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    Hitches are Heavy - How to Routinely Install/Remove????

    I purchased a shop hoist from Harbor Freight for about $168. I have a 6' 8" bed which allows the boom to extend over the hitch. Once the pins are pulled, attach the hoist with lifting straps and just lift it out. One person job. Easy.
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    Reese Slide Hitch 15K in 2008 F250 SB Diesel for 2008 BH 3370RL

    I agree with the others, this is not enough truck. To get a definitive answer do a search on 2008 Ford F-250 towing capacity. The relevant variables include SRW vs DRW, Crew Cab vs other styles (i.e. which one), rear axle ratio, 5th wheel vs conventional towing, 4WD vs 2WD. With all that...
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    Towmax (Blowmax)

    I agree completely. Towmax (Blowmax) are a disaster waiting to happen. Had two blowouts within a week doing major damage to my rig. These tires are not to be trusted on any trailer. They are simply not constructed to the specification on the tire. Goodyear G614's solved all my tire woes. Do...
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    Hitch for Torque 371

    I have a F350 with the same bed, with BH 3570 with the "cornering " edge and I have found that I need the Pull rite slider hitch. Without it the edged of the trailer would be crunched in a tight turn. I really like the hitch because it is full automatic, you never have to do anything to get...
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    Removing TV from mount

    Don't know this will work for you, but it does for me. Remove the sound bar and using a mirror look up to where it is attached. On the left and right hand side of the bracket you should be able to see a vertical screw that you can just barely reach with a 7 inch Phillips screwdriver. Loosen...
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    Canada travel

    Don't even think about going to Canada if you have a DUI on your driving record.
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    New kid on the forum

    Welcome from the great (and rainy) Pacific Northwest
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    Trying to remove tv from wall mount in 2018 Wilderness 2850bh

    If you have this type of mount, an eight in screw driver makes the job a lot easier
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    Fresh, gray and black water tanks read empty

    It is a little unusual for the fresh water gauge to not read at all. Could be a wire not correctly connected to the sensor. Removing the coroplast to get at the appropriate tank is a real pain. As for the black and grey water tanks, they almost never work beyond 1-6 months of use. One does get...
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    Replace Lippert 1621HD kingpin

    Get a slider (Pull-Rite) and your problems will be behind you. We have had the Mor/ryde Pin Box for 6 years and really like it, a big improvement from the conventional pin box. Our truck bed is 6.8 feet and without the slider, we would crunch every time.
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    Leak in p-trap in shower on 2019 Pioneer RD210

    Have you tried the HEPVO Waterless Waste Valve. Available in various sizes on Amazon
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    Water Leaks on 3010

    Thanks for the tip. I have been looking for one and now I know what to buy.
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    3160EL Washer/Dryer to pantry conversion.

    Looks really nice. Congratulations
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    Welcome Back Light User Guide Available

    Thanks so much. This will help many of us.
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    Something to help sift thru RV parks

    You can also look up campgrounds on the Good Sam website. Has essentially the same info as the book. We use both, depending on the circumstances. I like the website, my wife likes the book.
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    RV trip wizard

    Yes, thanks Mike. This is exactly what I was looking and hoping for.
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    RV trip wizard

    I am in the same situation and have exactly that same question.
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    Tires!! What is most everyone running?

    Goodyear G-614 LT 235/85 R16 Have been running them for 4 years on our BH 3570. Zero issues.
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    Yellow Jacket Vacuum Change Out-Ideas

    We gave up on the built in and bought a Shark Stick. Have found it much easier to use and does a much better job.
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    Considering Bighorn - Worried about issues I've read about

    We had an Elkridge (Heartland product) for three years then upgraded to a Bighorn (3570 RS) and have had it for 6 years and counting. We plan to stay with this unit until we retire from camping, something we hope will be long time in the future. While we have had a few minor issues, most of them...
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    RW 427 Tire Pressures?

    Just do a search on truck scales near you. I found one at the place where I get dirt/mulch/gravel for the yard. (They mostly deal with Landscape contractors. Easy to deal with and usually not at all busy.
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    Looking for some kind of hoist or jack to remove 5th wheel hitch from truck

    I do exactly the same thing only I use a tie down strap to wrap under the hitch plate to lift it up/ lower it into place. My hoist is on wheels so I can just back to hoist up after lifting the unit. Works great. Is really useful in placing the hitch because it is all about location, location...
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    SailunS637 Tires for 2109 Torque T322

    After two blowouts with BlowMax tires we settled on Goodyear G614 and have been happy campers for 3 years. Yes - they are expensive, but peace of mind with our 15,500 lb. rig is worth it.
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    Trailer brake control

    On my 2010 F350, pulling a 15,500 38' 5er I had the controller set at 10 and stopped OK. Just added disk brakes and now the control is set to 6 and I stop twice as fast.
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    Banging sound when I flush the toilet

    Miracles of Miracles - Problem solved Before I hooked up the city water at our new campsite (water pump off) I flushed the toilet until no more water flowed. Then I had my wife hold down the flush lever as I slowly turned the water on. Voila - no more banging/hammering. I think air was trapped...
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    Banging sound when I flush the toilet

    It does NOT make the sound when I only partially (less than 3/4) depress the lever. It makes the sound when I quickly depress the lever the whole way. It makes the noise whether or not the tank is completely empty or partially full (after a couple days of use). It is more of a banging sound...
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    Banging sound when I flush the toilet

    Re: Banging sound when I flish the toilet Thanks for the ideas. Will climb upon the roof t0day and take a look. Is there any easy to determine if the vent pipe is extending too far into the tank? WBG
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    Banging sound when I flush the toilet

    We have a 2014 BigHorn 5th wheel. Our toilet has started banging, sort of sounds like the water pump but it is off since we are on city water, whenever we flush the toilet. If you only press the lever part way down there is no banging noise. Any ides what is causing it? Any reason to be...
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    New RV tire changover

    You made a very good decision. WBG
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    New RV tire changover

    We did not ask for a change out because we did not know that Blow Max tires would be what we were getting. After two blowouts after only a few months we upgraded at our expense to Goodyear G614 and have had no problems for over two years.
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    New RV Owner/Camper, Elkridge 31RLK

    We purchased an ADCO and were quite happy with it. If I did it again I would spend the extra $ and get a custom fit. Our generic fit flapped to much and wore off some of the gel coat. Be sure to get the type of material that is best suited to the weather you will have where you store it. And...
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    Direct TV Info needed

    I have had several very BAD experiences with DirectTV over this very issue. Sometimes the rep will change it quickly and easily - NO Problem - other times they refuse stating that the law will not allow them to change it (which is in fact the case - something I am sure they lobbied for so they...
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    Tire pressure monitoring system

    " What's everyone using and what actually works? I'm not impressed with the InnoTechRV unit I purchased." We have had the TST (Truck System Technologies) - - unit for several years and it works great. I highly recommend it. Be sure to get the repeater if your trailer is over...
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    Ford Towing Capacity

    I wouldn't even think about exceeding the owner's manual GCWR of 19,200 lbs. Just my 2 cents worth.
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    Truck bed mounted hoist for hitch removal hydraulic crane winch etc

    I use a shop/engine hoist from Harbor Freight (around $180). Works like a camp!
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    TV wall mount

    We have a 2014 3570 Bighorn and I bet the wall mounts are the same. You need a 7" phillips screwdriver to reach up under the TV (about 13" in from the left and again from the right). There is a vertical screw that you have to loosen. You can almost see it if someone holds a light while you look...
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    Max TV Weight in Pioneer BH270

    We have a 50" Sony and it must weigh about 40 lbs. Just get a heavy enough bracket and FIND the studs.
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    I would recommend you get reservations. It is summer (almost) after all. If you stay at the KOA at Craters of the Moon (very much worth visiting) take a close look at the restrooms before you consider using them. When we were there, we found black mold everywhere. Safe Travels and have a great time.