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    Project LM 365

    So sorry to hear about Zoey, being we are also pet (baby) parents we are so aware of your pain. Have faith, Rich & Barb
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    Great Service from Independent Shop

    Yes Bill, Phill has been a great supporter of the Heartland products. He also has held informational seminars at some of our Heartland rally’s to help our members. Great shop and great people.
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    EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: OR, Redmond - 6/10/2020 to 6/17/2020

    Rod & Kelly with regrets we want to notify you that we will have to cancel our reservations for this outing. We will notify the park also. So sorry, we were so looking forward to a great time, hopefully next time thanks again the Heckendorfs
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    Great Customer Service from RVLock

    Mine are three and a half years old. I replaced my main door memory module about one and a half years ago it was acting up so I contacted Chad Harris (the owner of RVLocks). Chad didn’t mention anything about the bay doors at that time. I have one main door and six bay door locks all keyed...
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    Great Customer Service from RVLock

    Only on the main door lock has this feature, not the bay door locks, I replaced all of my bay door latches with RVLocks also so I always use my remote to activate/deactivate them.
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    Great Customer Service from RVLock

    Did they explain the new feature on these new boards, it’s no longer necessary to use the code to lock the door when leaving, just hold the lock button for a couple of seconds till you hear the beep, then you’ll hear the lock locking. Works great.
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    TV Sound Bar brand in '16/'17 Landmark Arlington?

    Re: TV Sound Bar brand in '16/'17 Landmark? On our 17 LM 365 Arlington the sub woofer is located behind the fireplace.
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    EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: OR, Redmond - 6/10/2020 to 6/17/2020

    Good morning Kelly, Barb and I would like a two seater golf cart. Also agree that the more the merrier so two rooms would be fine. Thanks again
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    Window replacement

    Easiest way is to call Heartland with the last five digits of your vin, mention your a HOC member to receive the club discount
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    Will this help?
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    Level Up Problem - Can't get trailer off the truck

    If I remember correctly the system gets its 12 volt power from two sources, the panel and switches on one circuit (low amp) and power to the pump from a larger (high 50+ amp) breaker circuit. You can hear the click of the switch trying to supply the high amps to the pump but more than likely you...
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    Live in OR - Must I register RV in CA?

    Being you have no intentions on using this on any roadway can’t you just register it as a “non op” with the CA DMV when the renew comes next time?
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    Introduction- New Member

    Dave and Felicia welcome, hope none of Chucks bad habits rub off on you two. Enjoy
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    EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: OR, Redmond - 6/10/2020 to 6/17/2020

    Kelly Forgot to mention the park assigned us to site A10 Thanks again Rich
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    EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: OR, Redmond - 6/10/2020 to 6/17/2020

    Rod & Kelly Please add Barb and I to both the tour and the dinner, sorry I forgot to include this in the original post. Thanks again Rich Heckendorf 3205
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    EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: OR, Redmond - 6/10/2020 to 6/17/2020

    Rod & Kelly Please count the Heckendorf’s in, arrive on the 9 th and depart on the 18 th I filled out the linked form already, will mail check tomorrow. Looking forward to a great time Thanks again Rich & Barb
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    Drainmaster Electric Gate Valve

    These are on my to do list also, have a friend that has had them on his last two Big Horns and is totally sold on them.
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    120v breaker panel not labelled

    I had the same issue with our 2017 LM Arlington. I called the factory with my vin and they emailed me a listing that I attached to the door. I needed both the 12 and the 110 labels
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    Looking for some kind of hoist or jack to remove 5th wheel hitch from truck

    I purchased some additional steel tubing the same size as the extension part and extended mine to reach.
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    Refrigerator outlet receptacle has no power

    If your is a residential refer, check the outlet at the inverter. There is a GFI at the inverter that sometimes will trip
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    Project LM 365

    Yes, another great point
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    Project LM 365

    Yes, I see both sides of this theory, I mainly based my thought on the customers comments when brought in for repair that they were hopping a curb in their driveways. I also feel that many of these broken springs were caused by being either close to max weight of the spring or actually over...
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    Project LM 365

    In my years being involved with towable RV's I've come to the conclusion that many of the spring failures are caused by the forces placed upon the springs when one is backing up the RV and striking either a curb or other large object while doing such. When going in a reverse direction the spring...
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    Project LM 365

    Sandy, i too usually use the roof top Traveler, it was a piece of cake to mount. I only carry my portable if I know I’m going to have line of site issues. I only use two Walleys, one for the living room and one for the bedroom. Both Jarrod and I use a wireless HDMI systems from our bedroom TV to...
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    Hooking up satellite dish

    Just what questions do you have, I’m very pleased with my Winegard Traveler and two Dish Wally’s that I installed myself in my 2017 Landmark Arlington. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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    ATF: Bighorn - Mystery HDMI cable

    Your Bighorn should be prewired for a Winegard Traveler Sat dish to be mounted on your roof. You should have a wire harness (usually in the front closet of a BH) that will go to the wire location in your ceiling (looks like a plain light switch cover) where the wires will be for your sat dish...
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    outside bracket

    It’s for where you hang your personalized lighted name plate that Heartland will have made for you. Exclusive with Landmarks.
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    Tailgater 1 with 2 vip 211z receivers

    Only if the two different channels are broadcast from the same satellite.
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    Tank sensors but mostly black tank

    Walmart, either local or online.
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    Excellent Service -- Starkey's RV Service Ripon CA

    Bart, glad to hear you are happy with Phil’s work. Everything he has done for me has been top notch, no question the best service in our area.
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    Class A license needed in California?

    Re: Class A license needed? After reading the bottom print on the form I’m glad you pointed that out. Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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    Class A license needed in California?

    Re: Class A license needed? It doesn’t matter what the trailer actually weighs, it’s the manufacture sticker GVWR of the trailer that they go by. My suggestion is to apply for a “non commercial class A” and yes Your required to submit a Compleded and signed by your doctor “DL 546” form.
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    ATF: Landmark - Rear Camera wiring

    Right above the camera mount, the three clearance lights are daisy chained across. Just tapped into the middle one just above the camera. Used a 12 volt Test light with a long lead to the frame for a ground to identify the hot wire.
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    Hydraulic front jacks 0n Bighorn

    Verify the bolt holes on each jack are at the same level.
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: ID, McCall, - 5/16/2019 to 5/19/2019

    Bruce & Terri Barb & I will be planning on attending also, will probable be traveling with the Hales Thanks, looking forward to a great time Rich
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: WA, Deer Park - 5/9/2019 to 5/13/2019

    Doug & Doris The Heckendorf’s are in, space 71 from 5/8 to 5/15. Looking forward to seeing you two again. ps, we will pass on the golf Thanks
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    Full time and warranty...

    Heartland has been excellent about shipping me the necessary items when needed if I’m wanting to do the repair myself, sometimes even overnight. I purchased my coach from a dealer in Ohio and had it shipped to my residence here in central California, and secured a local mobile repair shop and...
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    Dexter axles

    Have had Dexter axles on my last five fifth wheels, no complaints. Presently have a 17 Landmark365 Arlington with the factory installed Dexter disc brakes, very pleased. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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    2017 bighorn 3575el adding third AC

    Being it’s not an option or the BH there will be no 110 volt available up there. Not going to be an easy mod getting power up the wall and across . Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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    Small Air Compressor recommendations for RV tires

    I also recommend the Vair 400 RV