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    EVENT: Heartland Owners Campout: TX, Fredricksburg - 05/01/2023 to 05/08/2023

    Hi Jay - Nancy and I are planning to take in part of your event. Arrive: Thu Apr 27 2023 Depart: Thu May 4 2023 We're looking forward to spending time with our Heartland friends - even if we can't stay to the end.
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    EVENT: Heartland Owners Camp-Out: TX, Fredericksburg - 4/25/2022 to 5/2/2022

    Hi. Jay - I just made our reservation. We're arriving Monday, April 25th and departing Friday, April 29th - so just 4 nights for us. We need to move down to Kerrville for another event on Friday. Looking forward to hanging out with friends! We're in site 84 in the upper loop. Still some...
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    For Sale: 2020 Sundance 262RB Travel Trailer - Really nice!

    I'm selling my former demo coach. We just spent 10 days going over the entire coach, cleaning and refurbishing as needed. Coach is in really good condition and very clean. This coach has a LOT of added items. Get it while it lasts! Price, pickup location and contact info listed in image...
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: TX, Canton - 10/14/2021 to 10/17/2021

    The Belettis are coming! We arrive Tuesday, Oct 12 We depart Sunday, Oct 17 The campground says we all get some sort of discount if we hit 10 rigs - so come on and rally up! See y'all there.
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: GA, Hiawassee - 9/23/2021 to 9/26/2021

    I'd love to hear more about your ebikes. Dan and Lisa Brown got the same brand. Give me a call sometime Lance. Hope you, Kem and family are doing well.
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    Everchill 10.7 cu ft 12v DC Refer Manual - Model WD-282FWDC 2021-08-08

    This 12 volt DC only refer was used in some of Heartland's travel trailers. Click the orange download button in the upper-right corner of this page to download this file.
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    HOC email asking for updated info

    Hi all - it's legit. From our new Member Manager application, we have the ability to send email out to Club membership or any subset of members. Soon, we'll give Chapter Leaders the ability to use the system to engage via email with their members. The reason for the emails over the last few...
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    Inverter or generator?

    I set it as low as it would go. Forget what that was - maybe 60F. Like you, boondocking is not a priority for us either but having a large supply (600AH) of DC power when not grid-connected is nice. We have many travel days and with the dogs, we eat lunch during an extended (up to an hour)...
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    Inverter or generator?

    Duane - yes, I have the Micro Air Easy Start on my main (15k) AC. In my system, all branch circuits on L1 are inverted. The only items on L2 are AC#2 (bedroom), Water Heater (AC heating) and 1/2 of CheapHeat. Heating and cooling the tiny trailer with a single slide is pretty easy while...
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    Inverter or generator?

    @TrailCreek - I like your setup. I too have 600 AH of BB batteries and I too run my main (15k) AC from inverted battery power. I'm using a Victron 3k MultiPlus inverter. In full sun, with 1080 watts of solar pulling in about 800+ watts during this test, I ran the AC continuously for 4 hours...
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IA, Amana - 9/30/2021 to 10/3/2021

    Wish we could make it this year but not in the cards. Amana is so much fun during Oktoberfest. Wishing you, Shel, the kids and all the rally attendees a great time!
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    Backup Camera

    Not as cost effective as the Haloview would be the Furrion product. I've been very satisfied with my 4 camera setup. It's their Vision S product.
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    Backup Camera

    My son has that brand on his longer Sundance travel trailer. He says it’s pretty good. It does glitch out (gets jittery) at times. For the cost - he’s happy.
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    Hi everyone

    Hello and welcome Phillip. Which RV do you have?
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    Sold our 2016 Sundance

    Dave and Sue - congrats on your new RV and i wish you well as full-timers! If you were a member of the Heartland Owners Club, we now offer a feature to self-delete in our database. Simply visit this link, do the password reset, log in and use the Delete feature.
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    Tapatalk update

    Yeah - I didn't know I could tweak the logo or the background image until I was told there was a motorhome stock image there. Oops :)
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    RESOLVED: Motorhome in Heartland Owner Forum Tapatalk app

    I figured this out. What you're seeing is a stock image in the Tapatalk app. I went into our Tapatalk management dashboard and updated the image. Thank you for pointing this out!
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    testing picture

    You can hit Edit on your post, click one on your picture and drag it smaller.
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    RESOLVED: Circuit Breaker Orientation (Wiring)

    $25 - Amazon >
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    RESOLVED: Circuit Breaker Orientation (Wiring)

    Here's what did with mine - link to more pics
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    New Forum Platform - Xenforo, Report your bugs and feedback here

    For item 2: Click your username, then in the box that pops up, click the message count
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IL, Rantoul - 9/9/2021 to 9/12/2021

    Nice! Hope you can make a rally or two this year.
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IL, Rantoul - 9/9/2021 to 9/12/2021

    Welcome Dpowelson! Yes, chapter rallies are open to all Heartland RV produced products. What Heartland brand and model year do you have?
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    You haven't lived until...

    @Semi-Hex - way to MacGyver that system in the field. I've blown a few hoses as well but found them at home - on my concrete pad :)
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    @BlankenshipHouse - please check your Conversations as I sent you a message.
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    Wow - so sorry to her this. I have not heard of an issue like this that couldn't be resolved. I suggest you give a quick call to Precision Circuits to see if your dealer has been working with them directly on this matter. Precision Circuits Inc 2538 Wisconsin Ave Downers Grove, IL 60515...
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    Tapatalk update

    Tapatalk is back! We decided to re-add Tapatalk. So if you prefer to read this forum and others from a mobile device using Tapatalk, go for it!
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    New Forum Platform - Xenforo, Report your bugs and feedback here

    😁 You asked, we considered, it's all good :)
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    Closing one AC vent?

    Partially closing one AC vent will be fine. I doubt even fully closing it would negatively affect system operation. Go for it and make your son comfortable.
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    What do you like about having an RV Lock on your entry door?

    Love that feature as well. Hold the lock button for a couple seconds - and it locks! That feature came to be a few years ago.
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    What do you like about running a TPMS on your RV?

    Gary - here's a link to the post Cookie made with that eBay link a number of years back. On edit: eBay link no longer valid - sorry.
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    What do you like about running a TPMS on your RV?

    I've used a number of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) over the years. Pressure Pro, Valor, TireMinder and TST are the ones I recall using, dating back to 2005. Today, I'm running the TST 507 series TPMS on both my truck and RV and I love it! In order, what I like about running with a...
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    Dual drains on 2021 Sundance?

    We have a Sundance 262RB. Because the bath is in the rear and the kitchen is north of the center, we too have 2 sewer discharge points. I use a Y fitting and extra hoses. On overnight stops, I do not install all of that though, I just dump the tanks at each end, one after the other by moving...
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    RV Industry Sales and Order Backlog

    Just a quick post to mention that RV industry (boats too) sales continues to be at a record pace. From the new article below, I see that THOR's order backlog is $14B. That's 14 billion dollars in backlogged orders. That's huge. I'm used to this figure being in the few hundred million range...
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    What do you like about having an RV Lock on your entry door?

    Hey George - thanks for buying the lock. As you know, it really helps the chapter. Looks like it was a real fun rally. We’re having a great time with Heartland pals in Colorado Springs this week (follow me on Facebook). Miss seeing you and Laura. One day :)
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    Accessing New Forum Posts from Mobile Device

    You are right! So many cool things we're learning :)
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    Accessing New Forum Posts from Mobile Device

    Forum User Help Document Subject: Accessing New Forum Posts from Mobile Device Description How to find New Posts using mobile device Use Case Forum users can easily access the forum using a mobile device and quickly get to New posts Process 1. Open a web browser on your mobile device and...
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    Well known member moniker

    Hi Gary, I just wrote an article about this. Learn more here.