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  1. justafordguy

    Upgrade from Elkridge

    I hate to say it but my Gateway looks just like that under there. It seems that there is no quality control on any of these campers anymore. :(
  2. justafordguy

    Wet awning after rain season

    Mine has water in it every time I unroll it. I guess it gets in there when raining but can't get back out.
  3. justafordguy

    Removed by OP

    My 15 Gateway wheels where stamped 110psi. Back in 15, the day I got it home from the dealer I got a set of G rated Sailun commercial tires and they have been great.
  4. justafordguy

    Airflow Question

    I'm not sure about your bighorn but on my Gateway both AC units are connected to the same vent system. If either unit is running air comes out of all vents. It does seem like more air flow comes out of the vents closest to the unit that is running but I would expect that. That being said if my...
  5. justafordguy

    DC Power Issues with new Big Country 3965dss

    Re: New owner big country 3965dss Sure sounds like it's blown. The question now is why?
  6. justafordguy

    Laminate under carpet

    I wish they had done the same on mine but no such luck. I would love to get rid of the carpet in the bunk room.
  7. justafordguy

    ATF: Sundance - Walking on Roof

    If it came with a ladder you can walk on the roof.
  8. justafordguy

    Door locks not installed correctly

    Both mine are the same. The problem is that the manufacturer is in to big of a hurry to install it correctly and they could care less if it's safe.:p
  9. justafordguy

    F-150 with 3.5L eco boost V6 for a travel trailer TV

    Many, Many people tow heavy Travel Trailers with the F150 3.5 EcoBoost trucks. If ordered with the towing/payload packages and the right gears you would be very happy with one as a tow vehicle and daily driver. My Brother tows a 8000lb TT with his 2016 F150 with the 2.7 EcoBoost and 3.73 gears...
  10. justafordguy

    Brannon’s Pioneer DS310 mods

    Nice mods. Man I sure wish my storage compartment was that organized.;)
  11. justafordguy

    Trying To Make Sense Of It All

    I often wonder the same thing. :p I don't drive my truck very far each day so it sometimes takes up to 3 days for a regen to finish. It kills my average millage. :(
  12. justafordguy

    Jerking when I start from a stop

    This does not sound like a truck problem, it sounds like a hitch problem. I don't believe the slider hitch was installed/setup correctly.
  13. justafordguy

    New TV for an Edge M18

    X3, Get a newer F150 with the 2.7 Ecoboost and a tow package. You would then have plenty of power (even if you got a bit larger Trailer) and great gas mileage as a daily driver.
  14. justafordguy

    Gateway 3800RLB Mods

    They were easy to remove and really give you a lot more counter space.
  15. justafordguy

    Gateway 3800RLB Mods

    If you run across a small gas range with a "retro" look, let me know. We have remodeled our interior and my wife thinks a range with the retro look would look perfect.
  16. justafordguy

    North Trail 33 buds towing

    Sounds like you will be right at or over your GCWR, You better take it to a scale, loaded for camping, and see what the whole rig really weighs.
  17. justafordguy

    Gateway 3800RLB Mods

    My Wife has talked about this same idea. It would be awesome if we could make a real oven fit.
  18. justafordguy

    North Trail 33 buds towing

    What's the gvwr on that North Trail? Also what is the year and rating on your 1500? At almost 40' long I bet it's to much for a 1/2 ton truck depending on how it was optioned from the factory.
  19. justafordguy

    Gateway 3800RLB Mods

    Looks like Bones beat me to it. Let me know if I can get any other measurements or pictures for you.
  20. justafordguy

    Newbie question about removing WDH bars

    Most of the higher end WDHs have anti sway built into their design and don't require the adjustable add-on friction type bars. Take a look at en Equalizer brand hitch online. The website will explain how it works, and I can tell you they work very well.
  21. justafordguy

    Gateway 3800RLB Mods

    No but I can get them for you tonight.
  22. justafordguy

    Newbie question about removing WDH bars

    You will have to play it by ear, if it looks like a very un-level spot it may be easier on you to remove the spring bars first. Friction type sway bars are useless anyway so it doesn't really matter how tight you have them. ;)
  23. justafordguy

    Gateway 3800RLB Mods

    My 15 Gateway has drawers in the steps. I wonder if you could order the drawers for a 15 and make them work for you?
  24. justafordguy

    Do you keep your batteries hooked up?

    Not sure if your 17 Gateway is the same as my 15 but the converter on mine is behind the breaker/fuse panel in the kitchen not in the basement.
  25. justafordguy

    Corner Seam Seperation

    I just had the same thing happen to my Gateway. The whole rear seam came loose almost all the way down. I had to pull it all apart replace some rotten wood and put it all back together. The original screws where so short that they pulled right out and let water in there. I used screws that were...
  26. justafordguy

    What did you do to your camper today?

    Agreed, put some soft white LEDs in there and you probably won't need the shield anymore.
  27. justafordguy

    BigHorn 3160EL Interior Step Modification

    That's a great mod, you are going to love your Morryde steps.
  28. justafordguy

    Making a spare key

    That sounds like an awesome idea. What is invloved in re-keying the the baggage doors?
  29. justafordguy

    Morryde vs Lippert Entry Steps

    I have the Morryde Step above steps and love them. Much safer than the folding steps it came with.
  30. justafordguy

    Pin weight or hitch problem. Which one?

    The front black and front grey tank are further forward so just to test you could fill those.
  31. justafordguy

    Pin weight or hitch problem. Which one?

    I've towed with the fresh tank full several times. It doesn't really make any difference because the the tank is centered up on the front axle so the pin weight doesn't change much at all.
  32. justafordguy

    Pin weight or hitch problem. Which one?

    Yeah I think moving the axles would be a better solution because adding more weight will just put more stress on the whole rig.
  33. justafordguy

    Pin weight or hitch problem. Which one?

    I may be able to rig something up to video it but it will be a few months before my next trip. I'm fully loaded but about a week at a time is our longest trip so we are never real heavy. This issue was so bad with the dually I would have to slow down to 30 mph on several bridges between...
  34. justafordguy

    Factory aluminum rims cracking

    They did not offer to pay but my tire guy didn't charge me anything to remount/balance. I didn't file any complaint, what is the process?
  35. justafordguy

    Pin weight or hitch problem. Which one?

    Hey Bones, I had the same issue with my rig back when I had my dually. When I fist got my 3650BH I used my old F250 to haul it. It was perfect, very smooth over transitions. Then I got the dually, the ride was awful and transitions would jar your teeth out, just like your video. A few months...
  36. justafordguy

    Factory aluminum rims cracking

    I just received the replacement wheel from Tredit last night. Only took them about a week to get this to me. I'll take it next week to get it mounted and balanced.
  37. justafordguy

    Lippert Tongue Jack

    The fuse for the power jack on my pioneer wasn't under a cover on the jack. It was on the wire under the cover for the battery box. Take a look are the wire from the jack where it hooks to the battery and see if there is an inline fuse.
  38. justafordguy

    Aluminum Steps

    You're right, they don't make one narrow enough for the rear door so I had to modify it. I took it apart, cut it to fit, and welded/riveted it back together. Worked like a charm and you can't even tell it was modified. ;)
  39. justafordguy

    2017 Super Duty power tailgate release issues

    I wonder how we could tell if it's already fixed?
  40. justafordguy

    bouncing front to back when rolling ?

    I have a 17 F350 pulling 15k with a Curt Q20 and ford puck system and mine doesn't do that at all so I don't think it's the brake controller or the truck either. Something is going on with that hitch.