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    cyclone 3950

    Just picked up a new 2010 Cyclone 3950. Has anyone devised a way of putting 2 pwc in the garage. Any special trailer or device out there. I saw that blue trailer with hydrolics for toyhaulers but I don't think it exists. No way to contact anyone. Left emails and viocemail wit no luck. Love some ideas and or pictures. Thanks

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    I don't have a toyhauler nor do I have PWC's but from what I think is a logical perspective, measure your PWC trailer. If it will fit within the confines of the garage, why not mount a winch in the front of the garage and winch the whole trailer in and tie the trailer down. If the overall length with the tongue is too long, I have seen methods of hinging them. I'm betting it can be done if it will fit.
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    Get a pair of PWC dollies (like the dealers use).

    I plan on adding a winch to my trailer for those times that the ramp is too wet or maybe the bike has a problem.

    i will be mounting the winch in the far left forward corner (sideways) and then using a snatch block on the cables to change the direction. With a snap hook on the snatch block you can use any of the three tie down rings to pull up the PWC's.
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