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    Slide toppers for Bighorn Traveler

    Hi, Anyone out there know the following: If there is already a slide through bracket for slide toppers on Bighorn Travelers? How well the Dometic Slide Toppers work on the Bighorn Traveler? Thanks,
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    Wastemaster Sewer Hose System

    I love this system and want to get it, but how does it work with a fifth wheel that has two waste water pipes? Right now we have 3 sewer hoses: 2 that connect to the 2 drain pipes that connect to a "Y" connector, and then another hose that connects from the "Y" connector to the sewer.
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    Solar prewired

    Hi, I am new to RVing and have a brand new 2020 Bighorn Traveler 38GK and it is prewired for Go Power Solar on the side. I am wondering if anyone can tell me if I can use the prewired bit with a Zamp portable solar system.