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    Broken Toliet Flange

    thanks. when i had a similar issue with the toilet rocking i placed clear plastic like saran wrap on the floor. piled up body filler around the perimeter where the toilet base will be. set the toilet. when it started to harden i trimmed it with a box cutter to the size of the toilet. the...
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    Broken Toliet Flange

    How does the repair flange boot seal to the original to keep out the odors? do you silicone it to the flange to fill up any crack or whatever was there? Just curious.
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    Help please, newbies on board , guidance needed for two old folks with first RV

    (I see this is old, so hopefully it has been solved, but anyway) Good luck! the best thing to do is read all the conversations here in the areas you want to know about and you will find a lot of good general knowledge. main thing on de-winterizing is to find the hot water bypass valves (on back...
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    I have to rant

    Old thread, but just to note, I had a toilet problem with a bad internal seal leaking on my at the time new Pioneer trailer back in 2020. While interestingly my camping world service team kept me in pretty good shape, I decided to avoid driving it in, and called Dometic directly. they sent me a...
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    Another satisfied RV Lock customer!

    Installed on our RE275 travel trailer and it fit and works great. my only complaint is it doesn't "know" the difference between retracted or not, IOW - if there is pressure on the door like you tried to open it with the deadbolt secure, and then push the code to open, it makes the same noise...
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    Only getting Hot/Cold water out of kitchen sink faucet. No water coming out of Toilet, Shower or bathroom sink

    In my camper they didn't want to use the elbow type fittings, and instead used the bend sweep brackets. im sure that normally is the best way, and on some places I see them just bend them with no bracket. if yours has one of these sweeping bends somewhere with no bracket, maybe temperature...
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    any ideas for a better shower head?

    I also recommend the oxygenics 26481. its a basic model with only 1 setting, but has flow control buttons on the hose or head, you can move that part. I believe I got it at a Walmart. vastly superior to the original equipment.
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    New Faucet for bathroom, SharkBite connections, and outdoor water hose connection.

    Just wanted to share my modifications. As many have done, I bought a residential faucet. in my case I had to drill out the third hole in the center, but not a big deal, just had to have the right size drill. also added hose bib to front of the trailer on the cold water supply. also will work on...
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    General list of things to work on replacing a bathroom faucet?

    Thanks for all of the suggestions. My favorite so far is that cutoff that doesn't require special tools, kind of pricey but looks easy, and if I don't have any cutoffs, that solves 2 issues. and if I cant get those, or want to move the pipes around to make clearances, the one about the...
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    Towing RV with a Ford Ranger

    Have you looked at the trans fluid and smelled it? it would smell burned and be brown if you had overheated it much. Sorry, wont be much more help than that since Im not an expert on the ranger in particular.
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    General list of things to work on replacing a bathroom faucet?

    Hello, I have a 2020 pioneer that has the small plastic bathroom faucet. I know it is a 4 inch faucet, and I have already selected a replacement that should fit. The main difference is the replacement faucet has pre-attached lines, made for the 1/4 outlet on a residential cutoff valve. Note: I...
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    What do you like about having an RV Lock on your entry door?

    I found an offer where they had refurbished RV locks, and since I didn't want to spring for the expensive price, I bought one of those at the half price point. I have been fully satisfied. cant tell it wasn't brand new. - it may have been returned for some reason like not fitting an application...
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    dometic a/c

    mine is useless in auto, it goes high low high low, repeatedly seconds apart when the temp gets just right for it to happen. i have to manually set high or low, mine is the dometic thermostat in a 2020 model. they said it was normal at dometic. looks like a bad design to me. I would happily buy...
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    Shower Hose Smell

    swap the hose with your outdoor shower for a test run?
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    Light switch mystery

    I have learned mine (on a different model) and moved a couple of the wires from one switch to the other to make them make sense for me. for example, I liked the first switch in the bathroom to be the lights. it was the fan first. so I switched the wiring to make it so. then I threatened to...
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    got bored and swapped my switch functions around.

    Thanks for the switch information. I may need that in the future if I add anything new.
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    Water, gray and black tank grounding connection

    I don't know the exact schematic for the sensor, but my educated guess is the panel provides the ground that travels with the sensor wires to each tank. the ground is probably common at the sensor panel itself, so I would check close to there for a loose wire first. it may even be a defective...
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    4011ERD wasted space?

    A lot of wasted space behind wall of re275. Ideas for adding door or small shelves? I have a similar place, but unfortunately, there is no access to it. I would need to put in an actual outside storage door.
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    got bored and swapped my switch functions around.

    I did think of a way to add your concept without even buying new switches, since the LED lights maybe use 2 amps for each switch, and one switch is good for 15 amp, it is also possible to decide what light should be primary. meaning which light would I always want on, even if it isn't a valuable...
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    got bored and swapped my switch functions around.

    wow. like minds i suppose. you had more switches than i do but i love the idea. what remote is that? is that a 12 volt device? i see those for 120vac often. 😊
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    13 foot slide with a 3/4 inch droop or sag in the middle. 1 year old. is that normal?

    I can check this for sure but the trim is 2 pieces with a gap widening at the edges where they meet in the middle and crushing a little at the opposing corners indicating movement
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    13 foot slide with a 3/4 inch droop or sag in the middle. 1 year old. is that normal?

    Since that is pretty normal, I wont look into it much, but I did read that some use a temporary pole in storage, like a bathroom shower curtain rod that screws to extend to support the roof and others have even made a permanent pole from the dinette seat up to the roof. either of those do not...
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    13 foot slide with a 3/4 inch droop or sag in the middle. 1 year old. is that normal?

    So if I am understanding, your issue was something do do with the floor?
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    13 foot slide with a 3/4 inch droop or sag in the middle. 1 year old. is that normal?

    it may be just over half inch the more i review the images.
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    13 foot slide with a 3/4 inch droop or sag in the middle. 1 year old. is that normal?

    hi i have a 2020 pioneer with a 13 foot slide. i have been noticing over the year it is drooping more in the middle of the roof center. i am starting to see the led lights in the back now. i keep the camper covered almost all the time and dont believe its water related. i also keep the slide out...
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    Domestic Thermostat Not Responding Correctly

    Kinda random thought but it may help someone, I found when the battery dies on the camper (which it shouldnt, but when an accident occurs and it does) the brown out that results scrambles the thermostats. in those cases I found i need to perform the reset procedure on the thermostat to get it...
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    TV mount in bedroom of Pioneer Re275

    Ours is about the middle of the wall between the bathroom and the other doorway, with an antenna plug and outlet just over them. we also have the RE275. we decided to use ours to mount a wall fan instead.
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    got bored and swapped my switch functions around.

    Got bored and decided to improve the interior and exterior light switch locations. When I bought the camper, when you came in the front door, you had to stretch your arm out as far as possible to reach the light switch for the interior lights (or take steps in the dark) But the exterior lights...
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    Is it normal for the shower to drain to a black tank?

    Maybe luck of getting the right person on the phone with a helpful attitude.
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    Water tank sensors not working

    Let us know how it turns out. as others mentioned, my trailer is only a year old and i have had trouble with the black tank sensor. I realize this doesn't help your fresh water issue, but just as a fyi, what I did was when I got back home, I flushed and filled it with some dish liquid and water...
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    My 2020 Pioneer Low Point drain is not the lowest point...

    Thanks, I know its been forever since you replied. I decided to just blow out the water and use antifreeze. I am not sure why these drains are there - since the blown air gets out more water then they do- , it may be better off if I just cut them off and cap them (actually just reroute the pipes...
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    Fuse identification for Pioneer RE275, 2020 model.

    you also have it. im talking about the fuses on the right. thanks for the picture. maybe i can make more sense of urs
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    Fuse identification for Pioneer RE275, 2020 model.

    thanks. i look forward to what u find. any pic of your labels may help if practical. i didnt think about the co2 alarm. maybe thats it.
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    Fuse identification for Pioneer RE275, 2020 model.

    Hello, I need help labeling my fuse box in my 2020 RE275 pioneer. I have read most of the similar threads, but the fuses are apparently different. my fuse box is not labeled with typed info, but rather scribbles in what is apparently Spanish. So I have double trouble trying to identify the...
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    Something is not right in the toilet drain

    My issue was resolved, but another member joined the conversation with a similar problem, or at least related.
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    A/C Short Cycling

    My new Dometic thermostat in my 2021 Heartland Pioneer single zone also has an issue, may be the same thing. when it is on manual high or manual low, it works as desired. But the Auto fan is pretty much useless. once the temperature becomes normalized to the set point, the fan begins hunting...
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    Outrigger drop?

    Can you see the area looking up from the ground? My trailer (While much different than yours) has a covered underbelly, but the sides are not covered past the I beam, and they have metal gussets to hold up the floor. maybe they put those on the frame too low on that end? Or a weld break and the...
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    Something is not right in the toilet drain

    Another item to look for and replace are the crimped pex rings on non pex lines going to the water heater bypass. Etc. I replaced mine with standard screw hose clamps for all rubber type hoses in that area. A couple were leaking some. It was easy to spot with the red blotches where the...
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    Something is not right in the toilet drain

    is there any benefit to the pipe going well inside the tank vs stopping right after it enters the tank say 1 inch below the top of the tank?