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    How many owners have had their dometic A/C replaced recently due to failure?

    Mine failed after that tree limb tore part of it off
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    Only one satellite on big horn coax

    Hooked up king tailgater to dish receiver it would only bring in sat 110 after checking all connections and moving dish and doing many scans, I unhooked from trailer and brought coax in door. I hooked to receiver direct. All three sat came in great, I moved it back to the outside hookup, only...
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    Hydraulic leak on jack

    I had one that leaked, I took it off carried it to a local tractor dealer ,they made one , had it back on same day. It was a lot heavier duty hose and cheaper
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    Antenna & Cable Questions

    Re: Antenna & Cable Questions Make sure the input on tv is set to tv not hdmi or DVD player - - - Updated - - - Make sure the input on tv is set to tv not hdmi or DVD player
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: TX, Alpine - 3/17/2017 to 3/19/2017

    Don and Gena franke arrive 3/14-3/20
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    Need to replace microwave

    I just replaced ours with a GE Profile convection oven, only had to drill new holes for screws and Elec cord. Best price was from Sears
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    Cell & Wi-Fi Booster(s). Do we need both?

    Seems like at RV parks we get more interference from rvs that have boosters. We have been at rally's where 10 or 12 others networks were showing a strong signal but they are all secure. Reminds me of the CB days, when a guy would have his so amped up, no one should else could talk for 20 miles...
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    What brand to replace convection oven

    Thanks, Mike I think that is the one I will get.
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    What brand to replace convection oven

    Mike do you know what model of GE you used ?
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    Glad this trip is over

    That makes we feel lucky, but now the convection oven has quit. When it rains, I am always under the cloud
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    What brand to replace convection oven

    Thanks Jim, I just replaced air conditioner with a Coleman Mach 15. I will look at the GE ovens
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    What brand to replace convection oven

    Someone said things happin in threes, our convection oven stopped today. Does anyone know what will fit, I have a B H 2013. It's a frigidaire
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    Glad this trip is over

    After over 35 years of rv travels, I have too many of these story's to tell. No matter how upset I got at my self at the time. Six months later around the campfire, telling the story of what happened some how it got FUNNY
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    Replacement air conditioner brand

    Thanks for all the information, I was looking at Coleman but it would require new thermostat 5 wires, domatic uses only 2 wires. Dealer thought they did not have as many problems. Hadn't heard about the noise
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    Glad this trip is over

    If it can happen, sounds like some of us has already done most of it. My was a $ 2300 goof.
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    Replacement air conditioner brand

    Because of a low tree limb i need a new 15000 btu air conditioner. Anyone have a good idea for a better one than Domestic I have a BH 2013
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    Glad this trip is over

    When me or one of my friends go on a trip, we always ask what they tore up, when they get back. I hadn't had a story in a long time.
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    Glad this trip is over

    At buffalo gap state park this weekend, I jackeknifed my rv backing into a tight spot, and broke out the back glass on chev. You would think after 30 years of doing this I would know better. Next leaving today I pulled over to the left to get around a guy hooking up, my air conditioner found a...
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    Nitrogen Tire Inflation

    I carry a 40 cu ft nitrogen tank its 6 in diameter, 18 in tall. I carry it for convenience, smaller than a generator, or air compressor. All I do is open valve air tire. No gas ,oil to worry with it stayes the trailer. Cost about $25 to have refilled, I used last bottle over four years
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    Tabletop Icemaker False "Ice Full" fix

    Re: Tabletop Icemaker False "Ice Full" fix I gave mine a good hard slap on the top left side. Problem fixed - - - Updated - - - I gave mine a good hard slap on the top left side. Problem fixed
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    Texas - West Chapter Event Ideas and Discussions

    Hords creek lake at Coleman tx is a great place to go large pecan trees, we drove nearly 400 miles to go to the rally's in canton os any where in west Texas is a snap
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    Big Horn Hydraulic Leaks

    I have had to replace two hoses, being a framer I knew the tractor house could build me a new hose, that is many times better and probably for less money. Takes about ten minutes
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    Branson Shenanigans RV Park

    We have stayed at cooper creek the last two years in oct.
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    Good buy on G614 tires

    I bought 4 Goodyear G614 tires yesterday from Williams tire store in Coleman Texas. $324.95 each plus 12 to balance and $ 27 sales tax. Total of $366.31 each. LESS LESS he gave me $80 each for my four year old tires. So less $320 and refund of $26.40 sales tax. I bought 4 tires for $1118.85 or...
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    Local Tire Dealer on G614's

    I priced some last month $325 plus tax, less up too $100 trade in per tire, depending on age and wear. Pick them up in couple weeks
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    How do I remove tail light

    All I can see is the light with a chrome ring around it, if it has a rubber gasket it is not visible, waiting for a warmer day to work on it. Thanks for the info
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    How do I remove tail light

    I need to remove the tail light on a 2013 Big horn 3570, I think I have a wire that has been chewed by a mouse, if I can get the light out ,I may be able to repair the wire. I can see it by looking through the electric cord storage compartment. Thanks
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    Texas Registration and Inspections

    In Texas you can be approved to inspect cars and not rvs, . If you are approved for motorcycles you can do rvs too, (they use the same sticker) and not cars. Or you can get certified to do them all
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    Considering Bighorn 3570RS

    We have had our 3570RS two years, and love it
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    Question about slide destroying drawer in a Gateway 3300ML

    I had a BH 3585 slide killed a drawer, the catch had not been installed on the drawer at the factory
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    Where to hang a TP holder in BH 3570 RS

    In the middle drawer by the sink it will hold several rolls
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    What did you do to your camper today?

    I left my daughters house with my trailer still pluged in, left her a check to have it repaired. Blamed it on my wife, BUT not out loud
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    How Necessary is a Weapon?

    I feel about guns like, flu shots I don't know if they really help. But when I am around a sick person , I am sure glad I got one. Just in case
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    LevelUp Issue

    Thanks, I couldn't find that torco oil anywhere
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    LevelUp Issue

    Will any brand of oil but torco work, I can't find it here
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    RV Lock - special pricing for HOC members?

    First thing I ever bought that came with battery's installed, I was surprised
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    RV Lock - special pricing for HOC members?

    Ordered lock red lever that operates dead bole from inside was broke. I call they said they would send replacement, last night I was going to install battery's ,it already had battery's in it. Is this normal ? Two numbers will not light up and there are scratches around key hole. I have not...
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: TX, Santo - 4/4/2014 to 4/6/2014

    Don and gena Franke put us down third till sixth
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    Bighorn 3570rs ac ducted to bedroom?

    Where is the place it was blocked? I may fix mine too