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Thread: In My Past Life...

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    In My Past Life...

    Back In Colorado I was really into four-wheeling, I have built a custom Jeep over the past 14 years. Used it to explore the beautiful Rocky Mountains and Utah. Hear are a few photo of it in action.

    Going up a rock face on China Wall, CO

    Crossing Jaws 1 on Mount Blanca, CO

    Climbing Jaws 2 on Mount Blanca, CO

    Dropping down Wipe Out Hill in Moab, UT

    My favorite fishing lake, Grizzly Lake, CO
    Alan, Sandy, and 2 Corgis, Molly and Baxter

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    Those are some fantastic pictures Alan.

    Gus and Debra Funderburg (Founding Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina Chapter Leaders - Retired)
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    That is awesome!
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    I must admit I never did any rock crawling but I did race the Mint 400 a few years ago. I dont have any digital photos but it was either 1976 or 77. We also did several races locally. Crandon Brush Run 101, Memorial Day 100 in Lake Geneva WI. One race in MI at Red Bud Track & Trail. I don't know if they race trucks there any more. I never did place in the top 3 but finished every race. At the Mint, that was quite a feat. Oh yea, we raced Class 3. At the time, that was stock 4X4. We could do most anything to suspensions but very limited engine mods were allowed. Fun Days for sure.
    Ray & Lin
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    Ray, I have done about the opposite of the class 3. I am running a stock style leaf spring suspension, just a 4 inch lift, But the stock six cylinder with a carburetor when away a few years ago and was replaced with a modified fuel injected Chevy small block with about 350HP. With a small body lift and creative body trimming I am easily running 35 inch tires on custom Ford axles.
    I was a work in progress for 14 years. There is not a single piece of the jeep that has not been reworked or changed slightly and MOST of the jeep used to be part of a different vehicle.
    Alan, Sandy, and 2 Corgis, Molly and Baxter

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    Great pictures, you still have the jeep?
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    Quote Originally Posted by timdebs View Post
    Great pictures, you still have the jeep?
    We still have the jeep, but it is stored at my parents house along with my '65 Mercury Comet that only has 30,500 miles on it. Too bad we can bring along all the toys as we travel. The Comet was bought by my grand-father new in 65 and has be handed down to my mother and me.
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Alan, Sandy, and 2 Corgis, Molly and Baxter

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