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Thread: Time to say Goodbye

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    Senior Member jpmorgan37's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
    USA - FL

    Time to say Goodbye

    There aren't many folks here on the forum that know me or that I know anymore, but to the few friends that I have that are still here, I just wanted to say it's been a lot of fun and it was definitely my privilege in being able to meet many of you at the rally's and here on line. We have been blessed in being able to travel this beautiful country (and Canada) during the past four years as fulltimers and to be able to camp in most of the states. We were also privileged to have a fantastic RV to do it in. I can't begin to thank Jim Beletti enough for his friendship, Scott Tuttle of Heartland in times past, Coley Brady in recent years and Jim Fenner throughout the whole time for their patience in listening to my thoughts and questions. To those of you that are new to Heartland or are considering buying a Heartland product, I will tell you that you won't find a better company to deal with. Just to sum this up, we have decided to buy a home in Florida and give up fulltiming. We still plan to do some traveling but not on a permanent basis. With that said, I doubt that I will be spending any more time on the forum. My wish to you is that you all have a blessed Christmas and a magnificent 2010 of RV'ing. Be safe and may God Bless each of you.

    John, Sue and Lorna, our Golden Retriever
    Heartland Owners Club #1050
    Retired and Loving It.
    Done RV'in, for a while anyway. Seen a lot of beautiful places and met a bunch of wonderful people.
    Now just Home and Relaxin'. Sometimes Fishin', Sometimes doin' nuthin'.

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    Senior Member jnbhobe's Avatar
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    Feb 2008
    USA - PA

    John & Sue; We wish you well in your move back to sticks and bricks.I was glad to have met you in Goshen. You both did so much.We will miss all your experience on the forum, you gave tons of good advice.Please try to check in once in a while.Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! GBY Patti & Jon
    Patti & Jon Holbert
    PJ (Welsh Springer Spaniel rescue)
    Freckles (Welsh Springer Spaniel)RIP
    Heartland Owners Club #1025
    2009 BH 3370 #9E012371 Sailun S637's on 17.5 in Mod Wheels,8K Hubs, Mor-Ryde Independent Suspension, Disc Brakes, Reese Fifth Airborne, Level-up,LED Lights,awning on slideout and BU lights
    2019 F-350 Lariat Ultimate Limited, DRW, 4X4,4.10 LS Gears,40K GCWR, CC, LB,Dual Moon Roofs, Cameras, Adaptive Cruise
    2015 Explorer XLT Sport, 4X4, Dual Moon Roofs, 20" Wheels.
    08 Branson,MI,
    09 Goshen,PA,MO
    10 East Coast,PA,OH,Nashville,NY,ON,Illinois
    11 Cherokee,NJ,PA,Goshen,Delaware,Illinois,NY,
    12 Virginia Beach,PA,NY,WI,MI, Illinois,Minnesota
    13 Gettysburg, Goshen, NY, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa
    14 Urbanna, Va.,ON,PA.,Illinois, NY.
    15 Goshen,NE Regional,NY, PA, Illinois,
    16 Lancaster, SE, SC,NC,NE Regionals, ON, VA, PA, NY
    17 VA,Goshen,IL,WI,OH,MD,NJ,NY
    18 NE Regional, NY
    19 PA,NY,Goshen,Rally,Pre,Pre-Pre-Rally

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    Senior Member Tom of Ypsi's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    USA - SD

    John and Sue,

    It has been a great pleasure knowing you. Your knowledge and expertise on this forum will be sorely missed and your presence at the rallies will be missed. God Bless and enjoy your new life.
    [States stayed in while fulltiming

    Tom & Judy
    HOC 1048
    SKP 96639

    2008 F-450, 4X4, 4:30 rear, Utility Bodywerks, air ride, backup camera and more
    2005 Landmark Classic, Mt Rushmore #9284 Born Feb 2005 SOLD
    2011 MOBILE SUITE 36RSSB3 with vanity slide

    Fulltiming and loving it

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    member sharmulst's Avatar
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    Sep 2005
    USA - SD

    John and Sue

    We wish you the very best in this new endeavor, however, you both will be sorely missed at the rally's. It was a pleasure to meet both of you. God bless and have a Merry Christmas and a super New Year.

    Steve, Sharon
    2006 Bighorn 3500RL VIN 9632
    2005 Dodge RAM 3500DRW 4x2 w/3.73

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    John & Sue,

    Bless you with your Next Adventure... I too have been honored to have had the chance to know you. You can't be replaced... and will be missed by many...

    I hope you stop in the forum from time to time... just to keep an eye on us... and to let us know how your doing. Be well my friend... Stay Safe.... Have a Great time with the new home.

    Marv & Karen Osborne
    09 Chevy 3500-HD - Duramax & Allison
    Escapees # 82038 - Passport America

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    Senior Member Pulltab's Avatar
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    May 2007
    USA - OH

    Have a great life John! It was great having you around and you will be missed but you really dont have to leave Enjoy!
    '07 Bighorn 2925RK, 07 Dodge Ram Big Horn 3500 6.7 Cummins Turbo Diesel, 6 spd auto, 540 watts solar, Tankless water heater, Centerpoint suspension,Trailair pin box
    Heartland Owner 1097

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    Director of Owners Interests, Heartland RVs
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    Oct 2004
    USA - TX

    John and Sue,

    I can hardly thank you enough for your hard work and dedication to this forum and to the brand in the early years. Your work was herculean on the forum and at the rallies you have been at. You will both be missed. Sounds like you are keeping the RV so you never know when you'll run into some of your old pals again.

    If you plan to come to the Tampa show (January), call or email me. Love to see you guys there.

    The pleasure has been all mine John and Sue.

    Have a blessed next phase of your lives.


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    Moderator jimtoo's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    USA - TX

    Hi John,,,

    Was great to meet you at the rally and we wish you well in your new adventure.

    You set the bar pretty high for us new moderators to try and match. Your service and knowledge was and is greatly appreciated. You really helped make the Heartland Owners Forum what it is, a clean, well organized, friendly place that owners can go and get help without getting ranted on about something minor.

    Enjoy your new home and stay connected with us.

    All the Best Wishes from us.

    Jim and Bette
    Jim and Bette
    04 GMC CC Dually D/A, MaxBrake, Riderights
    09 Bighorn 3670RL #9E011439
    Disc Brakes
    HOC #1003
    Heartland Owners Club Information

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    Past Texas North Chapter Leader/Moderator Terry H's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    USA - TX

    John, It has been great meeting you and Sue at a few Rallys in Goshen. I remember the first time I met you was in a rest area on I-44 in Missouri on the way to one of the first rallys in Goshen.

    I am curious where in Florida are you buying a house? Let me know. I grew up in Florida and am currently wintering in Kissimmee, Fla.

    Terry H

    Terry and Carol Hershberger

    Past North Texas Chapter Leader

    2018 Chevy 3500HD Duramax Classy Chassis RV Hauler

    2015 Landmark Key Largo
    Heartland Owners Club #1004

    2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015 Goshen North American Rally Site - 424
    2017 and 2019 Goshen North American Rally Site - South 203
    Also Attended 2008 Branson, 2010 Nashville, 2012 Gillette, 2014 Urbanna and 2016 Las Vegas North American Rally

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    Senior Member - Past Moderator Ray LeTourneau's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    USA - WI

    John & Sue, I don't think it's quite time to say so long yet. We'll find you one of these days in our travels. You can't get away or hide that easy. But until we meet again, enjoy every minute. You guys are great friends. Stay healthy and happy.
    Ray & Lin
    R.I.P. Suzi
    R.I.P Bart

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