past several years now that it producing acorns, the dang varmints climb up it and chew the tips of the branches off to get the acorns. Tips are like the new growth of the year so to speak. Live in a development where I...
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    Furrion A/C?

    Just saw an ad in TL for Furrion A/C unit. Is this a new player or not? Looks just like SOB's and rebranded as a Furrion.
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    Ducted air in TH

    Have noticed via "video tour" on TH (Cyclone) that it seems they do not have ducted air cuz I see what looks like "quick cool" shutters on the A/C. Is this the case? If so, why? Are the A/C's in TH the "whisper quiet" ones? Our BC is ducted and quiet and does a really great job of cooling things...
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    Adding more gap in sink drain

    Don't know exact terminology, but how do you add more gap to sink drain in bathroom? Our BC has very little and takes a bit for water to drain out. I did a feel test (cut my finger on sharp edging) and didn't feel like there was any kind of adjustment to it. Drain can/will close to fill sink up...
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    Cable VS Hydraulic VS Schwintec

    Just curious as to what the consensus is about each one. I've never had cable operated slides yet see them on quite a few rigs (even upper end lines). Have Schwintec on 1 1/2 slides on current rig w/ rest being Hyd. Guess they all would have their ups-n-downs, but any advantages/disadvantages?
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    Kudos to PI 50 A EMS !!!!

    This past w/e we went to a new to us CG that said they had a 50 A site. Mind you, was told this was a older CG as well. Once on site, hooked up power via PI 50A EMS, went inside, turned on fridge and rear A/C. few seconds later, poof, nothing. Waited a minute, tried again, same thing. WTH? Go...
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    Dreaded smell and add anti-freeze question

    1. We camped 2 weeks ago, but didn't dump tanks. This past w/e we went and each time we flushed, we got the dreaded sewer smell. Tanks nowheres near full, so my guess it's due to the "stink bomb--toss in" lasted just a few days after we tossed it in, so it was no longer working as it should in...
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    Good long handled stick tire gauge

    So couple years ago I bought the said gauge in title at local NAPA store and for whatever reason, it reads erratically. One time on 1 tire it may read 65 (if rear tire on truck), push stick back I, recheck same tire and gauge reads something different. Do this a few times and as long as I get...
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    Slide toppers

    Are slide toppers a fact option or aftermarket only on CY?
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    Moderators or IT people, why does it do this.......

    Have asked before yet problem still remains unless it's on our end. If pics are posted with a thread and does not have a close tab, forward/backward arrow, only way to go pack is to hit back page. When doing this, pic gets dark, hit again and I'm back to main page and out of thread/post. Case in...
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    4007, Goo, Bad, Ugly and.....

    For those that have the 4007, in all honesty, what do you all like, dislike, good, bad and ugly? Any kind of pantry storage? If not, what do you all do?, How comfy to watch tv in main living area? How large is garage bathroom? How big is the loft? Main questions and may have more. Thanks.
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    Both A/C's water heater and fridge on shore power at same time

    As the title says, was wondering (and should have asked this before today), but upon arriving at CG and it's hot, can all the above be ran at same time or as soon as you get hooked up? IMO, sounds like a lot of juice all at once and can RV elect system handle all 4 at same time?
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    1 pantry drawer won't stay in

    On our BC 3560SS, in the pantry, it has 3 drawers. I meant to post this earlier but CRS set in. Anyways, when I opened the door to pantry, the middle drawer opened up on it's own. Don't see anything out of the ordinary and same amount of stuff/weight in it, but it's the only drawer to not stay...
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    Rinsing water heater area

    So had a wasp nest started inside WH compartment which sadly for them got foamed and now no more. Is it safe to rinse the area w/ water given the elect wires there?