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    Heartland edge m-18.

    The best way to test for water leaks is to leak test with the SealTeck method. For info go to
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    Dometic RML8555 Refer not working (Edge)

    Re: ATF: Edge - Dometic RML8555 Frig not working The easlist way to access the service mode is to use Dometic's repair manual. On a previous post, Gary521 has posted a link to the 8555 manual This is a European...
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    Dometic RML8555 Refer not working (Edge)

    Re: ATF: Edge - Dometic RML8555 Frig not working One possible cause maybe that the fridge was accidently put into service mode as this will cause the flashing and beeping. Another cause might be is either the power or temp button is sticking. Mine does that. Check the buttons for sticking
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    ATF: Edge - M22 Dometic Repalcement Exterior Vent (upper)

    One option is to use Dometic's service center and dealer locator at You should be able to order your vent.
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    M22 Floor sagging between slide and kitchen

    This problem is either structural or water damage The first thing I would do is rule out water leaks. Most often the majority of floor damage actually happens from water intrusion from the outside of the trailer. This can be windows, roof vents, water heater, water fill door and any other...
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    2011 Edge M18 Leak in front storage compartment

    I see you have still problems. One option is to pressurize the trailer and locate the leak by spraying a soap solution on all the joints. If there is a leak the area will bubble. This link describes this method better. . It maybe is expensive to have it...
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    2011 Edge M18 Leak in front storage compartment

    The light I was referring to was the lower right front clearance light directly to the right of the storage door and not one on the cap. I didn't caulk the lights on the cap as I didn't think it was necessary. From what I understand those lights are mounted on the cap and not on the body of the...
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    2011 Edge M18 Leak in front storage compartment

    I too have had the same thing happen on the right side of the front storage compartment. Although the lino has not become discolored, I have noticed that the wallpaper on the wall is wavy and loose from the plywood. An RV technician once told me if the wallpaper is wrinkled and the wood behind...
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    Window Water Leak

    I have experienced a water leak that some non toy hauler Edge owners may want to be aware of. Lately I noticed some wall paper distortion around one of the windows on the inside. It looks like this. After examining all the caulking, the only place found where water could get into was the...
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    M 18 Modifications

    These are some of my modifications I have done over the last 5 years. 1. Kitchen Cupboards. Installed L shaped angle stock (aluminum) to hang dish bins (Rubbermaid), thereby increasing storage space in the lower cupboards. Also this allows an easy way of transferring dishes to the outside...
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    Winterization of 2010 M-21

    I am not familiar with the M-21, but on the M-18, you can access the water pump bypass through the storage area on the driver's side of the trailer. (yours maybe the same) There should be a panel in which you have to remove 4 screws. After removing this panel you will see the pump and the...
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    2010 Edge M21 Bent Frame & Cracks?

    Are these cracks in the weld itself or are the cracks in the parent metal beside the weld?
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    Edge Air Conditioner Leaks

    Is the leak showing up on the floor and not the ceiling? I have a problem of it showing up on the floor in which the source is from the slide seals on a M18. My 18 is not equipped with rain gutters or a awning for the slide like other trailers, therefore it has tendency to leak.
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    Edge Cabinet Modification

    I am considering modifying the cabinets in a Edge M18. Could you tell be what kind of wood was used and the stain details? Thanks
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    Gas mileage?

    This 4runner is equipped with a 4.7 V8. You may want to see if Jeep has a total frontal area rating listed in their towing guides. Trailer weight rating is important for starting and stopping, but the total frontal area rating is equally important when at cruising speed. I see that Ford has...
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    Gas mileage?

    I own a Edge M18 which replaced a Fleetwood Lynx 1906 hybrid trailer. The Lynx was 1 foot lower than the M18 and the weight equal. According to the Toyota 4Runner's computer, the gas consumption was the same pulling both trailers, which is about 85% more than driving without a trailer. Hope...
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    M18 dry weight

    Edge M18 Weight Distribution Can the spare tire and tire carrier be moved to the left side of M18 trailer? After weighing in the trailer, the left side weighs 100lbs.less than the right side (ditch side) when loaded for a trip. Because there is nowhere else to transfer the load (the left side...
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    Bathroom door hits slide out

    ] I had the same problem with my M18. I corrected this problem by cutting the plywood sheet for the slide on an angle. The plywood was touched up with black gloss paint. The bathroom door opens and closes with the slide in and you will not notice the cut...
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    Paradise RV & Western RV Leduc AB

    Paradise Rv in Leduc My experience in buying an Edge M18 from Paradise Rv in Leduc, Alberta last July exceeded all my expectations. The purchasing was straight forward and done without playing any games that seems so common in this area. In fact, Rick from sales and I formalized the sales...
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    M18 dry weight

    What changes did Heartland make to the M18 that made it 150 to 200 lbs. heavier?
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    No Heat From Furance

    I had a similar problem with the Suburban furnace in my ED M18. The dealer spent a lot of time trouble shooting. They replaced the high limit switch, thermostat and two module boards. The first replacement circuit board was found to be defective. The second worked. It looks like Suburban...