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  1. pjones1969

    Portable air compressors

    I have the ViAir 450P-RV, it works well, I built a 7 pin adapter so I can run it off of my bumper connector instead of raising the hood every time, I also just got the Milwaukee M18 inflator on the “buy this get this“ promo through Home Depot that should also do the trick. Bought 2 batteries and...
  2. pjones1969

    Dicor EPDM Rubber Roofing Coating System

    What did you have to provide to Dicor in order for them to send you the materials? Did they offer to send you a check instead?
  3. pjones1969

    How to fix leaking pex in shower?

    Before you cut a hole in your bedroom you might be able to remove the faucet from the front side and access the connections right there from the the shower side
  4. pjones1969

    Water running out when city water is connected

    ok, with that said its probably the drain to your fresh water tank, your valve where you connect the city water supply is leaking by and filling up your fresh water tank
  5. pjones1969

    Water running out when city water is connected

    Its a low point drain, the valve will need to be turned off if you want to pressurize the water lines to your fixtures
  6. pjones1969

    Sattellite output.

    Here’s a diagram I got from Heartland in 2017, not sure if it’s still applicable but gives you an idea that they do exist you just have to get the right person on the phone, call and ask them how you find the wire bundle in the roof and see if they can provide you with a diagram, if it has been...
  7. pjones1969

    pjones1969 Cyclone 3800

    This actually started in October of 2021, see post #49 for some of the back story October 2021, was camping at Potters Creek in Canyon lake Texas and noticed a crack in the lower right hand corner of the bedroom slide, I took some pictures and contacted Heartland when we arrived back home.. We...
  8. pjones1969

    What’s this switch - 2017 Torque M325

    Do you have a light strip in your awning?
  9. pjones1969

    Water pressure in sink/ shower not strong anymore after I opened blue and red valves underneath.

    All valves should be closed when you have your water hooked up, the red and blue that are together are low point drains, the single blue is a fresh water tank drain
  10. pjones1969

    pjones1969 Cyclone 3800

    2/25/22 - New tires courtesy of Sailun Recall
  11. pjones1969

    Sailun Tire Recall

    Finally….. repeat Finally got the recall done today, dealer mentioned bone never called back once I contacted him to get the actual tires so I use the dealer locator on Sailuns website and discover that the local Midas with a nice big parking lot is on that list, alright, piece of cake, so I...
  12. pjones1969

    Sailun Tire Recall

    Call 1-800-739-7696, I spoke with a lady there, letters are going out this week, she took my address to ensure I get notified but she couldn't confirm if I was already in the system, said the instructions would be to contact a distributor from the dealer locator at and they would do...
  13. pjones1969

    Sailun Tire Recall

    I‘m pretty sure I registered them right after I purchased them, I don‘t recall getting any confirmation back from them so I’m going to contact them next week and see if they have me in their system
  14. pjones1969

    Sailun Tire Recall

    Just checked ours 2420, purchased and installed October 2020
  15. pjones1969

    How do I use outdoor speakers

    Try the FADE or FADER adjustment, that’s what controls ours
  16. pjones1969

    Removed by OP

    If you aren't stranded and have a week or so I've been ordering mine at on their site the ends are FJX-04-04 1/4" JIC 37 Flare Female Swivel Been using this hose but there ae plenty of choices
  17. pjones1969

    suspension failure

    Not a Bighorn but a Cyclone, ours did not break the same as yours but they broke, I have seen numerous posts about this over the years so I periodically inspected ours, no sign of anything so I thought..... "we must have got a good one" .............. well, it happened ............. as we pulled...
  18. pjones1969

    Door vs wind? Wind won :(

    Try this, gas strut for entry door the door should have a label and you can find out the model number and verify before purchasing but it’s a start
  19. pjones1969

    pjones1969 Cyclone 3800

    Nov. 2020 (missed it from above entry) Installed Mopeka Propane Tank Sensors, Halo Rings and Wireless Remote Display Sept. 29, 2021 Installed ARP Fridge Defend v5.11 with Fan Controller, 2 Ventilator Fans and 2 Defrost Blowers (#4 Kit)
  20. pjones1969

    3 Season Patio Doors

    Yes, we use a geartie, our factory locking device hasn’t lined up since day one
  21. pjones1969

    Follow up on hail damage to roof.

    I wouldn’t let those clowns touch my roof again, I’d go for the Flex Armor, especially now, seeing how this one turned out
  22. pjones1969

    Cyclone 4270 tank draining

    Thats how ours is plumbed as well
  23. pjones1969

    -Sailun S637 (Trailer), ST235/85R-16

    In the thread below (post 10 and 19) some have bought from Amazon and Walmart and those orders were fulfilled through Simple Tire. I bought our 6 replacements through Simple Tire, they had the best price...
  24. pjones1969

    2008 Cyclone 4012 - potential issues?

    oh yeah, how could I forget to mention to look at the spring hangers!
  25. pjones1969

    2008 Cyclone 4012 - potential issues?

    I don’t have any experience with that model but I’ll add to look for sidewall cracks from each slide opening corner up towards the roof, caused by a broken stud weld in the wall and allowing flex but not sure if it was an issue in 2008 and check the ramp door for water intrusion.
  26. pjones1969

    Oakmont 375QB Modification & Customization Thread

    Very nice........ and Nice Truck!
  27. pjones1969

    Privacy shade for interrior garage door

    Our 3800 has a factory installed black drape, we have the sliding glass door, not sure what model you have.
  28. pjones1969

    pjones1969 Cyclone 3800

    Thanks! Stay Warm
  29. pjones1969

    pjones1969 Cyclone 3800

    Haha, yes, you are absolutely right! Looking for anything in particular?
  30. pjones1969

    4 tank confusion on our 4006

    ‘That’s how our CY3800 is plumbed, front black for the main toilet, front gray for main tub, sink and washer discharge which is in the front closet, rear gray for kitchen and rear black for the 1/2 bath which includes the toilet and sink. We rarely have to hook up to the rear discharge since it...
  31. pjones1969

    Cyclone exterior crack

    We had a sidewalk crack in our 2017 CY3800, discovered January 2020, 2 years and 10 months out of warranty, I called Heartland Customer Service, had to send them all kinds of pictures, once they received what they requested, Heartland stepped up and agreed to do the repair, we had to take it to...
  32. pjones1969

    -Sailun S637 (Trailer), ST235/85R-16

    Bought ours from SimpleTire and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again, as others said you can find them on the Walmart website and they will actually come from SimpleTire just depends on which site has the best price at the time, I caught them on sale.
  33. pjones1969

    What brand sofa do I have?

    Our Cyclone has Thomas Payne furniture, here’s a cable on e-trailer that I found but don’t know if it’s the same as you have, I googled Thomas Payne RV furniture parts and didn’t get much. It’s made by Lippert so maybe you could call Heartland with your VIN and get some more details...
  34. pjones1969

    Water Pump Just Stopped Working- Road Warrior 413

    Just a thought, do you have another water pump switch in your UDC? We have one inside and then another in the UDC (I believe for winterizing), I haven't tested what happens if the one inside is ON and the other in the UDC is ON or OFF
  35. pjones1969

    Raising the roof!

    Look at post 41 in this thread, says ordered direct from Heartland so if you call and give them your VIN they may be able to give you the info you are looking for. Welcome to the Heartland Family and...
  36. pjones1969

    Time to change out original tires

    I stayed with Sailuns as well, just changed ours, we had a spring hanger failure when we arrived at the factory in Elkhart at the beginning of October to have some work done, due to the original tires being 4+ years old and the hanger failure we decided to go ahead and replace all of them, we...
  37. pjones1969

    pjones1969 Cyclone 3800

    Its been a while, I need to be better about documenting Jan. 2020 - Discovered a sidewall crack above ODS main slide, contacted Heartland and provided pictures that they requested. Heartland agreed to do a good faith repair and we were responsible for transportation both ways. We scheduled for...
  38. pjones1969

    Cyclone spring hangers

    Both rear spring hangers on our 2017 3800 broke as we arrived in Elkhart to have a sidewall crack repaired on Oct. 5th, Lippert was called in to evaluate and make the repairs, from the report they found 2 broken crossmembers, so besides just installing 2 more spring hangers they also performed...