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    Show us your Wilderness with the best scenic background.

    Better late than never. Trap Pond in Delaware 2021. 2017 Wilderness 2575RK.
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    Broken “door stop”, wind gust damage

    Something similar happened to me on a Wilderness. The ‘ball’ attachment assembly on the underside of the door pulled out from the door after a gust of wind. Used JBWeld for metal to reattach to the door. So far, so good; but am careful to avoid too much stress on hydraulic arm just in case.
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    Quick connect?

    I bought the Coleman Roadtrip grill and made the modification to use it with the low pressure quick connect on my Wilderness trailer. Had to remove the grill’s regulator (the silver piece) from it’s attached brass connection (needed some force to break the old seal). Then installed that brass...
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    Wraparound exterior molding screws broken

    I have just taken delivery of a new Wilderness 2575RK from CampingWorld in Bridgewater, NJ. On inspection at home (I didn’t notice during PDI) I discovered that 21 of the screws that hold the black molding that goes around the RV at the join of the fiberglass with the black skirt (?) at the...