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    Pin box flex

    When hooking up my 4100 today I noticed the pin box flexes up when lowering on the truck. Is is this normal? It has also developed a tick/pop in the pin box area when towing. I'm 100% sure it is the camper and not the hitch. My my repair guy was just here to look at it and he is...
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    Happi Jack beds in cyclone 4100

    I plan on leaving the brackets that are on the chain, just unbolt the bed and remove.
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    Happi Jack beds in cyclone 4100

    I have read that some 4100's had too short of legs on the benches from the factory. Has anyone had issues with them being too long? Our's seem to be too long. They hit before the bench bottoms out and the seat seems higher in the middle than on the sides. I'm guessing I can just take them...
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    ATF: Cyclone - opening back doors to load motorcycles on patio

    I have a 4100 and have the same doors. I don't think having the doors swing open farther will give you any more clearance. Are your wheel chocks staggered? We took our Road Glide Ultra with us last week and I put it to the one side and had plenty of room for another full dress Harley. I...
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    1500HD towing

    I had a 2004 Chevy 1500HD. It was a nice truck. 6.0L engine and a "heavy duty" transmission. NOT the Allison. I ended up putting air bags on mine to help with loaded driving. The rear springs were light for a better ride than the 2500's. I wasn't crazy about the 6.0 and the transmission...
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    Round vent on cyclone 4100

    Yep!!! That's it!!!! Thanks
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    Round vent on cyclone 4100

    Was on the roof sealing up my septic vents thanks to the advice on this forum!!!! Hope that fixes our sewer odor!!! Anyway. Was wondering what the round vent is on the left (non door) side of the camper is. It looks like an air vent of kind. Not hooked to anything. I can can figure...
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    4100 Cyclone Left side door question

    I was unable to move the struts as I planned. To make it not open as far one would need shorter struts. Just moving the struts wouldn't allow the door to close. The struts bottomed out. You would have to lower the struts on the unit, not the door. I didn't want to have exposed holes in the...
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    why no "frameless" windows?

    When we bought our 4100 we looked at several different trailers. Some had the frameless windows. While they look nice I wasn't crazy about the cheap plastic mechanism that open and closed them. One trailer we saw at an RV show actually had one broken mechanism from people opening and...
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    4100 Cyclone Left side door question

    That is great news. I'm going to try and pull it apart today and see if it will fit. My plan is to move the mounts for the gas struts as they didn't come with the door anyway. I think the guards would of made the situation worse as it would of caught the door. It only caught the latch and...
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    4100 Cyclone Left side door question

    The wife and I got in a hurry one day picking up camp. On our unit the left (non door side) big door on gas shocks hits the bedroom slide. I was out cleaning up, she was inside cleaning up. She got done before me and slid the bedroom in. Breaking the door. Design flaw, but I took my...
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    Sliding Glass door

    4100 king. Ours only falls off the track if you use it. It is a cheap door, I'm not sure it will ever be right. Haven't had time to take it back to the dealer, I'm making a list of all the things they will need to fix.
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    Cyclone or Torque?

    I looked at both before I bought. Ended up buying the Cyclone 4100. Looked at the Torque 380, which is very similar to the cyclone 4100. The Torque is a nice trailer, the Cyclone is just nicer. Better cabinets, countertops, and furniture. I didn't realize the Torque was shorter and...
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    3 air conditioners at once? no problem in my 3800.

    Interesting, Guess I didn't know that the 3 way switch only allowed the use of one AC unit at a time. Dealer didn't explain that was the way it functioned, I didn't as many questions as I just assumed that the center position was only the middle unit and top and bottom added the front or rear...
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    B and W companion hitch

    Well an update. Pulled the trailer home today!!! Hitch set all the way back and all the way up. Trailer is perfectly level. My truck is a 2500 so I may be putting air bags on it. It did squat the truck, but not enough to cause concern. But the trailer was empty. I was thinking...
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    B and W companion hitch

    The standard bed sucks! My dealer threw in a new regular mattress as part of the deal. He even said it is embarrassing the quality of the bed in that expensive of a trailer. What sold us on the 4100 was the second bathroom and the 12' garage. I race lawnmowers and didn't like the idea of...
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    B and W companion hitch

    Thanks for the replys! That was what I was thinking. All the way up and all the way back. Airbags are defiantly an option. I pull our 30' gooseneck flatbed with tractors or the backhoe all the time and haven't had the need for them yet. My plan is to pull it home and decide if I want to...
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    B and W companion hitch

    We just signed the papers on a Cyclone 4100! Going from a bumper hitch to a fifth wheel is exciting. I have the B and W turnover ball in both of my trucks. So I purchased the Companion hitch so I can pull it with "good truck" as well as the "farm truck"!!! The "good truck" is the one that...