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  1. Westwind

    TrailerSaver BD3 Hitch for SALE

    TrailerSaver BD3 Hitch by Hensley for sale in New England, Located in Middletown, Rhode Island. Hitch purchased in 2011 and used until 2017, towed approximately 3K per year and covered when not towing by truck bed cover. Hitch must be picked up at sellers residence do not have truck any...
  2. Westwind

    Dead rodents in heating ducts??

    If you have a shop vac and a couple of lengths of vac hose try taping it together and fishing it down the heat duct, hopefully you can suck a carcass out if it's there. We had a dead one on the top of a kitchen cabinet that had us going nuts, my wife finally found it. I also set a sticky trap (...
  3. Westwind

    Rodents accessing trailer

    Still battling mice, gave up on sticky traps, the cold -30 freezes the sticky stuff. Back to the snap traps and the first night caught two, so I set at two new new ones but put minimal peanut butter on the trap lip, the little critters licked the peanut butter off. My wife read me the riot...
  4. Westwind

    Towmax Tires

    Goodyear Endurance is a new product in the trailer tire market, please keep us posted on the performance of the tires should you get them installed on your trailer. Supposedly they were developed to provide a replacement to previous Goodyear trailer tire products.
  5. Westwind

    Dura brand 3-Hole Faucet with Pressure Issues?

    I had to remove the backflow valve from the faucet, it was located at the end of the hose that the spray head was attached to. Once removed it was like a brand new faucet before it trickled. I was going to replace the faucet but this was an easier alternative.
  6. Westwind

    Rodents accessing trailer

    I found two THREE problems in our Bighorn fifth wheel, 1. We have three steps to our upper bath/bedroom level, in the three steps, there is a drawer for central vac hose etc. When I took down the storage compartment wall I exposed the three steps and realized they were wide open to the lower...
  7. Westwind

    On/Off/On/Off - Eureka Central Vacuum

    Eureka Central Vacuum - Modified - Working Great Well, my modification on the Eureka Central Vacuum is completed and we couldn't be any happier with the outcome. I recommend this mod to anyone who is having trouble with the computer board or relay inside of the vac. Pic 1 - shows the...
  8. Westwind

    1st time owner contemplating a 2nd a/c

    I saw an article on installing a new AC on a trailer, they left it in the packing shipping box and slid it up a ladder that they had leaned against the side of the trailer, just cushion under the ladder so it doesn't damage the trailer, I'm sure it took more then one person and they had tied a...
  9. Westwind

    On/Off/On/Off - Eureka Central Vacuum

    Re: UPDATE - On/Off/On/Off - Eureka Central Vacuum Got the Yellow Jacket back from the repair shop and when you plug it in it runs and sucks, cost $20 and it was well worth it. I'm going to post pics and spell out the wiring so that anyone who is interested and fix their vac. My task will be...
  10. Westwind

    On/Off/On/Off - Eureka Central Vacuum

    Removed the Eureka central vac from our Bighorn and took it apart thinking I would bypass the 12 volt portion and direct wire it to the existing cord, then install a switched outlet to control it from inside the trailer, but I really gave up trying to figure out what wires would go to what after...
  11. Westwind

    Bedroom Slide Cable Seal

    3M Automotive tape is holding well, I've opened and closed the slide three times now.
  12. Westwind

    Bedroom Slide Cable Seal

    Fixed! I went to the local NAPA store and bought the 3M double sided tape that was recommended. It was with other car body repair supplies, about $8 and they had two widths, I chose the narrow but the wider might do depending on the amount of flat area your working with. Cleaned the rubber...
  13. Westwind

    Hensley hitch

    There are used Hensley Arrow's out there and ProPrides also, Hensley does sell used hitches that they have refurbished. I sold mine back to them and applied the credit to my new Trailer Saver.
  14. Westwind

    Hensley hitch

    My first trailer was a 26 FT Sunnybrook TT that I pulled with a 2000 Toyota Tundra short bed xtra-cab, we pulled it to and from Florida for 9 years and I never knew it was behind us because of our Hensley hitch, I had read about it before I bought our trailer and I was nervous about trailer sway...
  15. Westwind

    Bedroom Slide Cable Seal

    OK - 180 - on the sealant, someone on this forum or another mentioned using double sided 3M Automotive tape, so tomorrow morning I'm off to the parts store to get some and my new bottle of Gorilla Glue can sit on the shelve for another project. I have a better feeling using the tape since I...
  16. Westwind

    Towmax STR235/75R16 blowout - TP was checked daily

    If tire manufacturer doesn't help with damage check with your Insurance Company they might help you out, neighbor blew two tires on the way home from Florida and Insurance company paid for damage repair less deductible.
  17. Westwind

    Electrical water heater not working

    We have replaced the electric Thermostat which burned out on ours (1st year we used it to snowbird) and the second year the rocker switch let go, then the check valve year 3, and now another check valve year 5 also the annual annode rod replacement. I find Suburban HW heaters a pain in the...
  18. Westwind

    On/Off/On/Off - Eureka Central Vacuum

    Porthole - I did, and in my usual fashion in taking out the circuit board I split it not that it mattered because the vac wasn't working at all, I went through the wacking the magic spot but after removing the wall twice it worked but just kept shutting off and on and totally frustrating my...
  19. Westwind

    Bedroom Slide Cable Seal

    Still haven't done it, I have a bottle of Clear Gorilla Glue sitting on the counter, it's just a matter of getting up on my 10' step ladder, putting some glue on the the trailer side of the rubber square and holding it (centered on the cable which passes through the square) against the trailer...
  20. Westwind

    Bedroom Slide Cable Seal

    I haven't had any issues and probably wouldn't have noticed but last year I went to bed and a light was shining in and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from, after playing peekaboo I finally realized it was coming from the area of the bottom cable on the slide, the next day I went...
  21. Westwind

    Removed Shelves (AKA "Head Whacker") by Bed....Put Back in at Table

    We took the screws out on our table also, it was more convenient to be able to move it around when we needed to seat 4 at the table. It did well on the loose until this winter when we traveled to Florida. It had fallen into the trailer onto the couch fortunately. So on the way home we...
  22. Westwind

    On/Off/On/Off - Eureka Central Vacuum

    Well the soap opera continues - my wife has decided she wants me to repair the Eureka Yellow Jacket which wasn't functioning when we left Florida for home. I went through testing both outlets to see if that was the cause but it wasn't and since we went through the constant run mode I determined...
  23. Westwind

    Bedroom Slide Cable Seal

    I have a black rubber rectangle that closes over the hole that the slide-out cable passes through, the rubber rectangle was suppose to be glued to the wall that the cable passes through to close the hole to the diameter of the cable. All 4 for each cable have come loose and move with the cable...
  24. Westwind

    ATF: Big Country - Kitchen faucet hot water low flow

    I have just fixed our kitchen faucet which has one of the sprayers built into the faucet spout, flow had slowed to nothing, after contacting Dura Faucet they explained that there was a backflow in the water line to the faucet, Doc found it cleaned his and notified me of the location which was at...
  25. Westwind

    Defective (maybe dangerous) reading lights

    Like JohnDar I installed surface wall switches that I got from Heartland Parts Department and hid the wires with plastic wire channel that I purchased at Home Depot. I would also replace the bulbs with LED's since they would be cooler. We both love the switches on either side of the bed and...
  26. Westwind

    Powerking Tire Failure on Cyclone 4200

    I highly recommend reading through this forum when you have time, there are certain brands of RV equipment (tires etc.) which have proven to be problematic and even dangerous that other owner's have identified. Power King or TowMax are at the top of the list for tires. I'm glad to hear you...
  27. Westwind

    Atwood AC feedback

    I can attest to how Quiet a Atwood Air Command RV AC is, my friend installed one in is FW and they are quiet. I would go with the larger BTU unit since the way they are manufactured they don't seem to put out cold air to the level of the noisy old Atwood units. Should I have AC problems one is...
  28. Westwind

    Only one satellite on big horn coax

    Two years ago we got a Tailgator to use when we snowbird in Florida, when I connected it for the first time via the outside connections in the Utility Connection no signal and I tried all 4 of them in case they were connected incorrectly. After 3-4 hours of reading, calling and switching...
  29. Westwind

    Axle Seals and Bearing

    Your Axles might still have the label's stuck to them that has the part information and # on them, should be Dexter Axle, if they do that will make it easy to find the parts, I replaced my seals and repacked the bearings two years ago and ordered the new seals through, but you might...
  30. Westwind

    Dead outlets rear cap

    We lost our refer and the outlet on the couch/kitchen slide along with the outlets near the stove, I checked the box under the kitchen slide, nothing looked wrong and then went to the opposing slide opened that box and found that the wire that brought juice from once slide to the other had a...
  31. Westwind

    New England Bound

    This is a good source of things to see, eat, and enjoy in New England, it's definitely a web site worth visiting.
  32. Westwind

    Kitchen Sink

    Since about 2011 these has been an occasional repeated problem, definitely something that needs to be fixed in the cabinet shop. The clips are the only solution to hold it in place and the silicone to seal any openings between the counter material and sink, I would advise removing the sink...
  33. Westwind

    Wiring for cable TV

    To date I just fished our Tailgater wire through the slide out opening before bringing it all the way out and connected direct to the Sat box and then to the TV. The setup went from not working to working in a snap. I started to pull everything apart last summer but got frustrated and quit...
  34. Westwind

    How many owners have had their dometic A/C replaced recently due to failure?

    If I was working on my third AC install - under warranty it would definitely be time for them to put a different brand in. Their quality control is definitely in trouble.
  35. Westwind

    New England Bound

    In order to help get you to "New England" you might want to eyeball a map and give us an idea of how you want to get from Texas to the East Coast. Some folks would travel along I-10 along the Gulf to Florida and head north. You also have I-30 to I-40 out of Texas. Lots of ways to head north...
  36. Westwind

    Ok satellite pros, I bet this is an easy one for you......

    Hi Everyone - thanks for the cable suggestions - I've written the info down and now I'm going to start looking for cable, we have an Ace and I'm also going to look online at Satellite suppliers. I'll post the results of what I end up getting, where, and $$.
  37. Westwind

    MICE in ceiling - PLEASE HELP!

    If you are getting them in the dresser drawer I would suggest dropping the (pipe-wire) cover in the storage compartment, when I did that to mine and found mice poop they were using it as a passage from the bulkhead under the trailer to the opening under the dresser where wires came into the...
  38. Westwind

    Ok satellite pros, I bet this is an easy one for you......

    Subject = Cable We have a Tailgater VQ4500 and a ViP 2100 Z receiver, once we got our unit set up by bypassing the trailer wiring and going direct we didn't have any problems ( our first year) on our Florida lot. This year however things were different, I connected the equipment in the same...
  39. Westwind

    TV Quality in Landmark

    We have a Sharp in our 2012 Bighorn, picture quality is very good with the Tailgater hooked up directly to the Dish box and TV, doesn't work on Satellite connections. I don't have a lot of confidence in the quality of the materials and installation at the factory level.
  40. Westwind

    MICE in ceiling - PLEASE HELP!

    Feel your pain - been there last winter, we had them in the trailer before we left for Florida and thought we had trapped them all but not the case, once we got there I heard them in the over head (recessed lights). I opened the wall into the bulkhead where the hot water heater, water pump, and...