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  1. Gary521

    Can i disconnect batteries while hooked to shore power?

    I get those notices from the utility company saying my bill is higher than my neighbor's too. I quickly fold it up and place it in the trash. Your battery charger is NOT pulling a lot of amps as someone has already stated. FORGETABOUTIT
  2. Gary521

    Trailer Brakes Weakening

    Perhaps it has nothing to do with voltage to the brakes but the brakes themselves. Are they self adjusting brakes or manual adjusting brakes? Maybe they need adjusting. Electric brakes probably will not lock up anyway. Perhaps the connection point is not making good contact? Maybe there is...
  3. Gary521

    Brake Controller

    The brake lights and brake controller are on separate circuits to the trailer. Perhaps the connection point where the trailer plugs into the tow vehicle is not making a good connection. This has happened to me a couple of times. Like you, I had brake lights but no brakes. I replaced the chord...
  4. Gary521


    Ours is in same location.
  5. Gary521

    Albuquerque to Denver Rv park recommendations

    From there to Denver is about 400 miles. KOA in Raton. KOA in Colorado City. KOA in Colorado Springs
  6. Gary521

    Pennzoil Wheel Bearing Lubricant 706?

    You are joking right?? Why on earth would you use something that has been around from who knows when?
  7. Gary521

    ICM870 AC Soft Start

    Why don't you call ICM. They claim to have RV units.
  8. Gary521

    Height from ground to bottom of Rear Hydraulic Jacks when retracted

    Yes, I lowered my rear and side legs 2 holes as I had the same issue from the start. Now, before traveling, I make sure that the legs are fully retracted as they sometimes do not.
  9. Gary521

    Truck now sitting 99.9% of time.....suggestions while it is

    Sell the 4 banger and drive the truck.
  10. Gary521

    Soft start device installed on Mallard M260?

    I have two of the devices and are very easy to install.
  11. Gary521

    Entrance dome light

    No, you will not see the magnetic switch as part of it is in the sill and part inside the door bottom. I got tired of that light malfunctioning and just cut the wires in the ceiling. Mine would turn on in the middle of the night.
  12. Gary521

    Entrance dome light

    That is the "welcome back" light. There is a switch in the basement that turns this light on by a magnetic switch in the bottom of the door. There may also be an on/off switch on the main panel. There is a wiring diagram in the above tools section
  13. Gary521


    Pretty sure that the bypass is located behind the basement wall as is the water pump in the 3055. There is a small hose and valve connected to the water pump for the antifreeze. My original unit was a 3055. Fabricate some hinges or some sort of thing so the panel, that you have to remove, swings...
  14. Gary521

    Any help would be great!

    The vent you are showing looks like the furnace return vent. It could be that you have the fan setting on the thermostat set incorrectly. Make sure that it is on "auto". Make sure that you do not have the furnace running too. Set the thermostat to "cool". The return for the AC is in the...
  15. Gary521

    Black tank flush

    Just bypass the valve completely. It is not necessary for everything to work. I have done this on a couple of trailers.
  16. Gary521

    kitichen gfi location

    Generally, its in the bathroom.
  17. Gary521

    Tank odors

    Is your grey tank valve open? Keep it closed.
  18. Gary521

    Trim that's curved part under bed area on 5th wheel

    From my observation, this stuff does shrink over time. There should be slots on each side of the track to hold it in place
  19. Gary521


    Well, are you confused yet. Grade 8 or Grade 5. The caliper flange has a torque spec. I have seen a couple of youtube videos about trailer caliper brake mounting where the bolts stripped while torquing. I don't think either one will shear.
  20. Gary521

    2nd Air Conditioner

    Assuming that there is Power for the AC. There probably is no thermostat wire. As someone suggested, the easiest thing to do is to get a unit with the thermostat built into the unit itself. However if you like a wall stat., you could string a wire through the ceiling or use wall mount conduit.
  21. Gary521

    Bighorn 3185 Fresh Water Tank

    If your tank is gravity filled, you probably have water trapped in the overflow/vent tube. Get a short piece of tubing about the same size as the overflow tube and blow out the overflow tube. You should hear water gurgling when filling from the vent tube.
  22. Gary521

    12v control panel

    Blown fuse?
  23. Gary521

    Water heater anode rod

    Yes, that's where the anode rod fits. All Suburban water heaters take the same anode rod. It looks like what you have here is an anode rod with a drain feature built in. You can get these on Amazon.
  24. Gary521

    Anti-Siphon valve going bad?

    Just bypass it and put in a check valve. Simple fix.
  25. Gary521

    Disc brakes

    I wired the brake actuator so I did not have to run wires to the umbilical connector. I put the actuator in the door side propane compartment. The old electric brake wire ran close to that compartment in the basement ceiling. I spliced into that wire and ran into the propane area. All the other...
  26. Gary521

    Disc brakes

    I installed my own disk brakes. To bleed them, I fabricated a switch with long wires so I could turn on the actuator at the brake. Its a simple 12v on/off switch with two wires. Yes, the two person thing will work nicely too. The vacuum bleeder suggested is not the best as it pulls air past the...
  27. Gary521

    Bighorn 3575el ac leaking inside

    That particular AC had issues with not proper drainage from the support pan. There is a fix by drilling holes in the pan in specific locations. It could also be that the sealing gasket just needs to be snugged to the roof by tightening the mounting screws. The AC system on your unit is called...
  28. Gary521

    Connecting DISH system through UDC to Main TV

    I have a 3270. In the cabinet above the TV, the bottom connection ( on mine ) is for the satellite. Top for over the air/cable. HDMI connects to the back of the satellite receiver. On my TV the satellite is HDMI 2.
  29. Gary521

    ceiling fan and the slide that broke the paddle

    The fan blades should not have to be in a certain spot. The blades should be above the slide. Perhaps the previous owner replaced the fan with one that was bought locally. I replaced the fan on a previous trailer but I got it from Heartland. I could not find a fan that fit correctly from Lowes...
  30. Gary521

    Wanting to add 2nd Dometic AC unit on pre-wired rig

    In an older trailer, I added a second AC. There was no thermostat wire, so I added one by running it thru the ceiling. However, I can see where in some cases this may not be possible. If you want or need a wall thermostat, I would also run a thermostat wire in a wiremold.
  31. Gary521

    Location of anti-siphon check valves?

    Don't bother looking for it. A lot of us, me included, have bypassed this device altogether. Mine has not worked from day one. I bypassed this in a former trailer too. Just find the line coming from the black tank.
  32. Gary521

    Exterior membrane under the front cap and in the front by the generator door is loose. Landmark says this is normal. Is it?

    If your are referring to the thin fiberglass curved skin, its sorta normal. On my first 5th, wheel this happened. I screwed the skin to the support members above it with stainless screws and automotive trim washers. I have seen this done on other units, both Heartland and SOB.
  33. Gary521

    Dead batteries, need replaced. Help!

    Are you sure that its your batteries that need replacing? Maybe its the tripped circuit breaker.
  34. Gary521

    Couple of Questions

    On my trailer, the toggle switch is for the lights in the basement. If the toggle is in the off position, the lights will not turn on with the switch on the light itself. With the toggle in the on position, the lights will turn on with the switch on the light itself. So you can leave the switch...
  35. Gary521

    Should we upgrade

    I do not think the newer models have more problems they just do not have less problems than before.
  36. Gary521

    Bearing work - what to look for?

    When you say "kit", what are you referring to? Normally a kit of bearings come from bearings made in China. I just suggest that you get Timken bearings. These can be purchased from several places and one source is Rockauto. Yes, I am bad mouthing Chinese bearings compared to Timken bearings. I...
  37. Gary521

    wet bolt kit

    I could not find the kit either when I did it a few years ago. So, I got the kit with no Correct track and bought longer wet bolts from Lippert to fit the Correct track.
  38. Gary521

    12 volt system diagram

    I have added remote control vent fans. You do not need a diagram, just wire them in.
  39. Gary521

    Slide bounce while travelling

    I am assuming that you have hydraulic slides. Hydraulic slides are bolted to the rack system that moves the slides in and out. With the slides open, see if the outer edge of the slide is bolted here.