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    Setting up a 2nd Receiver on a Winegard Pathway X2

    Thanks for your input. For a single receiver, I really liked the Pathway. However I am thinking that I am going to have to learn to deal with the re-scanning situation with the Pathway or purchase a second dish. Really don't want to have to tote around a 2nd satellite dish. I guess it is...
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    Setting up a 2nd Receiver on a Winegard Pathway X2

    Thanks for your response. I have done all of the above. Regarding the COAX, I actually wired in a new COAX for the 2nd receiver. I am able to get a signal on the 2nd receiver, but every time I switch satellites on the Primary, I have to go through the set up process to get the 2nd...
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    Setting up a 2nd Receiver on a Winegard Pathway X2

    I recently purchased a 2nd receiver (211z) to go with my Pathway X2. I understand that the second receiver has to be on the same satellite as the primary. However, is there anyway I can program or set up the second receiver so I don't have to rescan for a signal on the second receiver each time...
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    winterizing 2016 oakmont 345rs

    Unfortunately Heartland did not put the water heater bypass valves in the control box that is easily accessible from the outside. What you have to do is remove the back panel in the pass through storage to get to the by-pass valves. The pump should already have the hose for pumping anti...
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    Roll out cargo tray

    Got tired of having the items I want in the back of the cargo area and having to pull everything out. Built a rolling cargo tray. I have about $200 in materials utilizing "select" grade wood rather than the junk construction grade. 1 1/2" rigid rollers are mounted upside down on the floor...
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    Oakmont 345 RS Dual Satellite Receiver Hookup

    UPDATE: I was in contact with Heartland and they sent me the schematic for Oakmonts. The schematic is dated for 2011, but Heartland indicated that it is for all Oakmonts. The schematic indicates what Heartland brands are covered by the coax schematic. It looks like Elkridge, Prowler...
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    Oakmont 345 RS Dual Satellite Receiver Hookup

    I have a 2016 345 RS and I am thinking about putting in Satellite with a dual antennae and 2 receivers. Has anyone did this or does anyone have the coax schematic for the 345 RS
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    Is the Oakmont discontinued?

    In visiting the Heartland Website, I noticed that the models do not include the Oakmont. Is this model now discontinued? If so why?
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    Broken Dinette Chairs

    We purchased a new 345 RS Oakmont this summer. After our first trip, the rear leg of a dinette chair simply broke off when getting ready to transport. Dealer was good and worked at getting us a replacement. When we went to pick up the replacement chair, that chair had an obvious crack in...