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    Winterizing 4005 - How control quick connect water line on street side?

    Thank you, John. I never would have thought to look there. Mystery solved! Much appreciated : )
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    Winterizing 4005 - How control quick connect water line on street side?

    I have a new-to-me 2018 Cyclone 4005 and I just winterized it for the first time. I think I got everything squared away, except this quick connect water line that is located on the street side of my unit towards the rear of the coach. I also have a quick connect connection in my water station...
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    Converting Ramp to Patio

    Thanks so much for all the leads, David. I will try them tomorrow to see what they have in stock. Quick follow-up on the Durabak--when I hit their site I see 2 black options for truck beds: smooth and textured. I'm just curious which one most people use. I think I read in another post where...
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    Swap out those dumpy tent doors!

    Hi Cliff, I just recently purchased a 2018 Cyclone 4005 and it wasn't ordered with a door. So, I've been doing some searching in the forum to see if others have added a sliding patio door and I came across your thread. Did you guys end up doing that? I'm not a I'm trying to...
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    Converting Ramp to Patio

    We just purchased a 2018 Cyclone 4005 with a Challenger ramp. Has anyone converted a ramp to serve as a patio? I've learned there is a structural difference between their ramp and patio units. The patio version has a stronger foam core and stronger substrate that is water resistant (guessing...
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    Stock Res Fridge Batteries - How long to recharge from onboard Onan?

    I'm hoping to purchase a Cyclone and I've noticed most units come stock with the Residential Fridge option. I was hoping to hear some "real-world" stories about how long it takes to recharge the stock batteries with the onboard Onan. If I recharged the fridge batteries daily for 2-3 hours...