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Thread: TV Antenna / No Reception

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    TV Antenna / No Reception

    I just got my 08 4012 Cylone and going threw somethings. The tv is not original (does not matter) But for some reason I cannot receive tv reception. Will I do get a few channels. kcet on 2 different channels and some other news channel, but no the reg 2,4,5 ect. Can the antenna receive the new digital signal? Not sure what to do? The living room tv cabinet has 2 coax plugs but not labeled Sat or Cable, and a set of rca cables (not sure what those are for or go to) Any help?

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    Make sure you turn on the amplifer in the bedroom. There should be a button and once the red light is on then you are using the TV antenna. When it is off then you are setup for cable.

    Good luck with your new Cyclone.

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    There are many threads on this forum about TV reception, I am not smart enough to link them up for you. I had problems with my TV reception issues (cable, antennae and dish). I wound up sitting in the camper for about 5 hours with all manufactures directions, books and remotes, learning how to operate everything. I unhooked cables one at a time and figured out what they controlled and labeled everything as I learned.
    In regard to the RCA cables, in my setup they were for the radio/dvd player.
    I hope I have helped some.

    Our Jensen TV had to be "taught" how to read input signals, and I had to learn how to use the system. It was a frustrating terrible afternoon, but the wife and kids had fun playing in the lake, and I got to watch ESPN that night.

    Good luck and have fun.

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    I have read the posts about this issue. Most of them are about Sat connections, ect. I was just wondering about the digital reception conversion that happened a few months ago. I did not want to sit in the trailer for 5 hours and then find out that antenna is not compatible (or something like that). I'll just go plant myself in there right now and work on it. Wish I had the **** remote to the tv, sucks trying to use the buttons on the tv itself.

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    Not having a remote definitely makes it a challenge to set up the TV. The antenna on your rig is very capable of receiving digital TV broadcast signals. The down side of digital is the antenna needs to be aimed very accurately. The "wing" of the antenna should be pointed in the direction the signal should be coming from as if it were "flying" towards the signal. The antenna can be turned from inside the rig by pulling down on the outer ring and turning it. I assume you have the antenna cranked up? As mentioned in an earlier post, be sure the antenna amplifier is turned on. It might be easiest to use the connection at the amplifier with a smaller TV and once you have it working and tuned right you can move into the living area and get the big TV set up. Good luck and stay calm.
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    Your antenna can handle the digital, but you must make sure your TV can handle it.
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    Depending on where you're at and if you have a satelite or cable hookup, that may be as good as it gets. At the campground in northern Michigan, with no cable and no satelite gear, all we get are about 4 channels. The digital ones can be frustrating to watch when they pixalate in the middle of the program.

    Just as well, though. During the summer, the programs I like to watch are not on, anyways. And sitting around watching sports on TV? Ugh, I've got a life (and a video rental store nearby).
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    There are no channels 2,4,5 etc. anymore they all have a decimal in them. If its not a digital TV you won't be getting anything. If it is an analog buy a digital box and it comes with a remote and then do a scan. If you have a digital tv you'll have to figure out how to do a scan without a remote or buy one. If I were you and its not a digital tv, I'd just go out and buy one.
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    Everyone thanks for the help. I did a little more testing today. I moved the tv into the bed room and did the scan test (yes the tv has a digital antenna connection) and wham, 33 channels, thats a far cry from 4 in the Living room. Could it change that much between the 2 rooms? I'll just keep playing with it when I take it out....Also found out the tv is a 3 years old and cannot get a remote, might just try a universal one.

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    Bad Cable?


    You might have a bad cable between the amplifier box near the bedroom TV and the front entertainment center. If you can disconnect both ends of this cable you can measure between the center and shield conductors with an ohmmeter. Any reading other than max/infinity says that there is a short, which usually happens at the end connectors, but can happen anywhere in the run if the cable is stapled down tightly. If that test is O.K. you can short the center to shield conductors with a piece of bare wire and measure resistance across the other end. The correct reading now should be 0 ohms/short.
    I don't know of a Cyclone antenna wiring diagram online, but here is a link to the Bighorn diagram which should be pretty much the same:
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