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    Central Vacuum

    Eureka Yellow jacket
    When unplugging the hose from the inlet vale, the vacuum didn't go off.
    I was able to turn the vacuum off at the circuit breaker. I disconnected the low voltage wire system and the vacuum still didn't go off.
    Has anybody had trouble like that? What was the repair? My next thought there has got to be a low voltage switch on the vacuum, somewhere. I just don't look forward to getting all the stuff out to get to the main part of the vacuum.
    I still have to use the vacuum, I just don't under stand, I just vacuum last week.

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    Vacuum cleaner won't turn off

    My guess is that there is a relay in the vacuum that controls the 110 volt power with safe low voltage with contacts at the vacuum inlets. I would guess that the contacts on that relay arced and welded themselves together. You can probably service the relay contacts with a swiss file and contact restorer, or maybe get a new one at a good industrial electronics store.
    BTW, we bought a "Shark" type convertable dustbuster type and floor vacuum at WalMart for less than $20. I find that it stores easily, and is much less bother than pulling out the big hose assembly for the built-in vacuum.
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    When we bought our 2007 Big Horn 3055RL our central vacuum did the same thing. It would shut off when we reseated the cover, but if we accidently bumped the cover it would start and not shut off. The dealer repaired the problem under warranty, but I have no idea of what that repair consisted of. My CEO disliked the vacuum because it was too heavy. We now use a cordless rechargeable vacuum that has a dust buster built into it and it works great.

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    Central Vac.

    I had same problem and all I did was tighten the screws around the connection and my stopped. We have had serveral of those central vac. and really never thought they were that good , we have had the Dirt Devil and the Eureka so when we ordered the 2010 we deleted the central vac. We have Dysons for the stick house and the 5er. We have the Dyson DC 17 on a ball for the 5th wheel DC 25 for the stick house. They work so much better. I do haave a small Lowes Wet/Dry for the Truck and the car. I highly recomend the Dyson brand if you have pets. They actually do what they are suppose to do. GBY.....

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    Our central vacuum is a Dirt Devil. Works like it should, the hose reaches the full length of the trailer, and is lightweight. We keep all the accessories in the laundry chute. The port is on the riser of the first step, next to the aisle and step switches. Only thing I miss (have it in our house) is an on/off switch on the end of the hose to shut it off when changing accessories or taking a break to move something.
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