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  1. westxsrt10

    Tire Changing

    Don't lift my the light weight frame!.... very very dangerous. You only have to lift the wheel 1 1/2" by the axle with a v-groove angle iron jack insert. (very safe) Send me your jack (or just the screw head) and I'll weld it for free. This is a 4 ton jack...8000# is twice needed. No need...
  2. westxsrt10

    Air bags

    I have Firestone's and Air Lifts...both are good. If you want the best performance don't use a auto. compressor and don't "tee" the bag air line piping together.
  3. westxsrt10

    Long Distance Purchase

    Re: Long Distance Puchase Please post more information on your purchase so we can help......$1800 delivery is ok if your 1500miles away.
  4. westxsrt10

    2014 Cyclone 3100 air conditioner seems to run ALL the time.

    The cool air blowing at the thermostat can be the cause of your cycling. Try placing a clear plastic bag over the thermostat and redirect the cool air from aiming at the stat.
  5. westxsrt10

    Brakes, hubs and Magnets need Replacement on 2012 Northtrail 32 BUDS Caliber edition

    "Improper set up" could mean YOU had the brake controller set to high. > The TT brakes may have been set so high so to also stop your Ram truck.
  6. westxsrt10

    Boily generator

    Check the two 1/8" carb. vents out the rear of the unit...make sure they are not pinched. Gas cap vent open? The Boliy's require a smaller jet if operated above 5000'ele.
  7. westxsrt10

    Good Sam Roadside Assistance Saved Me Again

    Good Sam RV roadside assistance is the only way to go IMO. We had AAA for 30 years but they won't change a tire on the wheel or bring a new tire if requested. Also Good Sam is $25% less than AAA.
  8. westxsrt10

    Disappointed new owner

    Your dealer says he tightened all the PEX fittings by hand during the PDI?>= Impossible!. Pex Is a GO or NO type connection
  9. westxsrt10

    F250 Regen

    Pete Just trying to save you from having major problems with your Ford diesel. The 08's have enough issues so why make more. If you haven't visited the FTE forum I suggest browsing there. Also check out the independent testing of the KN's for oil damage and allowing 'dirt' to pass through...
  10. westxsrt10

    F250 Regen

    First thing to do is throw the K&N in the trash!.......... then clean your intake system thoroughly. K&N's are a joke.
  11. westxsrt10

    Adding 2nd AC to Sundance 285TS

    You will want to do the AC mods first (forum search) as they can improve you AC performance as much as 20%. Bubble foil I the widows another 20%.
  12. westxsrt10

    Battery box vents

    I added a second battery like you did to our Sundance. I installed a 'tee' and ran a second hose to the top of the battery second lid. The 1/1/4" or 1 1/2" hose and pvc drain trap tee can be bought at Home Depot or Lowes. Make sure you vent the bottom of the new battery box similar to the OEM.
  13. westxsrt10

    How many problems are "normal" for a new trailer?

    Re: How many problems are "normal" for a new trailet? After owning 4 new RV's I'd say your issues are normal. Get those small issues fixed then modify and enjoy your trailer.
  14. westxsrt10

    LED lights I've tried many and most don't put out enough light....these have 48 LED's warm shade are a good value at about $1 ea. These have to be soldered to the existing wires.
  15. westxsrt10

    Loving my awning lights.....

    Can't beat that!.................. $25 spent = love and happiness.
  16. westxsrt10


    Because.........1. People keep buying them. 2. $ Profit margin for Heartland is higher using a cheap tire.
  17. westxsrt10

    Artis water pump

    The pump is rated for 3 gpm, that's not necessarily the faucets ratings. To check the pump output use a test hose directly connected to the pumps discharge outlet, place the hose end in a gal. bucket and run the pump for 1 minute.
  18. westxsrt10

    Abnormal Wear inside hitch

    EDIT: (I see what why you have issues now).
  19. westxsrt10

    Trailer Hitch

    Either way you go you will want to a "Hitch Stabilizer" to stop the play between the receiver & hitch >
  20. westxsrt10

    We just pulled the trigger on our new Gateway 3650BH

    Patience Grasshopper. Buying out of state makes sense sometimes so don't worry. (we saved 20%) Try posting your old Northtrail locally with 'pics' on EBay/Craigslist/free ads/ad here. We sold ours in a week. It should sell fast for the right market price.
  21. westxsrt10

    2013 Dodge mega cab / 2014 cyclone 3110 toy hauler too high in front ??????

    I had the same issues as you with our Sundance and safely correct I by........ First maintain a 6" bed rail to bottom of 5er clearance by adjusting your bed hitch height. Install a pinned spacer block between the bottom of the spring pack a top of the axle perch. (need to buy longer Ubolts)...
  22. westxsrt10

    Carlisle Tires

    Be sure to take a look at the number of sidewall plys.... Go for 3 ply+. If I had your 2 axle rig I'd be looking for 17.5 wheels and tires.
  23. westxsrt10

    Cost of delivery

    Lakeshore RV (Gary England) only charged us $1.00 a mile one way. $1.50 is on the high side. Normal would be $1.25 mile, the terms are very negotiable If they want the sale. Drivers do not make 1.50 per mile.....1/2 of that if they are lucky.
  24. westxsrt10

    Laundry chute??????

    Our Heartland Sundance has it....... I turned it in to a access door for a 12vdc to 120vac inverter.
  25. westxsrt10

    Boily generator

    Do a Google Boily like others had the Eco circuit board go out within the first 30 hours of operation. (out of warranty). The factor tech spoke very little English.
  26. westxsrt10

    Schizoid Generator…...

    It's sounds like it could be the Low OIL switch.........I'm sure you have the oil level right?
  27. westxsrt10

    Sundance slide out cable adjustment

    Good deal! Now you can tell others how to adjust a cable slide on a Sundance 280 XLT.
  28. westxsrt10

    Sundance slide out cable adjustment

    ....sure it's possible. If you feel like laying on your back remove some screws from the Coroplast underbelly liner near the slide and take a look.
  29. westxsrt10

    Sundance slide out cable adjustment

    I didn't think they had 09 Sundance XLT had a track with gears and was easily adjustable from outside.
  30. westxsrt10

    My truck-and-5'er combo is right at the limit on pin weight ... safety issue?

    Hitch it up and see how it sits. I'm betting you will want air bags to level it out and reduce sway. Air bags helped my F-250 overall and I towed Ultra-lite Sundance 287 (1240# oem pin weight ended up being 1550#)
  31. westxsrt10

    ElkRidge - Best Hitch

    Just within the limits for you will want drop-in coil type air bags and a differential cooling cover, your truck bed will drop 5-6 inches. (been there done that)
  32. westxsrt10

    F-150 Ecoboost

    I was considering a Eco F-150 for the wife. I saw to many owners on FTE forum stating the F150 Eco's make oil on the dip sticks. (rise oil levels from blow-by gas in the oil from the boost)
  33. westxsrt10

    Reese 16K manual slider 5th wheel hitch.

    Used this hitch for one 1200mi trip. Always kept inside, 1 year old. model #30051, With the 4 anchor pins. Photos taken yesterday. $325 Local pick-up
  34. westxsrt10

    Non Sliding Fifth Wheel Hitch

    I pulled our Sundance (sold) for many years without a slider. I bought a slider a year ago and used it once. ( slider For sale $325 like new)
  35. westxsrt10

    09 Sundance 287RL 5th wheel

    Original owner, always garaged - shiny paint, well maintained, everything works. Some upgrades are> 16" wheels with E Maxxis tires, shocks, strut stabilizers, heat taped exterior plumbing, 1200w inverter. Price $15,200 (optional 3600w Boliy generator w/ bumper support $400, Reese 16k...
  36. westxsrt10

    Maxxis M8008 tires OR a "LT" Tire

    All Michelin LTX A/T-2 tires have 2-ply sidewall. 3 ply is rare in a LT tire, The only 3 ply sidewall tire Discount tire has is BFG KO's (bought a set a month ago for my tough tire!)
  37. westxsrt10

    Maxxis M8008 tires OR a "LT" Tire

    Either 'D" rate tire will be a huge improvement over the oem. If you plan to drive over 70 mph get the LT.
  38. westxsrt10

    checking lp gas level?

    Guess I got lucky, my entry level Sundance came with a colored level gage (green to red). Works great!
  39. westxsrt10

    Help....Specs on Torque 270 HG?

    Is this information known> Bump AJJones?