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    Hanging Pictures 2022 Bighorn

    We use command strips everywhere! Make sure to clean the surface really well before adhering the strips for best results. For picture frames, I found that Walmart sells cheap plexiglass versions that weigh almost nothing. They may not be as fancy as a normal frame, but it doesn’t add weight to...
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    Blue Ox: New 5th Wheel Hitch

    I have the Andersen as well, I like how easy it is to connect and disconnect at any angle, and how easy it is to remove from the truck if I need the extra space to haul something around. The Fifth Wheel also tows really nicely with it, although it's the only hitch I have used with it, so I don't...
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    Who Insures you?

    I currently have 3 vehicles insured through Geico including our Milestone. I have never had to file a claim with them, so I don't know how great they are service-wise, but I do know my rates are going up by 40% in January. I called them to ask why, and they just gave the generic answer of...
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    tire pressure

    I hate how much thought I put into my tire PSI, but I think it's worth it. When we are ready to travel, I look at the current PSI, and the current temperature in the area, then look at the temperature where we will be heading. Sometimes it's a pretty big difference, especially when elevation is...
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    Serious build quality issues

    You just nailed the problem on the head. In most states, RV’s do not get the same protection that automobiles do. If the laws were the same, we would most likely see a dramatic drop in manufacturing defects. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2021 Milestone Wall Cracks

    That's pretty much the exact response I got from most of the ones I spoke to. They were already booked out for months and didn't want to make it worse with units that didn't even come from their location. It's been an interesting experience seeking outside help for repairs as I have been...
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    2021 Milestone Wall Cracks

    It seems that RV dealers don't want to look at your RV if you didn't purchase it from them. I found one that said they would look at it, but were 3+ months out. I ended up finding a service location in FL that is just for service, and not part of a dealership. I was able to get an appointment...
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    2021 Milestone Wall Cracks

    Thanks for the advice! I was hoping they would see the cracks and have us come right to Indiana, but they want us to take it to a service center first to have it inspected, which I get, but I’m worried about burning a bunch of time trying to find a dealership who will look at it and then...
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    2021 Milestone Wall Cracks

    I have put gorilla tape over it for now to keep the moisture out. It keeps the water out but can still be removed easily enough. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    On our previous RV, I had to take a good portion of the ceiling down and got to see the joists. It was a combination of wood and aluminum. Where the roof met the front cap, there was wood, which probably gave better support for the screws on the roof holding the front cap down. The rest of the...
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    2021 Milestone Wall Cracks

    Looks like we are getting cracks in our walls on our 2021 Milestone 370flmb. It sounds like something is being forced back into place on one of the slides as it goes out, so I am assuming a weld has broken inside the wall. I am disappointed as I thought they had this issue fixed on the newer...
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    Lipo Battery Questions ?

    I would assume you could replace it with a lower amperage unit, it just wouldn't charge your batteries as quickly after they are drained, especially while you are actively pulling current from the batteries. If you can, you may want to measure your amperage draw under max load and ensure you...
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    Attaching curtain rod above front door

    We use 3M hooks for all of our curtain rods. They have worked well even for our bigger windows that require a heavier curtain rod. Our biggest window needs a hook in the middle for extra support. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lipo Battery Questions ?

    Also, this website has a great chart for different battery types and their voltages:
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    Help please. Cant find slide motors or manual crank on 2018 heartland pioneer SO185

    I always thought if you put the motors back in place with power attached, that they would then lock the slide in place while traveling.
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    Water pump M260

    A leak could certainly be possible. You could pressure test the system via a compressor and pressure gauge to see if it's holding pressure properly. If you notice that you are losing pressure, you could spray all the connections with soapy water to see if you can find the source of the leak. I...
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    Lipo Battery Questions ?

    Your vehicle's 12v system was not designed for lipo and will not output enough voltage to fully charge a lipo battery. Additionally, for your converter, I would check with the battery manufacturer for how much amperage they want flowing into the battery for charging. While I haven't worked with...
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    Inverter Installation

    You will only get rid of the converter if you get a high end inverter that includes a converter. Most of them do not include a converter though. You will also most likely want to install an automatic transfer switch (ATS). This will handle switching between shore power and inverter power for...
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    furnace turning on and off, and no heat.... was working fine...

    Listen closely when it first comes on, if you can hear a clicking sound coming from the furnace, then it's most likely not getting propane. It will usually try three cycles before shutting off. The clicking is the ignitor trying to start the flame. If there is no clocking noise, then as BigFry...
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    Serious build quality issues

    I had a list of issues when I bought our 2021 Milestone. Luckily it was all stuff I could fix myself, even if some of the items were a bit egregious. Although this seems to be an issue across all brands, I think centerline did a good job explaining the workforce above. It all comes down to the...
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    Ground Control 3.0 Jack Maintenance

    Just wondering if anyone does anything specific for their GC 3 jacks? We just had one of our front jacks fail on our 2021 Milestone to the point that I couldn't even use the manual override option. There must have been something binding in the leg as it would operate normally when there was no...
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    Washer and dryer install on 16 4150

    The combo units are pretty hefty in weight, so there is no way I would have been able to get it into position without the help from the straps. That's a pretty tight clearance! I guess you won't have to worry about them tipping over though :).
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    Washer and dryer install on 16 4150

    I had to get a Washer/Dryer combo in place by myself in a space just big enough for it to slide into. In our Milestone, it went into a closet in a small bunk room just big enough for one person to stand in front of. I ended up using furniture moving straps that allowed me to pick the unit...
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    Wet and rotted floor on 2018 model

    Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking of trying this if I ever ran into another damaged floor. Sounds like I will just be sticking with replacement. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wet and rotted floor on 2018 model

    Would you say it was worth it given the end result? I have replaced slide subfloor in the past, and it was not fun.
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    Wet and rotted floor on 2018 model

    The original owner tried sealing the roof with a spray type sealant. It lasted for a very short while, but then failed all of a sudden. The water damage progressed very quickly, and I soon noticed the sealing above the window was wet. I would not put any type over the floor, as that would seal...
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    Wet and rotted floor on 2018 model

    In our previous RV that had water damage, water was leaking through a spot in the roof, traveling down the wall, and then exiting where the wall meets the floor. Wall looked perfectly fine, and I thought the window was leaking, but it turned out to be coming from the roof. I didn't have to...
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    Remote for slide out

    I use my phone as a remote for the slide. It's really helpful for standing directly in front of the slide as it goes out, or watching it from outside in tight spaces. Obviously, if you have two people this isn't needed, but sometimes my wife is busy with other things.
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    Bedroom slide leaking from the bottom. Has this happened to anyone?

    I had this exact issue when we bought our Milestone. I mostly fixed the issue by caulking above and below the black bar on the bottom of the slide. It was still getting a little wet, so I watched the slide while it rained and found the water was streaming directly over some screws. I pulled the...
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    1st time 5th wheel owner; HELP!

    We bought our Milestone new, it just came with a stack of manuals for each individual appliance, nothing specific for the RV itself. If you have a question about a specific appliance, I would just Google the model number and I am sure the manual will pop up. Otherwise, like others have said, the...
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    Delamination Mitigation

    Had a similar issue with our Milestone. Luckily they did not put any trim or caulk on the inside between the wall and floor in that area so the water ran through the wall and overtop the floor letting me catch it right away. Took me a while to track it down, but hopefully I caught it before it...
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    2022 BH280 - Panel Separation

    That seems like a lot of movement in those panels. We traveled to Alaska this summer and I do have one panel that seems to have had its staples shaken out, same thing with the other family we were traveling with. My main concern is that you are seeing panels separate and something bowing while...
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    Landmark Louisville Modifications

    Looks good. Thanks for sharing! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Landmark Louisville Modifications

    The link to the attachment is not working. But it sounds like you used pretty thin metal, which is great because I was worried about what gauge I should go with. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Landmark Louisville Modifications

    I have the same issue with my kitchen slide where the roller supports the fridge. The wheels are digging into the floor. Any tips for installing the metal sheets? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    LEDs Flashing

    The LEDs themselves pretty much last forever, but the electronic boards that control them do not. Assuming you don’t have a short messing with the lights, I would just look for new lights you like and replace them. Couldn’t hurt to check the wires with a multimeter while you jiggle them around...
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    Sloppy plumbing construction

    Glad you were able to get it fixed! When we bought our 2021 Milestone, we found out after the first shower that they never even screwed the P trap to the shower drain. I have mixed feelings on not having any insulation under the RV, but after having had a few leaks, I feel like it’s more hassle...
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    Roof to sidewall sealant

    A third option you could consider that I have seen a few people do is to use Eternabond. They used thin strips to make the seal between the roof and sidewall. If you take your time, it looks pretty nice and you won’t really notice it from the ground. It won’t be a quick process to do the prep...
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    Milestone 370FLMB vented dryer

    We have the same model and went with a ventless combo unit. It has worked surprisingly well. The clothes feel a bit damp when you take them out, but by the time you are done putting them on hangers, or folding them, they feel dry. It took some getting used to. I don’t see a way you could put a...