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    Simple Green on roof?

    Hi Everyone, I have a few stains on my roof---I washed with Dawn (as I usually do), however it would not touch the stains. I then tried a small area with Simple Green and it removed the stains with ease. The questions I have is simple green safe on most of my roof (area that has stains) ? I...
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    Full timer to Anytimer

    Hi Everyone, After 10+ years as a fulltimer, we decided to find a house and become an Anytimer. I just wanted to say THANKS to everyone who has helped us over the years. We will probably downsize the Bighorn to a fifth wheel in the 30' range. Again, thanks. stay safe, al
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    Charging battery

    Hi everyone, I am thinking about a small generator (2000W) and have a few questions. Can I hook that up directly to the RV, knowing I may not be able to power much, but really want to just keep the batteries charged? would I be further ahead to just get a small battery charger and only charge...
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    Converter tripping

    Hello, I need a few suggestions and thought this is the best place to get them. Converter. When we move and hook up to a 30 amp all is fine. when we move and hook up to a 50 amp the converter breaker in the Rv will trip--when I reset it all is fine. I have narrowed it down to only when we move...
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    looking to downsize 5th wheel

    Hi everyone, we are looking to downsize to a smaller fifth wheel, currently have a BH (40'). We have been with HL for over 10 years and have had great support, customer service, etc--could not have been happier. However we are looking for something in the 28-30' range for a fifth wheel---am I...
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    Trouble shooting a water heater

    Hi everyone, yep, loosing it---have a water heater that cannot get hot water---I found a trouble shooting guide last year,but cannot remember where it is located. It walked me through the process to determine if it was a switch, the high limit switch, or the element and now I cannot find where...
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    Awning stopped working--trouble shooting??

    Hello, We have a 2010bighorn. The awning is currently in, but today when I hit the rocket button I got nothing. I checked the fuse, the red light was not on ,but thought I would put in a new fuse anyway--still got nothing. Also, I thought???? when I would pull the fuse the red light would come...
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    Loosing OTA channels

    Hello everyone, This is a new one for me and need some help. When we arrived in Tucson we had about 15 channels OTA on the TV. However we seem to be loosing them. When we turn to that channel we get nothing, no "weak signal" or "snow"--just nothing. We have reprogramed, unplugged, rotated...
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    Landing switch ?? or something else?

    Hello, We have a 2010 Bighorn that has front electric landing. When we pulled into our site, I got nothing from the switch when wanting to raise the unit. I then pushed the 'rocker' the other way for a second and then back the other way and it started working normally----so do I need a new...
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    Pine Pitch on roof

    Hello, I have seen several post about pine pitch on roof over the last few years and just wondering has anyone found a safe product (for the roof) to remove the pitch? I have tried dawn soap and elbow grease, but that does not seem to work and a little afraid to try a harsher item unless someone...
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    National Interstate not renewing policies--options

    Hi everyone, We are full timers and have had National Interstate Ins. for the last 8 years or so--they were one who understood full timing. Anyway, they are no longer going to insure full timers. For those who have them, what are you thinking of doing? Also, what ins. do other full timers have...
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    yellow/orange flame on stove

    He everyone, I need a few suggestions. Our stove burners have a yellow/orange flame on them. We sometimes used to get this when the LP tank was about to "switch over", but now we are getting it almost all the time and on all the burners. Is there an adjustment somewhere to regulate the air/gas...
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    Traveling in cold weather

    Hello, We have a 2010 BH--3670 and are currently workamping in SD and need to stay until mid DEC or so. We then will be traveling to AZ. I have a few questions about traveling(actual driving, not evenings as we will probably be in an RV park) when temps will be quite cold. Do I need to drain...
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    tire rotation

    Hi everyone, I read in Trailer Life that the right front tire takes the most abuse when towing while the left rear takes the less abuse. So what is the proper tire rotation for an RV (We have a BH 3670)? I have replaced tires, the latest being Sailums (advice from the forum) but never did any...
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    Bathroom sky light diagram

    Hi everyone, This may?? need to be moved to appropriate place?, I have a bathroom sky light that is leaking (around the edges) during heavy rains---How is this put together (attached to the roof?--It looks like there are screws on the inside (inside shower on the ceiling), but not sure if they...
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    PA rt 66--Kane to Clarion

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone has traveled on PA rt 66 from Kane to Clarion---any issues with overhangs, bridges, etc? we are currently on rt 6 (Roulette) and want to get to I 80. thanks al
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    Sailun tires--China???

    Hey need some help/clarification I just received my sailun tires (oderd on line, like others)for the rv 235/85r/16LR--G---they look nice, but was surprised that they said they were made in china---for those who ordered them online where were they made?? thanks al
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    Sailun tires--simple tire

    Hi everyone, I am looking at tire replacement and having a difficult time trying to find the highly recommended sailun tires 235-80r-16----I did find them at simple tire, but when I called they said the tires could be up to 4 years old, but new (no deal). For those of you who did get theirs from...
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    RV alignment recommendations

    Hi everyone, I started a thread about tires (and got some great advice) and now think I may want to get the RV aligned as well. So looking for a reputable garage in northern PA, or OH or IN as we will be traveling through those states in the next few months. Appreciate any recommendations you...
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    tire buying on line

    Hello everyone, It is getting time to buy tires for our BH 3670---I currently have GY 614, but looking at the Salium and have been quite impressed with reviews. My question is what is your experience buying from on line from places like simple tire or tredit tire--what has been the mfg date when...
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    Rt # 5 VA-??

    Hi everyone---need some advice on Rt # 5 in VA from Williamsburg to Richmond. Is it RV friendly? I'm ok with it being slow and through small towns, just concerned with bridges and low overpasses. Let me know if anyone has traveled it or any advice thanks enjoying williamburg al
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    RV alignment shops, NC, VA, PA?

    Hi everyone, I am starting to get some wear on my RV tires and wondering about having the alignment checked/adjusted. Last time about 3 years ago was in OR (Hendersons) so think it is probably time. Does anyone have a recommendation for an alignment shop in NC, VA, or PA?--moving through these...
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    Brake Adjustment--which way?

    Hi everyone, We have a 2010 BH and had new brakes and drums installed. I think one is a little tight (too many miles to return to vendor) so I want to "back it off a little'---If I want to back it off which way do I push the 'star' with a brake tool? toward the front of the rv or towards the...
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    RV tire wear

    Hello, I have a BH 3670 and have GY 614's. I also have center point suspension system. I have noticed that the tires on the refer side are wearing on the outside of the tire, both front and rear tires. I tried pictures but they do not show the wear (too dark). Several have suggested it is not an...
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    Hi everyone, We have a 2010 BH that I have always waxed with a polimer about 2 times/year. However it is starting to get small blotches on the surface, like the wax is still there and not coming off. Is that some form of oxidation? and what do you recommend to fix the issue. I tried a few...
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    Tow Vehicle--alignment?

    Hi everyone, I have a question on my tow vehicle tire wear--I could ask dealer or alignment people but get a lot better advise here. I have a 2005 Silverado 3500. Got it aligned about 1.5 years ago at Henderson's in grants Pass (who I would recommend), but am now in FL and do not have confidence...
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    Furnace this morning--nothing?

    Hello, we have a BH 3670---2010---this morning I moved the thermostat up and got nothing from the furnace. I checked wires in the thermostat, putting one on ground and the other going to each colored wire and have voltage to each. The fan will not come on. I checked the fuses and all seem to be...
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    outside shower faucet leaking

    We have a 2010 BH 3670 and the Fontana outside shower is leaking at the faucet. I have completed some trouble shooting and found that the faucet is not completely closing. I have it completely apart and wondering where to get an "o' ring, small spring, and a rubber nipple that fits over the...
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    Refer drain hose replacement options

    Hi everyone, We have a 2010 HL Bighorn. The "plastic" drain tube for the refer has become brittle and kinda falling apart. I checked with a few local RV dealers and they did not have the part, but suggested using vinyl tubing? Since we are currently in a remote location cannot get to a larger...
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    help on brakes--service advise questionable

    Hi everyone, I need some help. Currently in AZ and was time to get wheel bearing repacked. Trailer Sales was recommended so made an appointment. Here is what happened---one of my seals was blown out so grease into the brake on the rear--so in additional to the bearings they replaced both rear...
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    fantastci fan--cover will not open

    hello, We have a fantastic fan in Kitchen (2010 BH--3670) and at first it was not opening properly. A friend suggested to clean the thermostat, did that and then it was working fine, however now the lid will not open at all--the turning mechanism will start to turn but with the lid not opening...
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    screen door handle

    Hi everyone, we have a 2010 HL 3670 Bighorn and need a new screen door handle--thinking no big deal, go buy one--I did, however when I did remove the old one I found out it is not flat on the back but has an off-set to fit in a groove in the door. I cannot find one in any rv store with the off...
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    Door skin cracking

    Hello everyone, This is a new one for me. We have a 2010 Bighorn, 3670. We have been parked for a month or so. The inside skin of the exterior door is cracking. It started on both sides of the window and ran horizontal to the edge of the door. Now, we have noticed another crack starting about...
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    water regulators

    hello everyone, I need some advice. I have a Watts 263 regulator that again allows pressure to go up---this is the second one of these I have had, the first did the same. I have rebuild both of them several times and still have pressure slipping by. I have contacted Rick at rvfilter and he was...
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    sagging gray tank--any solutions?

    Hi everyone, I have a 2010 BH--3670 and the gray tank (shower) sags down a lot. I removed the coloplast and cchecked the straps and how they are attached all seems to be tight. However the angle iron that the straps connect to is really bending down toward the ground causing the whole tank to...
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    slide refuses to adjust

    Hi everyone, I am trying to adjust one slide on our BH 3670 (computer slide). I have read the manual and think I am doing this correctly?? I am trying to adjust the outside of the slide down. Here is the issue--I have loosened the "hold tight bolts" (4). I have then loosened the adjuster bolts...
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    Stains on roof

    Hi Everyone,We have been parked for a few months volunteering and the roof has gotten some nasty stains from the trees. I have used only Dawn on the roof, but it is having no effect on the stains. I know anything with petroleum products are not good for it. Wondering if anyone has used Simple...
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    Hello, I just wanted to pass on the great customer service I received while chatting with Brandy in the parts department. She took an interest in my issue, politely helped me with part numbers, reviewed an older order to confirm everything and took the time to make me feel like a valued...
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    refurbish step-up on dually

    Hi everyone, I have "step ups" on my dually made with rubber where you put your foot. They are getting "chalky" and wondering what I can use to bring them back to the original black rubber. I have tried 303, but that did not work--looking for what others have used. Thanks al currently in Crystal...
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    Wash & Wax Products

    Hi everyone, Looking to see if anyone has any experience with the wash N wax products. I have looked at a few products, Amour All and Rain X and their label says they are safe on gelcoat. Any input would be appreciated, also wondering how the decals would do if using a wash n wax products...