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  1. totosparents

    New fridge. Inverter cuts out

    I have the very same frig, it draws 1.5 amps, I put an amp probe on it, not sure of the starting amps, but total amps on sticker say's 3.9
  2. totosparents

    Another Residential Fridge Install Experience

    How did you anchor it in place? Ours arrives the 28th of this month. And was the Norcold hard to get out? I only see a few screws in the back of ours
  3. totosparents

    Shower Door seal on 2014 Silverado

    Our lower seal on the shower door (Neo Angle) is ripping, I took the two screws out of the rail, but I am afraid I will break the glass, does anyone know how...
  4. totosparents

    Pin Box Cord Wiring

    I feel stupid here. I looked at it again, and didn't see that the breakaway for the brakes were snuck out that way, Hence the two extra wires
  5. totosparents

    Pin Box Cord Wiring

    Anyone have a schematic of how the cord is wired? It looks like I have 9 wires in my cord
  6. totosparents

    does it ever end?

    Pulled out the drawer under refrigerator today, and it wouldn't go back in all the way, took a closer look, and saw that the drawer bottom had come away from the side pieces. Not really happy with our choice of 5er at this point, I am not sure if all...
  7. totosparents

    Great week in Hot Springs, Ar.

    wife and I went to Lake Ouacita State Park for a week...........Had a good drive down there, no "Blowmax" problems. Only trouble was running the slides out. Imagine my surprise when the slide with the couch and hide a bed went out, but the couch didn't. Seems they use a few small wood screws to...
  8. totosparents

    Factory or Dealer???

    I could do that, but the trailer is new and wanted a new ladder, just for the look. It just seems like "That's Good Enough" is the norm these day's. xxx
  9. totosparents

    Factory or Dealer???

    Not sure where the blame should go, but I damaged my ladder and ordered a new one over 1 1/2 months ago. Dealer saved me some shipping by waiting to have it shipped with some other big items ( I do appreciate that). I was called and told the ladder was in, so I drove the 30 miles each way to...
  10. totosparents

    Unlabeled TV Connectors

    Has anyone found that the basement jack was connected wrong? I traced one of the white cables from the splitter to the bedroom and booster. Not sure where the other goes yet, but the jack in the basement is connected to the input on the splitter. what I am trying to accomplish is putting my...
  11. totosparents

    sorry but I am new to this: ...80PSI????

    I imagine it was shipped from Indiana to Arkansas with the 60 PSI. We just bought it this month and have only put about 60 miles on it. All this talk about them blowing and tearing up the trailer has me afraid to go anywhere with the rig. We are lucky to to have some great campgrounds near, but...
  12. totosparents

    Is Heartland Moving Away From Towmax??

    our 2014 Silverado came with Blowmax tires on it
  13. totosparents

    sorry but I am new to this: ...80PSI????

    I was reading the tag on the side of our 5er and saw that tire pressure should be 80 PSI cold. I checked them and they were at 60 PSI. I added some air up to 72 PSI...........Just wondering if 80 is correct. Like I said in the header, sorry for all the questions, but this is all pretty new to...
  14. totosparents

    Fan Shuts Off for a few seconds

    on our 2014 Siverado, the main A/C fan will shut off for a few seconds, and then start again. I can hear the compressor still running when this happens. Never had this happen on our other TT
  15. totosparents

    Tire Changing

    Feel kind of bad I started this thread. I figured on a few answers not 3 pages worth.........LOL
  16. totosparents

    Tire Changing

    We have a Siverado, and was wondering how people jack it up to change a tire. I have a small floor jack, but it is no where near lifting the axle. It is only a 4K pound jack. was thinking of a 12 ton air jack since I carry a small compressor with us.
  17. totosparents

    No AC from any registers, but cold high velocity air from unit in living room

    I just picked my 33RK up and had the same problem, I pulled the grill down and found the duct work had never been opened to the unit. I cut the foil in the middle and folded it back into the duct, then had some HVAC duct sealing tape to seal it all up.
  18. totosparents

    Refill disposable propane bottles?

    for about 3 bucks a piece (2 pack less than 6.00) at Wally World, I don't think I would take the chance of refilling.
  19. totosparents

    2014 Bighorn 3010RE Fridge Won't Run on Propane

    Thanks Go Pack Go, good to know info. My fridge is on a slide also Just hope that Go Pack Go isn't for the Go Bears!!!!!
  20. totosparents

    Unlabeled TV Connectors

    Thank's everyone
  21. totosparents

    Unlabeled TV Connectors

    We have a 2014 Silverado, and in the UDC there is two coax jacks, and neither one of them is labeled. We are thinking about Dish network and a tailgater antenna and not sure which one of the connectors it should go on. thanks
  22. totosparents

    Setting clock on Genisis Technologies GT-2.0

    Thank You, the rig is new and I am trying to figure things out
  23. totosparents

    Setting clock on Genisis Technologies GT-2.0

    I will be the first to admit that I am no way technically inclined when it comes to electronic appliances. Mechanically inclined? yes!!!! It say's in instruction manual to press clock button for 3 seconds and clock will flash......I got that part, then push volume up or down to change hours...
  24. totosparents

    Question on Filter

    Where do most put your filter? At the spigot or at the trailer? Is there an advantage to either location?
  25. totosparents

    How do I manually Crank the landing gear on 2015 Elkridge 5th wheel

    If this is a common problem, maybe talk to Heartland about putting limit switches in, to keep the landing gear from coming to far up.
  26. totosparents

    How many pets travel with you?

    We have one.............Toto "The Wonder Dog"....I got her as a rescue dog from the Humane Society. Took a bit to get her to where she is now but she is a good dog. I think she may have been abused by children because she does not like young people. She loves to ride in the truck, but doesn't...
  27. totosparents

    Success! The end to all our water leaks!!

    Seems that is what happens when "Quantity" is more important than "Quality". Could be why there is only a 1 year warranty. Just my .02
  28. totosparents

    UDC Valves

    Thanks I really like this set-up
  29. totosparents

    Question on Abbreviation

    Thank you for the reply's
  30. totosparents

    Question on Abbreviation

    I have wracked my pea brain for a week now, and can't figure out the "DW" abbreviation for wives, or the one for husbands. Hope this isn't like a secret handshake or something, I joined the clup this morning have no proof of membership yet......LOL:confused:
  31. totosparents

    trigger Pulled.......LOL

    Pulled the trigger yesterday on this, hope to pick it up Tuesday
  32. totosparents

    New 33RK

    well it is done, pick it up Tuesday or Wednesday 9-2/9-3. Now I can't afford to pay attention..........LOL
  33. totosparents

    New 33RK

    Leaving in a few minutes to go to the dealer and do the paperwork on a 2014 Siverado 33RK. wish we could have it for the weekend but dealer is busy and it's first come first served......LOL I haven't driven a fifth wheel vehicle in over 40 years, (fuel tankers in Vietnam) hope I remember...
  34. totosparents

    adding levelup

    If I already have the hydraulic landing gear, can the 2 more lifts be added to the system?
  35. totosparents

    Converter Was Unplugged

    Seems to me, if there are this many problems with the cords falling out, Heartland may want to look into having "Twist-lock" plugs put on the converters and installing a twist lock receptacle. Hoping to pull the trigger on a 33RK in the next couple weeks, and that may be the first thing I check...
  36. totosparents

    Circuit breaker off and still get tingling

    As far as I know, the neutral should only be bonded at the service connection
  37. totosparents

    Silverado Packages

    we are looking at a 2014 Siverado Big Horn And it shows three different option packages and I can't seem to find anything on them. They are: Silverado Platinum Package Silverado supreme travel package and Silverado ultimate camping package. We would...
  38. totosparents

    ATF: Bighorn - Battery

    Obviously you don't live near us.................ROFL
  39. totosparents

    New Members from Arkansas

    Hello all, we are new members and hopefully buying a 2014 33RK in a few weeks. Just sold our keystone Springdale bumper pull last week. will be pulling it with a 2011 GMC Denali 2500 HD Turbo Diesel Hope to learn a lot on this site. Totosarents (Toto is our schnauzer mix by the way)