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Thread: Which fridge recommended - Big Horn

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    Which fridge recommended - Big Horn

    We are ordering a Big Horn. What size fridge do you recommend? Larger frige/ no pantry dilema.

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    Re: Which fridge recommended - Big Horn

    Hi travelkat,

    Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum and Family, We have a great bunch of people here with lots of information and all willing to share or help if needed.

    You might give us the model of Bighorn your ordering so we will know the floor plan.
    I am moving this post to the Bighorn area also.

    Enjoy the forum.
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    Re: Which fridge recommended - Big Horn


    It depends on your usage and lifestyle. For us, we are not full-timers. We went with the 9 cubic foot model and kept the pantry. Done this for 3 RVs now with the first having an 8 cubit foot refer. It's only 2 of us as well, and that is a consideration.

    The upgrade cost to the 14 cubic foot model is significant. But if you need it, you need it.

    For those who pass on the upgrade, yet need additional refer space do is:

    • Shop more often
    • Install a refer or freezer only in the front closet, in the W/D area or in the storage basement
    • Keep all canned and bottled refreshments in a ice chest and/or in a separate refer (see above)

    Others will weigh in on this thread for you to give you their take. I certainly don't want to talk you out of the 14 cubic foot, 4-door refer with water dispenser in the door and an ice maker. Just give you my personal take on it for my personal needs.

    Best of luck,


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    Re: Which fridge recommended - Big Horn

    I want to provide a differing opinion to Jim Beletti's. Everyone is different.
    On the refrig issue, we (my wife) were in love with the pull-out pantry, but the only 3670RL Bighorn our dealer has on his lot was allready equipped with the dual door refrig/freezer - no pantry option. We had it as a condition of our sale that the dealer convert this back. The dealer called us after a few days to tell us that due to the fact that the slide steel frame was different with the two door refrig than standard, they could not do this mod locally. We accepted the trailer as it was, and before we got out on our first trip, I found a mod in the forum to make the small doorside coat closet into a pantry by simply adding shelving hardware and making small custom shelves. This has served us well.
    I think that since we use a lot of frozen food, the larger freezer has worked out better for us, also.
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    Re: Which fridge recommended - Big Horn

    Since we full-time and I LOVE to cook we had to ponder on this before we ordered, And what we ended doing was going with the 14cf fridge and using the three upper cabinets to the right of the fridge as our pantry. The lower cabinets there hold our pots and pans and some of the small appliances. The small upper cabinet between the fridge and microwave holds all the plates, bowl, and glasses. The tower to the left of the range holds sugar, flour, oil, spices, and other seasonings. The the lowers by the sink hold all the Pyrex bowls, storage and baking pans. I know the 3670/Augusta probably has the most kitchen storage out of any fifth wheel on the market, so if we had a different floor-plan that could change everything.
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    Re: Which fridge recommended - Big Horn

    We also opted for the larger fridge in our 3670. The pantry is not missed one bit with all the storage space in the 3670. Get yourself a stand alone icemaker and take the OEM one out of the freezer for more room. In our opinion it fails miserably compared to the stand alone or countertop model. Now this is for the older 2 door fridge without the water/ice in the door. We also have a freezer/ fridge upstairs where the W/D would be as Jim B. said. This really makes it nice for our 2 month trips down South as we take our own beef and fish.
    Enjoy your new Bighorn
    Gary & Diana
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    Re: Which fridge recommended - Big Horn

    Being the frugal (read cheap) person that I am, we opted for the 10 foot as I recall. No ice maker, prefer the stand alones too. We were weight conscious to start with, so smaller fridge, no dual pane, no Glossy gelcoat. All have not been any problem! Wifey is still not too sure about not having bigger reefer, but we haven't had any problems with fridge space so far (or freezer), and we go out for some 10 day trips at times (dry camp). Smaller fridge also means less food, and fresher food. (?) I'm glad to have the pantry right next door!

    A small freezer will go in pace of the washer-dryer one of these days....

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    Re: Which fridge recommended - Big Horn

    Our 3055 had the standard Dometic 8 footer and we a truck camper that had a Norcold 6 footer. The Norcold 6 Footer seemed to have more room than the Dometic 8 footer! The Dometic you couldnt even put and Ice tray in the standard way, but the Norcold 6 you could. You had to put them in sideways. Never seemed like enough room. Back then the 10 foot was an option at over a $1000! Didnt seem worth it. Now I cant see how the standard 9 footer in the new models could be much better. Now the 14 foot 4 door option is a kings ransom but Renee isnt taking a chance so she is ordering it for the new 3610. Of course one whole shelf is mine for beer! We have to run on propane for our summer place as we are not charged for the days we are there using electricity so the extra fridge in the closet or storage area is not an option.

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    Re: Which fridge recommended - Big Horn

    We just purchased a 3410 which came with the 2x2 door fridge. Now if it wasn't there I wouldn't miss it because of gaining the pantry space and if ordering I don't think I would. But, when snow birding next winter I believe it will make a difference! The Dom 8' in the previous trailers were tough to deal with especially during long stays. Constantly going shopping and food that could go in the fridge, but didn't have to, cluttered up the coach. However with the 3410 with this big fridge I did find a solution and installed a sliding shelve kit, with almost as much pantry space, in the area under and to the right of the sink. I did post some pics in the Mod section if your interested. So with that issue taken care of, I'm sure the big fridge will be a good thing when we're avoiding the snow!
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    Re: Which fridge recommended - Big Horn

    We camp with three kids (sometimes 4 if our daughter brings a friend) and we could not be without the 14. In the summer we also supplement with a cooler for drinks and items that are frequently retrieved. I think the number of people you camp with is a big factor in the size if the fridge. More than 3, I would seriously consider the 14.

    Cheers- John
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