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    Great rally---however is our BH falling apart??

    i just noticed the same thing on our 2008 Sundance, on the door side right at the front cap.
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    Ford PSD - Aluminum Heads?

    I only brought up the number of headbolts because of the heads now being aluminum. I also understand that the 6.4 has basically the same heads and bolts. I would imagine the EGR cooler is quite a bit different, as well as not needing the oil cooler anymore will help with a lot of the puking...
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    Ford PSD - Aluminum Heads?

    the newest 6.7 Scorpion has aluminum heads, but it also has more headbolts per cylinder, and a slightly lowered compression ratio compared to the 6.0 and 6.4 engines. The heads also flow air backwards from what has been the PSD norm. intake on outsides, exhaust right in the valley.
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    The Scorpion

    i was down at Ford for a design meeting, and there was a brand new F450 sittin in the parking lot. Looks much better to me than the 08 style trucks. As I was leaving, couple guys got in to drive off. SUPER quiet for a diesel. At idle speed, as quiet or quieter than Ford's 5.4 gasser. the...
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    Bunk light wiring in BHS3300

    Thanks Murray. I'm hopin that's all it is. just hoping the factory might shed some light on how they're chained together, and if that one is the lead. I'll be pulling fixtures soon. yeah!
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    Bunk light wiring in BHS3300

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me how the wiring for the lights in the bunkroom is ran. Right now, only one of the lights in there work, and it's not the bulbs. The center light off the switch is not working either. The only one that does is the lower bunk on the road side of the trailer.
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    Engine Problems

    as far as the 6.0 goes, i think a lot of the bad EGR valves were more from crud blocking the valve from closing correctly, than an actual bad valve. the whole idea of EGR, along with the PCV dumping oil vapor right back into the intake stream makes for a guarantee of blockage or grief. the PCV...
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    6.4 gauges

    the 2008+ trucks already have the pyro's plumbed in, so you'd be better off getting one that can already read the extra info from the OBDII port. I know you were not interested in programming, but there is one called the Phalanx/Dashdaq that will read all that info. The tuning can even put in...
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    New diesel on the horizon

    I've seen it and the F150 test mules driving around here lately.
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    Eagle Ridge - First look

    Congrats on the new rig Tom, which model did you go with?
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    2010 Eagle Ridge - 24 Reasons

    Actually, I just noticed that the brochure pdf was available, which was exactly what I was going to ask for. Thanks Jim.
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    2010 Eagle Ridge - 24 Reasons

    when is the Eagle Ridge line going to be added to the Heartland website?
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    Cold Weather Questions

    Living in MI isn't much different than PA this time of year. If temps are going to get down to 10degrees or lower, it's a good idea to plug in the truck for the block heater. That will make it easier on the high pressure oil pump, and the low pressure oil pump. The injectors are hydraulically...
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    Truck...Truck...I gotta a new truck.

    Congrats on the new truck, and hope it all works out for ya lefty, you've been waitin on this for a while now.
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    forgot I took this picture

    thanks for the help Jim. I was really wanting to stay longer than one day, but the way the snow was coming down, that was just from that morning. I really did not want to leave that trailer there, it would have been ransacked for sure. I love that truck. Other than the nagging little oil...
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    forgot I took this picture

    It's from deer camp last November. We only stayed one night, since the snow was still coming down, and I didn't want to get stranded up there stuck. Everyone else was leaving that afternoon. awww what the heck, it's in my gallery and I ain't figgered out how to get the link working here...
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    Diesel Prices..........

    Diesel - 2.53 in Saline Reg - 1.59 in Ypsi As of tonight.
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    Diesel Prices..........

    The diesel is actually in Saline, but the Ypsi stations are getting closer. I hope it keeps going down too.
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    Diesel Prices..........

    diesel for 2.59, and regular unleaded for 1.65 here in Ypsi.
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    Heavy Trailer/ Ford 6.0

    International still builds them with TTY bolts, but there was an issue with the torque specs like nhunter said. Even the 6.4 has TTY bolts on the heads, but they are in a different arrangement than the 6.0 to try and hold down better.
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    Hitch Handle Mod - Rescue Tape to the Rescue

    I always though Pop Ups were pup's. DRW- dual rear wheels SRW- singe " OMG- oh my gosh or goodness noob and n00b same as newbie w00t or woot- cool, or somethin like that. Yippee!!! you're really happy. TANSTAFL- There Ain't No Such Thing As Free Lunch TEOTWAWKI-The End Of The World As We Know...
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    Heavy Trailer/ Ford 6.0

    There has also been headgasket revisions made, to go along with the proper head torque specs to keep things as they should be.
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    Getting kicked out of chat Start here, and follow the text to install the .exe file. Keep your browser window open on that page, and then go to the client setup tab in blue along the top. That tab will explain how to start the PSI Jabber client program that will link you directly to the...
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    2009 Sundance Brochure

    I wish the 3300FB was available in 2008MY, I would have that one instead of the BHS. Too bad for me, not in a good position to trade up right now :( Really liking the new floorplans though, nice work Heartland!
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    2008 F350 6.4l

    some shops don't mind tuners, and in fact sell them, while some shops will blacklist your truck for having an aftermarket intake. all depends on the service manager's outlook on tuners/modifications from stock.
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    2008 F350 6.4l

    If you want to run a tuner, get a DashDaq aka Phalanx system from Spartan Diesel. Much better than BullyDog or Banks. They can even give you tunes so you can remove the DPF and end regen as well. Look 'em up. It will void the warranty if you take it in hooked up with the stuff removed...
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    Where to keep the garbage?

    I bought one of those collapsible trash cans that I set outside the door and use regular sized trash bags in it. That way I don't have to smell trash, or trip over the can when the kids move it around. I think I'm going to get a second one for returnables too.
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    2008 F-350

    You don't chip the Fords per say, instead you reflash the management software with a flash tool. On the 6.0 it is done best by the SCT programmer, with custom tunes by Elite, Innovative, Spartan Diesel, Xtreme Diesel. The 08 trucks have a different fuel management system so it has taken longer...
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    Bighorn down the row...

    Camping in Frankenmuth this weekend and there's a BH about 6 sites down from us. I haven't walked all around yet, and the park hasn't filled but I know that there will be at least 3 HL units here this weekend now.
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    Sundance 3300SK - Seeking feedback on Sundance units from owners

    We don't have the SK, we went with the 3300BHS to give our two boys somewhere to keep all their stuff out of the way. So far, the worst thing that has been wrong from delivery was the bunkroom door latch would stick in the door, letting the door swing in the breeze. After one season of camping...
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    Sundance mods

    Rick, those mods look great. I like the gen-rack a lot
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    Exhaust Brake & Transmission

    For a long time, exhaust brakes were taboo on the 6.0 because of the variable geometry turbo functioning as an exhaust brake itself in tow/haul mode. I see now they have the stuff figured out to keep the turbo from overboosting when the brake is used in tandem. Jim, your problem could be...
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    Family Search ~ 1st Fifth Wheel

    Another Sundance owner at work towes the 2998 with a 01 Chevy crew cab 2500 and does fine. I tow a 3300BHS with almost the exact same truck, and it squats the rear end down about 4" from stock ride height in the rear, which still gives enough travel to not bottom out on the rear axle. The max...
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    RV.NET FRANKENMUTH 3 June 19-22 in Frankenmuth, MI We just signed up on and have added our names to the rally in Frankenmuth, MI June 19-22. I asked bagman about posting the link here and he agreed, just in case there are other users here that do not frequent the Open...
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    Great Lakes rally

    Interested, and I might be able to talk a couple other Heartland owners into going as well.
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    2009 Sundance Brochure

    Nahhh, not at all....;)
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    Thru the car wash with fuel cap off

    Uncle Rog, I will have to defer to htneighbors on the chevy side of life.