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  1. Flick

    9 volt Battery storage.

    We store ours in a Ziplock bag in our refrigerator. Been doing it for years. Always fresh.
  2. Flick

    How to Close Emergency Window

    Definitely something all of us should study. I’ll bet it’s safe to say many don’t know which window is their escape window. With that being said, I agree about the DW and probably for me to. I sure hope the cameras aren’t rolling if we ever have to exit. A hatch thru the floor would have more...
  3. Flick

    Rooftop AC bearing noise (loud)

    You should think about replacing that fan assembly as suggested. Oiling it the in the manner you described is like putting a bandaid on it. When the original babbit wears out of the bushing , no amount of oil will fix the squalling in it’s future and it could go out or seize up at the most...
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    -Sailun S637 (Trailer), ST235/85R-16

    Thanks for the info.
  5. Flick

    -Sailun S637 (Trailer), ST235/85R-16

    The Sailun S637 is a 14 ply tire and unless they’ve changed specs lately, does not come in a 16 ply.
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    Picking up M210RB this weekend

    Your questions are legitimate. Probably won’t get to many answers because there are so many variables. But here goes. If it was me, since you haven’t heard from Heartland, you need to call your dealer’s service department manager, which by the way would have been the first person I would have...
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    Introduction - Oklahoma Chapter Leaders

    Congratulations on returning to your past position as leaders. That’s a wonderful commitment and I’m sure that your fellow Oklahomans will appreciate your leadership.
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    Good Sam Roadside Service and Tow Company Vendors

    Wow! This is quite a thread you started few days ago. We have Good Sam also and when it’s time for renewal, I’ll take a second look at whether I need them. We do get a small discount at RV parks that actually probably pays for my membership during the course of the year. The Camping World...
  9. Flick

    Added old alarm panel and sensors to the RV, couldn't help myself. Go Control is the panel.

    That’s quite an endeavor. Does the siren eventually cut off?
  10. Flick

    Syracuse NY to Tyler TX area

    That will be a tough trip to make in the time period allotted pulling your coach. We are in KEY WEST now and it took us 34 hours with 2 drivers to go 1500 miles. Averaging just over 8 mpg, we only fueled up one time but had to stop every three hours or so to walk our dogs and grab a bite to...
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    Pulling my first camper and recognizing problems with "sway"

    After reading this, I did a little googling on, as an example, Goodyear tires. Some of their tires, like the Marathon are rated at 65mph. The Endurance, according to them, is rated at N or 87mph. The bulletin actually says on the Marathon to add 10psi for safer and higher highway speeds. The...
  12. Flick

    Electric brakes are grabbing unexpectedly

    The situation you are describing is very unusual. It could be caused by a malfunction in your wiring harness or a short in the trailer breaking system causing them to activate on their own. I would suggest as a starting point, if you haven’t, to reduce the gain on the brake controller.
  13. Flick

    Pulling my first camper and recognizing problems with "sway"

    In most cases, traveling the “posted” speeds is the best option, whether trailering or not. Traveling posted speeds and using common sense normally will be the safest. With that being said, the road being traveled for example, a country FM or an interstate is a huge consideration. A country...
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    Greystone Electric Heater

  15. Flick

    Oxidation - exterior Restoration

    I did similar to what Gary did. It’s the only way to cut through the dead finish. Using Meguiar’s liquid polishing compound and applying it with a buffer/polishing machine using a 1” or thicker wool pad gets great results. It’s not easy and it is time consuming, but committing to sections at a...
  16. Flick

    Hello! I'm new and hoping to learn from this group!

    The 4007 is a very nice coach. You are very wise to be using your new “home on wheels” on weekends before you get on the road for a trip. There are many things to learn and familiarize yourself with and some things are only learned through actual use. Patience and being able to research...
  17. Flick

    Converting dual dump outlet to SINGLE!

    Nice job on the conversion to one outlet. Knowing personally what it takes to accomplish this, I believe you will enjoy the results.
  18. Flick

    Holding Tanks Panel

    Yes, I think our seasoned rv veterans have totally covered that gauge thing. One thing to mention that’s kind of important. You mentioned the black tank appeared to be empty. I would verify this by flushing the toilet a few times or pouring water down the toilet and then pulling the valve...
  19. Flick

    Nylon Bushings After 45,000 KM

    Just a thought. You got very good service out of the original nylon bushings. They are meant to wear and be replaced under a typical maintenance program. Replacing with bronze bushings and greasing regularly will serve you well. One mistake some make is that sometimes when greasing, grease...
  20. Flick

    Fuel tank internal timer

    I hope you enjoy your new Torque. Call Heartland customer service Monday morning and they will tell you where it is. I understand that waiting till Monday to call won’t help you out now but unless someone chimes in, it may be your best option. It should be somewhere close to the switch panel...
  21. Flick

    AC compressor cycling not getting cold

    I agree that it is highly likely that a capacitor could cause the problem by not allowing enough current to sustain running under load. It also could be a faulty thermostat giving false readings to the compressor.
  22. Flick

    Dometic fridge NDR1062

    That one will come off if you squeeze it to expose the screws.
  23. Flick

    Pioneer Tire Blow please

    The Endurance will be a great choice. Since you do not have 16” wheels, Sailuns will not be an option on your trailer. I put a set of Goodyear Endurance on my daughter’s fifth wheel and they have given her good service. They are available in 14” or 15” size. The 15” carry 80# psi and it’s...
  24. Flick

    A new Arizona Chapter member

    Welcome from south central Texas.
  25. Flick


    Congratulations and enjoy. I would check...... 1) tires 2) roof and windows for possible water entry problems including checking ramp door 3) do a battery test 4) run ac’s to check cooling 5) check water supply system including shower, toilets ,etc 6) check black and grey tank and become...
  26. Flick

    Advice on purchasing used travel trailer.

    What you’ve gotten here are opinions about what might have happened or will happen down the road. I think you’re on the right track when you hired a tech to take a look at it and then asked the seller to cover the obvious problems. The seller showed good faith by agreeing to the repairs. No...
  27. Flick

    Campground availability forecast for July 2021

    If you are just traveling and not concerned about where you will be tomorrow or the next day, then I would not make reservations. However, if you have a very specific timetable with a very specific place to stay on a very specific date of arrival, I would definitely make reservations. Most...
  28. Flick

    Converter fan issue!

    Okay, here’s the deal. If anyone needs a new converter, they’re not that expensive, maybe around $235 and they’re easy to install. But here’s the good news. My converter has been running continuously in my Cyclone ever since I’ve had it (5 years and counting). I’ve done the research and know...
  29. Flick

    Air conditioner vibrating thru the ceiling

    It’s pretty simple. With the power off as you said, go up on the roof and remove the ac cover or shroud. There will be 4 screws holding it on. The likely culprit is a mud dauber that has built a mud nest on one of the blades. Look close. The mud could be on the back side of the blade. If you...
  30. Flick

    Air conditioner vibrating thru the ceiling

    Exactly what it is. Get the water hose out and give it a bath.
  31. Flick

    Why men shouldn't write advice columns..

    Who needs to see a joke here when you’re a Texas Aggie fan. Did you here the one about.....
  32. Flick

    Where’s the sink cover?

    Call the dealer who sold you your coach. If they are no help, call Heartland customer service. For a temporary fix, cut a cover from a piece of plywood. Good luck and enjoy your new Gravity.
  33. Flick

    Black Water Tank Knife Valve with Cable

    The board simply goes across the cut opening and is attached with screws. Bend the coroplast against the board and attach with screws. I don’t use any tape to seal.
  34. Flick

    Does any else have a soft spot in the Kitchen Floor

    If it’s your 2011 Big Country that you are asking about, I wouldn’t be to concerned about it. I would keep an eye on it to watch if it gets worse. Repairing such a small spot can be pretty invasive especially if it’s not getting worse. But that’s me. Only way I’d repair it at this time is if the...
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    Welcome New Member - Texas South chapter

    Welcome to all. Please enjoy the forum.
  36. Flick

    Dish Network Dropped the 2 SF Bay Area Sports Networks - Directv?

    We went thru that here in Houston about 8 or so years ago. So we can only catch our guys when ESPN or other national networks broadcast them in a national game like tonight. 5th inning, Houston1, your A’s 0.
  37. Flick

    Slide Out motor pulled off the wall

    i think Cookie is right on with his advice to somehow push the slide in with manpower. Unless you plan to be there a while, most techs probably would have to order parts in creating delays. However, a tech would likely be able to assist in making it road worthy. As for as keeping it in, a couple...
  38. Flick

    Propane Flow Problem

    It sounds as if there may be a propane delivery problem at your furnace. It may not be a propane problem at all at your tanks. Could be a bad thermocouple. Just thinking out loud.
  39. Flick

    What did you do to your camper today?

    I somewhat agree with what you say. It’s personal preference. We’ve crossed on the ferry 4 times over the last several years with our 44’ Cyclone and have never been denied crossing. It’s worth the gamble for us considering where we are coming from. But it’s good to give everyone a heads up that...
  40. Flick

    What did you do to your camper today?

    When you get to Port Aransas, enjoy your ferry ride.