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Thread: swaping to non-lippert springs/axles

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    swaping to non-lippert springs/axles

    With all the talk of failing springs and axles out there on this forum, has anyone considered changing to a different brand of springs and or axles? I am not talking about changing to the Mor-ryde IS system or any other major changes, just simply replacing the lippert springs and axles with a different brand. I know it would not be covered by a warranty, unless Heartland would step in due to a increase in failure rate and overall safety issues, but there has to be other source for leaf springs and axles that would sell to a service center or maybe even retail.
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    Actually, yes! We've already decided if these new springs from Lippert start to give us problems, we will find a local spring shop and have new springs made using US made steel. The axles have never been much of a problem, and don't expect them to be unless we hit something and bend them.

    This is why we went with Trailair Centerpoint, we decided against Mor-Ryde mainly because of how much weight it adds, plus CP was alot cheaper. If we can protect the springs and the rig from shock using CP, then all should be OK...we'll keep everyone informed...
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    Once I get my replacement leaf springs installed (Thursday), I'm taking the unit to Standen's, a local supplier of aftermarket leaf springs since 1920. They will replace the Lippert springs with their brand made in their factory from CANADIAN steel (not from CHINA).
    They recoomemnd installing 7000lb spring sets repacing Lippert 6000ers. Standen's also indicated that the 6000 axles probably won't need replacement unless a problem is noticed once it is at their shop.
    I don't expect that Lippert nor Heartland will compensate me for this upgrade. I really don't want to continue to pour new money into my coach, but I feel that our safety is more important than $$$$$$$$$$$$$. This upgrade is a lot less expensive than the MOR/ryde IS system & I do trust Standen's reputation as a quality company(Standen's is registered to the TS16949 and ISO9001:2000 Quality Standards.)


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    I do agree American Steel is the best. But Lippert gets a lot of bashing, we must remember that Lippert does build their suspension components from the spec's that the manufactors request. There may be a problem with the Steel that is being used (China buys lots of US steel?), I don't have a clue as to what type of Steel thats being used. All our 5th wheels have been heavy three of them had 7,000 lbs axles and the Mobile Suites has 8,000 lb axles. And I have the Trailair center point suspension now and I do like the system. That being said I haven't had a Mor/Ryde IS suspension, I did have the rubber suspension. I have seen the Mor/Ryde IS suspension being installed and it is the best upgrade I think you can get and not use the spring type suspension. I do know someone who had a major failure in Canada on a trip there, the spring hanger's collasped. The repairs done increased the spring hangers and other areas. There are after market shops who can make springs for your 5th wheel. But I would be very careful in how heavy (Strong) you have built. Springs are designed to absorb road shock, and if it to strong the shock will go someplace thru out the 5th wheel. I haven't had any suspension problems. I do hope everyone gets their problems taken care of. Good Luck. GBY.....

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    Here is a thought. You can have suspension problems with any RV. My previous 5er was an Alfa Gold (their top of the line). The shocks were mounted to a bolt that was welded to the plate which held the springs on. The repetitive problem I had with them was the plate would crack or the bolt weld would break. I had this happen so many times I carried extra parts with me so I would be able to fix it on the road. Just remember we are carrying a "house" on the road which is continuously subjected to being shaken (much like putting a house in a blender). It is a wonder they stay together at all.
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