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Thread: Removing Stain From Couch

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    Removing Stain From Couch

    I have a 2008 BH 3370RL with Camel Suede interior. One of our dogs drooled on the armrest on the couch, and there is now a stain on the fabric. Does anybody have any advice for how to go about removing the stain?

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    We've had good luck with Oxy Clean Fabric Cleaner or Spot Shot.
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    We also have the camel suede AND a drooling dog. We use Woolite Pet+Oxygen for pet great!

    After you clean the stain, place a throw pillow at each end of the couch against the arm rest...that will catch most of the drool and other stains. I also use two of those cheap fleece throws you get from for the seat and one for the back and tuck them in where the two sections meet. Keeps all the hair, etc. off the couch and they can be thrown right into the washer. I have two sets and just rotate them.

    Couch still looks brand new!! Good Luck.
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    Try this

    My carpet cleaning guy has a product he uses and sells. One day he let me in on a little secret. Mix 1 cup of Hydrogen Peroxide and 1 tablespoon of Ammonia. Put in a spray bottle and shake. Spray onto the fabric and plot. If the spot remains you can leave it on for about 20 minutes.

    Two things to note
    1) the mix only works for one hour and will need to be dumped.
    2) test somewhere no one will see.

    99% of the stains on my carpet and upholstery in my house and TT have been treated with this and it work great. The only one it could not get out was permanent marker. I ended up using a magic eraser for that one.
    Please remember I did not tell you this secret!
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    Thanks for the advice! We appreciate it.

    We had a sheet over the couch, but the drooling dog pulled it down from over the armrest. We'll have to make sure to keep it covered better!

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