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Thread: Onan-5500 Watt Generator-Avoid Problems

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    Onan-5500 Watt Generator-Avoid Problems

    I have an 09 Cyclone 3950 with the Onan 5500 W generator. It has been increasiningly harder to start and got to the point it would start after many tries and then run erratically. The Onan service people said it was probably a gunked up carburator as I guess these are very touch to gumming up. They also told me that Onan only warranties the carburator for I believe 90 days. I took the carb off, dismantled, soaked overnight in carb clearner and reassembled. Helped some but not good enough. I drained the gas tank, added new fresh (non-ethanol) gas a stabilizer and an additive that is supposed to remove ethanol gummy. Still no go. I re cleaned the carb a second time and still no go. The Onan service people said it would be a new carb and labor (not covered under warranty) to the tune of $600. I had had it so I took it in and they put a new carb on. They will not clean an old one. Still no run good but better. They ended up having to pull the whole unit out of the RV thinking it was a belt that connects the motor to the generator. It was good. They found a coil that was bad and are in the process of fixing that as we talk. At least this other stuff is covered under warranty. The best advice I can offer is to buy non-ethanol gas (my Phillips 66 dealer has it) and run sta-bil and an ethanol carb cleaner additive. Most of all exercise the unit for at least a half our every two to three weeks max.[IMG]//[/IMG]
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    Having run a shop for many years, they misdiagnosed the problem. I would ask them to reinstall your old carburetor and give it a try (while you are there and can witness it). I really don't think you would have two problems causing the same thing. If you cleaned your carb ,, you should be good to go.

    My 2 cents.

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    I use 2 Cycle oil in my lawntractor occasionaly to prevent any sticking of the fuel passages, could this help with ethenol gas to.
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