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    Valterra EZ Valve 3" Electric Waste Valve System

    I installed 2 Barkers to replace cable operated grey valves 7 or 8 years ago, haven't had any issues since.
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    Heater problems

    You may have trip the overflow protection valve when attaching the tank. Close the valve, loosen the hose to relieve the pressure, tighten and crack the valve open very slowly to let the pressure equalize, then open fully.
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    Heater problems

    Firing the furnace after setting for a period of non use will collect dust, when fired of for the first time after setting, will burn off the dust producing carbon monoxide and sometimes smoke, setting off the alarm. Also, if the alarm is 7 years or older from the date on the back, it needs to...
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    Marker lights

    The lights are an larger diameter than the indention, there is no gap around the light or the sealing ring
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    Leveling Jack goes Down but...

    the solenoid for that jack is most likely the culprit
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    Need a new ladder

    You can have one built at a weld shop. I have built them in the past, using steel tubing and then have it powder coated.
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    Connecting Electrical Braking Wire at Trailer Junction Electrical Box.

    Connect the blue wire to the blue and black connection from the break away, all 3 wires need to be connected together.
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    What is this Electrical Connector?

    Looks like it is from a marker light
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    Kitchen sink draining issue

    Just need to try and figure close where it is and remove the liner and start looking around.
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    Advice on service center

    Contact your insurance company and let them handle it. They have the attorneys on staff and have deeper pockets. Then have some one else do the repairs, you don't have to let Camping World, or their affiliates do the repair. It is your choice as to who repairs it. Pay your deductible and get...
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    Kitchen sink draining issue

    Open the drain valve, run water in the sink, does it drain better? If so, the roof vent is installed too deep or slid down into the tank too far. Locate where it is going into the tank, pull it up and out of the tank, you most likely will need to remove the roof vent cap. Install a hose clamp...
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    Electrical issues

    How old is your battery? Have it tested. If more then 3 years old, chances are they may be bad.
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    Make sure the filter is clean and the evaporator fins are clean as well. High humidity and running the fan on low will also make it more prone to freezing up.
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    Tub replacement

    The bigger problem is getting the new unit in the door.
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    awning rail screws

    The rail needs to be in the framing behind the skin, not just in the skin. It is mounted in the wrong place, you will need to go higher or lower to find the substructure to mount to.
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    Electrical issue

    Check all the common connections in your breaker box, most likely you'll find a few loose ones and burnt wires.
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    Can I remove this wall?

    It may not be load bearing, but it looks like it keeps the wall square at the slide opening.
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    Any help would be great!

    That is not a factory vent, looks like previous owner installed to get heat to the basement. If the basement doors are open, you would get hot air from outside coming in.
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    Genturi exhaust extension to clear double bedroom slide

    When I installed our generator, I ran my exhaust all the way to the rear of the trailer, as far as possible from the sleeping are of the bedroom, and use a Gen-Turie to get above the roof line.
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    2014 425RW

    Check your GFIC outlets
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    2016 big horn 3160 - gray water plumbing fracture crack options

    Get some ABS solvent glue and cleaner. Make sure it is dry and no water seeping through, clean with the joint cleaner, then wipe crack with the glue and let dry.
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    PCS not seeing Generator. No Power to A/C and 110v.

    Make sure the breaker on the generator isn't tripped or off.
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    retracted slide and travel

    Personally I would put it on the floor under the table, or some other place on the floor.
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    Help identifying plumbing part?

    Won't work, the plug is solid on the bottom, must be hollow with a bevel on the inside for the seal to work. You could use a nipple with a cap to plug it off.
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    Help identifying plumbing part?

    That is automotive heater hose. Remove the whole mess and replace the T with a splice.
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    North Trail 24BHS water heater not working

    Check the bypass valves
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    Switching Winegard Rooftop Antenna to Dish

    You need to have the manual, it will have instructions on how to change the services settings. Make and model of your antenna would help considerably.
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    Switching Winegard Rooftop Antenna to Dish

    Actually you can removed the dome, and reset the DIP switches to use it with Dish. No need to change the LNB or the reflector.
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    raising a 5th wheel - newbie

    Find some one that sets mobile homes, the raise and block units all the time.
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    Onan 5500

    The generator does not have a 12 volt charge circuit, so the convertor is needed to keep the batteries charged and run the house.
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    2012 Cyclone HD 3612 shower and bath sink drain slow

    Check the tank vent, if blocked, drains will be slow. Open the dump valve, and see if the drains improve.
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    Residential Refrigerator Not Working Properly.

    How old are the batteries? Have the batteries tested. If over 3 years old, I'd replace them.
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    replacement rear toy hauler flood lights.

    Location on the RV would help too.
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    Cyclone 3800HD Switching Issues

    You need to find the transfer switch, you can trace the largest cable coming out of the breaker box to the transfer switch. You will have 3 cables going into it.
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    Brake issue?

    Depending how long you have been sitting in one spot or the climate, you will have some surface rust on the drums. If you have very much, you will have to burn/wear it off before you will get very much braking.
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    Water heater quit working after thunder storm?

    There is a breaker on the water heater thermostat, check it.
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    New vehicle for 2017 Keystone Hideout

    Keep in mind with gear ratios, the higher the number, the lower the ratio. Ex: High-4.55, 4.10, 3.73, 3.42, 3.23, 2.92-Low To tow, you want the lowest ratio possible, 3.73, 4.10 or somewhere around there. 3.43 is a high gear, for highway running empty, better fuel milage. For a diesel...
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    I run LT tires on all my trailers, except my Landmark, on it I run MT tires. After having a blow out and several cracked wheels, I switched to MT tires and wheels, that was 6 years ago. Have not had one tire or wheel issue since. The MT tires are 14 ply and good for 6005 pounds each with...
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    Fuse panel burnout?

    Not really, the load on the fuse is too high for the fuse, you need to trace the wires until you find the short.