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    Lets hear from the Greystone owners!

    We are looking at buying a 2013 Greystone 30MK. We have looked at other 5th wheels in this size and others just don't seem to offer what we really want at a price we can afford. Taking a second look at it today with everything powered up.
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    Any campouts planned for 2020 in Colorado?

    Just trying to keep our trip calendar up to date.
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    We have a dilemma

    Hi fellow Heartlanders! We have a dilemma maybe someone here can help us solve. Out tow vehicle (2017 Silverado High Country HD) was involved in an accident over the weekend. Unfortunately, it will not be repaired for around 2 months. We are signed up for the chapter rally in Ft Collins next...
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    Anyone own one of these? Or are they just new to the market?
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    Towmax (Blowmax)

    I did some checking today and found that Towmax tires are made by TBC Brands under their Power King division. There are a few more under that brand as well: Vanguard sold by Big O Tow Star sold by Les Schwab Trailer King from Amazon and Walmart Towmax Maybe the same: Towmaster sold by Costco...
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    ATF: North Trail - 2010 North Trail 26 RKS diagrams needed

    We have a 2010 North Trail 26RKS and have problems getting heat to the bedroom. Whoever designed the heating ductwork for this model should have to live in it on a few cold weeks! A little 2" duct snaking through the bathroom to the bedroom give no airflow at all. A 4" duct goes to heat the...
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    Heater manual for North Trail 26 RKS

    Hi folks. I bought a 2010 North Trail 26 RKS last April and the paperwork package that came with it has the heater manual for a different heater than what is installed. There are no model numbers on any of the visible sides of the heater. Anyone know what it might be and have a manual...
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    Our 26RKS at at San Louis Lakes SWA

    Near Great Sand Dunes NP over 4th of July weekend.
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    Solar install roof question

    Hi fellow travelers! I am going to install a couple solar panels on the roof of my 2010 North Trail 26RKS to keep the batteries charged during boondocking and when in storage. The question I have is how thick is the composite material on the roof? I recently had to replace a tail light and...
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    Roof structure

    I have a 2010 North Trail 26RKS with the composite (fiberglass) roof. Can anyone tell me how thick that composite roof material is? I looked at the back wall and it appears to be about 1/4" thick. i want to mount solar panels on the roof using expanding rubber grommets.
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    First trip with 26RKS

    Well, we picked up our "new" 2010 North Trail 26RKS on Friday afternoon! WooHoo, we are now officially part of the RV crowd! Picked it up for a steal at $12k out the door. NADA for these things is north of $16k. TV is a 2004 Chevy Avalanche 1500 Z71 with factory tow package. First...
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    Smartphone GPS

    For those with a smartphone and want a great offline GPS system, Sygic works great! No need for a cell signal and all the maps are contained in your phone. I tried the free version and liked it so much that I paid for the full North America and Europe maps during one of their sales (I think it...