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Thread: Screws vibrating out

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    Screws vibrating out

    I have a 2009 Landmark Augusta. After returning from a 2 month, 6400 mile trip, I noticed the screws/covering holding the front panel on by the kingpin were backing off. Iam NOT sure if I have a MAJOR problem or if the screws just vibrated loose. I also noticed that the screws are RUSTY except where they were into the aluminum structure. This DID concern me. Any suggests/help? The panel Iam referring to is the one running from the front(forward facing) compartment to the front cap.

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    Have you had the tires balanced? Our first trip to Texas, the nuts on the toilet seat vibrated off and layed on the floor. I reapplied them good and tight. On the way home, one of then nuts had vibrated off and the other was loose. I guessed the only source was tires out of balance. Note: We did not feel the vibration in our pick up. Tires took 8 to 12 oz to get in balance. Too much. I now have Good year tires. I will never take another unit without balancing the tires. Check it out.

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    I have had a couple that were loose. Put a small amount of clear silicone adhesive/sealant on them and tightened them by hand. Are all your bolts securing the king pin tight? I check the torque on them but we haven't got that many miles on ours yet.

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