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  1. Geodude

    Hydraulic Slides

    Do you mean the slide seal flippers? They help flip the seals so they are in the right position as the slide goes in or out.
  2. Geodude

    Slide Topper Fabric Pulled Out after 4.5 years - Warranty Replacement on the Way

    My three slide toppers are all rotting, which seems a bit premature as the trailer is only in its fifth year. Anyway, I'm wondering if changing the awning fabric is a DIY job. Any insights appreciated!
  3. Geodude

    Fiberglass Cracking

    Check with member Dan50 here. He has a 2018 Big Country, same problem in the same location. He's at the rally in Elkhart right now, and apparently it will be looked at there.
  4. Geodude

    New to us Tow vehicle

    I've been reading that GM is going to try to go back to creating more differences between the GMC truck and the Chevy truck. I guess time will tell. Here in Canada, GMC outsells Chevy, opposite to the US.
  5. Geodude

    Transporting Bicycles

    We just prop them up - usually leaning against the wall and throw a blanket on to protect them.
  6. Geodude

    Transporting Bicycles

    We put my wife's bike (road or mountain, depending on the trip) in the main basement, standing up, front wheel off. My bike (road or mountain) goes in the front basement, again with the front wheel off. I like this way of transporting them because they stay safe and clean and out of the way.
  7. Geodude

    Input from y'all

    One thing to remember, pickup trucks run out of payload before anything else, so this is an issue with the bigger 5th wheels. Look at overall towing capacity later as this is a marketing number for the most part. This is exactly the reason we ended up going to a dually. Once we got our...
  8. Geodude

    Levelup going Bonkers!

    I had something similar occur last year. I reinitialized the system several times to teach it "no, dummy, THIS is level". But to no avail. I did the full power-down, disconnect, etc., which also didn't work. Then I called Lippert and buddy said right off "oh, your hydraulic fluid is just...
  9. Geodude

    Input from y'all

    Back in February we switched from a 1-ton SRW to a dually. We live in a city of about 1M people and I take the dually downtown now and again. It's doable. As stated, if your mirrors fit then your hips will fit (but watch you don't cut the turn too much). In parking lots I tend to park midway...
  10. Geodude

    LCI theater seat lost power

    I went through this process today. One of the chairs either didn't work or was intermittent. It turns out the connector to the motor just under the footrest was not tight, and the two connectors at the controller were not tight. The chairs were clamped to the floor, held by a single screw in...
  11. Geodude

    Onstar wifi

    We have it in ours, thought we'd give 'er a go. We bought the 20 GB/one year plan that cost $200. Our main reason is that roaming fees are way too high in the US now so what we do now is put our phones on airplane mode at the border and use the truck's wifi instead of cell service. Works...
  12. Geodude

    What’s the best truck to pull a BIGHORN?

    We have a Bighorn 3585RL with a 3100 pound pin weight. We used to tow it with a 6.7L Ford Super Duty SRW short-bed truck, but the truck was over its payload by 300 or 400 pounds. None of the new SRW Super Duty trucks have the payload we need (well, maybe a base model single cab) and due to the...
  13. Geodude

    Sailun tires excessive wear on inside and outside of all 4 tires!

    I'll add that the Sailuns on our 2015 Bighorn are wearing faster on all outside edges on all four tires, however there is no sign of that "melting" showing in some of the OP's pictures. We run at 110 PSI all the time, the tires have about 37,000 kms on them. We are well under trailer load...
  14. Geodude

    Issue with Spare Tire Carrier on BigHorn

    We had the same problem a couple of years ago. That silly knob had to be cut off and drilled out. I replaced it with a linch pin. Same problem with the hardware holding the spare tire to the rack, so that hardware was replaced with stainless parts and given a healthy does of anti-seize. The...
  15. Geodude Fords

    Having just switched from a 2011 Ford F-350 to a 2018 GMC Denali 3500, that DEF tank on the GM seemed to be a bit of a head scratcher for sure. What we did is instead of getting the default "flat" running boards, we ordered the 4" tubular version. Not only are they more rare, they do a good job...
  16. Geodude

    New Bighorn 3585RL and Ford F350

    The Duramax has 910 torques and 445 HP. I haven't towed with it yet as I'm still in the non-towing break-in period. The towing break-in instructions say not to tow faster than 80 km/h for the first 800 kms. That is going to be painfully slow. :eek: That 2350 sounds like the brochure pin...
  17. Geodude

    New Bighorn 3585RL and Ford F350

    That's our combo! Or it was. With a pin weight of 3100 pounds on the 3585 I was overloading the F-350's payload by about 400 pounds once we put in people, stuff in the bed, the hitch and so on. The 2017 trucks didn't get any more payload. In my case I solved it by getting into a 2018 GMC dually.
  18. Geodude

    Propane use

    Not in our case, we don't do much cold weather camping. That said, next summer I'll install a bit of heat tape and a heating pad to the fresh water tank.
  19. Geodude

    Propane use

    I always presume the furnace will burn a pound an hour. This past weekend we were camping in cold weather, where the temps dropped down to -12C and between the furnace and the water heater we burned through two 30 pound tanks in three days. The trailer was heated to between 18C and 20C (in an...
  20. Geodude

    What GPS do you use and would you recomend purchasing it?

    That's a bummer but good that Garmin is being their usual helpful selves. The same thing happened to me on my 760 when I went to install the Low Clearances database, and Garmin replaced the unit even though it was a month out of warranty. They set me up with another 760 and the same thing...
  21. Geodude

    What did you do to your camper today?

    Thanks! I picked it up for $184 CDN at Living Lighting here in Ottawa. It's a Kichler Lighting "Canfield" 32 in fan, in an oil brushed bronze finish.
  22. Geodude

    What did you do to your camper today?

    In the last two weeks, the push-button LED light under the cupboard just beside the stove burned out, we broke the ceiling fan (the incoming slide ate a blade), blew a hydraulic line and had a falling tree branch punched a hole in the awning. The leaking (spraying) hydraulic line was discovered...
  23. Geodude

    What GPS do you use and would you recomend purchasing it?

    That's good to hear! I just did the update a couple of days ago so haven't had a chance to try it out yet. Here's hopin'!
  24. Geodude

    What GPS do you use and would you recomend purchasing it?

    I do find it works better in car mode but the reason I bought it is for RV mode and to avoid low clearances (we're 13'5" high). It definitely routes us the long way around when we come back home from a trip with the camper when in RV mode. The funny thing is, it didn't do that initially...
  25. Geodude

    What GPS do you use and would you recomend purchasing it?

    We've had a half dozen Garmins over the years and all have been good, well, up until now! Last year our 760 bit the dust and Garmin replaced it with a 660. The 660 seems a bit wonky. We normally have it set to "fastest time". We can be on the road heading home and if I press "go home"...
  26. Geodude

    What did you do to your camper today?

    Upgraded to a wet bolt system today. The old shackles were getting pretty elongated after only three years, and the magnificently cheap plastic bushing were worn through. I really wish this would have been built better right from the get go.
  27. Geodude

    Another GVWR post

    As others said, payload is the issue. Sure, my numbers show I can tow my camper with the new Ford but I'll run out of payload fast. My pin weight is 3,080 lbs and the payload on the Ford F-350 Platinum SRW long bed was only 3,015 lbs. So the marketing department and the engineers didn't...
  28. Geodude

    Another GVWR post

    I tell ya, comparing the capabilities of a Ram 3500 SRW with a Ford F-350 SRW, Ram nails it with a much higher payload and a 12,300 GVWR available. I could tow our Bighorn easily with the Ram 3500 SRW put the comparable 2017 Ford SRW just isn't, well, comparable. Ram seems to have done their...
  29. Geodude

    Another GVWR post

    I'm in Ontario and I don't know anyone with an RV that's been pulled over and weighed. The Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) enforcement people told me a month ago they only have enough staff to worry about the big commercial trucks. Enforcement on RVs is left to police. That's Ontario...
  30. Geodude

    2018 Bighorn Questions need answers very soon

    We love the big windows on the door side on ours -- facing the campsite in most cases. The "back side" view doesn't matter as much, to us. The tinted windows make it hard for people to see in during the day but the day shades make it harder to see in, if it's a concern. Our current 2015...
  31. Geodude

    Hensley hitch

    There are two certainties about the Hensley and Propride hitches: 1) everyone is shocked at the price of them 2) those who get over #1 and buy one of these hitches wonder how they ever towed without them It's funny how people will spend $50K on a tow vehicle and another huge chunk of money on...
  32. Geodude

    My new truck and weights (2017 F-350)

    Interesting thread. We've been shopping for a replacement for our 2011 F-350 Lariat 4WD short box crew cab. Payload 3513 lbs. We'd like more headroom on the payload and GVWR as we're pretty much at the limit (but good on the axle ratings). Our first stop was the Ford dealer and we were...
  33. Geodude

    Hensley hitch

    The re-sale on a Hensley is excellent. I used mine for about four years and given what I sold it for, it only cost me about $700, the price of an Equalizer. I figured it was a small portion of the cost of the SUV and trailer, plus the cargo inside, i.e. my family, made it worth every cent. -...
  34. Geodude

    Hensley hitch

    We towed with one for a number of years. It works as advertised and is well worth the price. We towed a 32' travel trailer with a Toyota Sequoia SUV over much of Canada and the US and the hitching system performed well in all terrain and all weather, plus held the whole rig together in a...
  35. Geodude

    Bikes in the Belly

    We do pretty much the same thing. I love having the bikes out of sight and out of the weather. My wife's road bike goes in the main basement and mine goes in the front basement. We can get them in without removing the seats, just the front wheels. We're going to start bringing mountain bikes...
  36. Geodude


    We had a similar experience, and I couldn't agree more - Heartland should try to do better at getting the parts right especially given they have the VIN. Otherwise it's a waste of everyone's time and money.
  37. Geodude

    For those towing with a Ford F-350 Lariet 4x4 .....

    Since we have the same trailer... what's your payload on that new truck, according to the sticker? Oh, and what sub-model of F-350 did you get?
  38. Geodude

    For those towing with a Ford F-350 Lariet 4x4 .....

    What's the tow rating difference between the two tire sizes? I have 20" on my current 2011 and am thinking of getting them again. My current tow rating is fine but I'd like another 500 lbs. of payload.
  39. Geodude

    Dually or SRW??

    You're definitely beyond the capacities of a SRW truck with that trailer. Our diesel F-350 SRW is maxed out on the pin weight of our Bighorn, at 3100 pounds and a 15,000 pound trailer. We're thinking dually for our next truck, but like you we're not sure. Most of my dually friends say it's...
  40. Geodude

    Low clearances. Com

    Excellent, thanks. I'll have to go grab it. The last time I checked was early February.