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  1. Bob&Patty

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: CA, Temecula - 10/24/2018 to 10/28/2018

    Bill, sorry but we need to cancel. Sent you an email but maybe you did not get it. Bob and Pat
  2. Bob&Patty

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: CA, Temecula - 10/24/2018 to 10/28/2018

    John, make sure you bring your "yellow helmet". Temecula can get rowdy.
  3. Bob&Patty

    Exhaust Brake

    I use mine always, start engine and turn it on towing or not.
  4. Bob&Patty

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: CA, Temecula - 10/24/2018 to 10/28/2018

    Bill, put Pat and I in D-8 for Friday and Saturday, leaving Sunday.
  5. Bob&Patty

    New Heartland owner - now new truck...advice?

    At least a 3/4 tn and diesel. Then buy more truck than you need, you never know when you will move up to a bigger trailer. then you need a bigger truck. Don't ask how I know.
  6. Bob&Patty

    Ouch don’t get to see this very often

    There was a law in effect that stated "you cannot enter an intersection until it was clear". Don't know if is still in effect.
  7. Bob&Patty

    ATF: Sundance - Soft spot in floor of new 261RK

    Stay in touch with HL service. That way you know what they are doing to fix the problem. My issue is my fingers get out of control.
  8. Bob&Patty

    Exterior Protection System Yes or No

    It's $10 worth of stuff that costs you $1200.
  9. Bob&Patty

    Wasted space.

    You might give HL service a call, have your VIN# handy and ask them what might be hidden in that space before you start making holes in the side.
  10. Bob&Patty

    Mallard m28 did i get a lemon too???

    Wow, sorry to hear about you issues. Just a word of HL service yourself and explain what happened. Email pix to them and let them make advise your dealer what to do. Never ever take a dealers word for what HL said to do. You need to keep HL in the loop yourself.
  11. Bob&Patty

    ATF: Road Warrior - White switch plate under controls

    Does look like a home style wall plate with a "RED" rocker switch?? If so, it is more than likely the electric side {120V} of the water heater. Never turn on the switch unless the water heater tank is full of water.
  12. Bob&Patty

    Battery charge when pulling down the road

    All statements are true. As amp draw goes up...voltage goes down and visa versa. At least it always has in my world of a DC voltage system. JMHO
  13. Bob&Patty

    Battery charge when pulling down the road

    This discussion has me wondering about the statement that " the truck only puts 3-4 amps to the coach". My truck has a 140 amp alt and a 40 amp fuse to feed the coach. Am I missing something?? The OP states that he has a "voltage reading of 12.77 at the truck. But what is the amp reading...
  14. Bob&Patty

    Plywood shift under roof membrane

    What CW said is more than DOO DOO!! Even with hip boots it would be hard to walk though being that deep.
  15. Bob&Patty

    Axle Hanger Falling off and welds cracking

    X2 on what Bill said. Had a hanger break off. Had a new one welded on. Then had steel tube welded between all the hangers and steel straps welded to the back side of the rear hangers and welded to the front of the front hangers. Been 5 years now with no issues.
  16. Bob&Patty

    Towing with Tanks full or nearly full.

    Dan, LOL on Boeing. Problem being our BH does not fly at 40K' and 500 MPH. The OL' GMC ain't that good, don't know about your Dodge???
  17. Bob&Patty

    squeaky door

    Check and see if you can get the hinge pins to come out. Use a small drift punch and a small hammer. If you can....put a lite coat of grease on them. On a RV door might be better to remove one hinge at a time as not damage the door or door jamb. The way I fix sqeaky door in my S/B,s.
  18. Bob&Patty

    2011 san antonio breaker pannel

    Always connect the positive {B+} first to the battery then the negative cable. If you do this, you will never get any arcing.
  19. Bob&Patty

    M26- Did I get a lemon?

    What city in Ca.
  20. Bob&Patty

    Who is the oldest "active" RVer on the forum??

    72 years old here. RVing close to 45 years. John D is a puppy and Jimtoo is well....old.
  21. Bob&Patty

    Slide Out Bulb Seal Melting

    I have seen the same thing on cars and trucks. Harsh sun and heat (UV) eats up foam seals. Nature of the beast.
  22. Bob&Patty

    Sewage hose storage for multiple bathrooms of 427

    I used 6" plastic fence square tubing...glued a fence tube cap on one end (street side} and put a Igloo cooler hinge on the other using the same type cap. I strapped it to the frame using 1/8" aluminum straps. Simple and cheaper than the Lippert ones.
  23. Bob&Patty

    Door Hinge - Pin Ripped Hole in Door

    Don't wait for a dealer to do anything. Call HL service yourself...Email pix to them.
  24. Bob&Patty

    Adding 12v power outlets

    Keep in mind that you should not use a fuse much higher than the draw will be.
  25. Bob&Patty

    Tow rating of 2000 Ram 2500 with factory tow options

    BTWD, all the up grades sound great. But it does not increase the "LEGAL" towing rate. Not a put down, just facts.
  26. Bob&Patty

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: CA, Temecula - 10/25/2017 to 10/29/2017

    Bill and Irene, great rally. Hoping you do it again next year. Bob and Pat
  27. Bob&Patty

    Heartland landmark factory tour

    Safety rules might apply for tours. Do tours happen while the plant is running??
  28. Bob&Patty

    Junction box on pin box

    Had to move mine up when I got a 2013 GMC.
  29. Bob&Patty

    Almost new Heartland Road Warrior owner

    Any time their is a part ordered, never believe a dealer that they ordered the part. Call HL service and ask them if the part was ordered and when it will be shipped. You can also have HL send you the part and install it yourself.
  30. Bob&Patty

    hello, everyone ,, getting ready to upgrade to a 5er. help

    The one thing to know is the much the trailer and truck total weight can be. Remember, that weight will include people, dogs, cats, and anything you carry in the truck bed. When looking at trailers, take note of the GROSS WEIGHT RATING.....not the empty weight. Weigh your truck full...
  31. Bob&Patty

    Pulled the trigger on a Big Country

    Congrads, now you need a new 350 DRW truck. William, it really is a bad thing that happened LV last night.
  32. Bob&Patty

    Slide Rooms

    All my slides do this and always have for 10 years. Never had any problems with them sealing. Maybe this is the first time that you noticed this???
  33. Bob&Patty

    Trailer brake question

    Call HL service and have them find you different dealer or independent service center that will inspect and repair your brakes.
  34. Bob&Patty

    Trailer brake question

    If there is grease on the drums you will need to replace the shoes. That sounds like a warranty issue to me.
  35. Bob&Patty

    2014 Bighorn 3070 Mystery Switch

    One of two things. Could be for the "scare" lites or for a plug on the outside for awning lites. That plug is somewhere near an awning arm. Plug something in, turn on the switch and see what happens.
  36. Bob&Patty

    ATF: Cyclone - awnings

    If you call HL service, they will help you. Make sure you have your VIN# handy.
  37. Bob&Patty

    Help reinstall emergency exit window

    Cant help you, but, call HL service and they can walk you through the process.
  38. Bob&Patty

    Dangerous Electrical Issue - Cyclone 5th Wheel RV

    Just my 2 cts worth. If the level up was installed by Lippert after the unit left the HL plant....point the finger at Lippert.
  39. Bob&Patty

    AC bogs and stops generator, so which is it? Gen or AC

    How many watts is the "toter" genset?
  40. Bob&Patty

    Extended Warranties

    Look and a Good Sam warranty.