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  1. Havasiouxfan

    Low profile AC units

    Too much for releasing air.
  2. Havasiouxfan

    Low profile AC units

    Hello. I have a 2021 Torque 371 with 3 standard AC units with part numbers 9105304475. The trailer does not fit in my RV garage with current 13' door opening height so I am looking to remodel a bit. One option (most cost effective) is to switch out the standard AC units with low profile...
  3. Havasiouxfan

    Fuel tank internal timer

    Just purchased a 2021 Torque 371. On the outside fuel switch it mentions turning on the internal timer before use. Our last trailer had the timer right by the main door, but I cannot find the internal timer inside anywhere? Anyone have any ideas...TIA!